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have you seen the ridiculous quantity of box sets that i own? have you not been with me when we watched a show, end to end more than once? have you not been with me in the HOURS i've invested in the shows that i really, really love?

then why, why is it that i have a Bones dream? i've seen about four random, nonconsecutive episodes over the last three weeks.

Bones? really?
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whether it's a success or not is still up in the air.

it's shorter and it looks less like it hasn't been cut in a year but, i'm still not convinced it doesn't vaguely smack of 'mom hair'. i'll be able to tell better when i've washed and messed with it myself.
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but i'd just like to say that i think when your kid pees in a public place, like, say, my vestibule. you should at least offer to clean it up. because it's your kid's pee.

it wasn't actually that bad and by far not the worst thing i've had to clean, but could we have a little civilization, please?


Apr. 10th, 2008 10:19 pm
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why oh why could it have not been comic con?
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i'm not one to use the doubled up a question mark and exclamation point but the latest tw ep makes me wish i did.

because that? was probably one of the worst hours of television i've ever seen.

seriously, i think everyone on the production, writing and filming staff was drunk, high and in another country when that episode happened. all i can hope is that it was filmed near the time they started filming doctor who because if it had all of their attention? it was criminal in it's badness.


i think my eyes are bleeding from the trauma.

going to go watch bsg now to recover.

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i dreamed i was playing WoW last night. even though i have never played, never seen it played and my computer would crash and burn if i even thought of it.

it was fun, though.

maybe it was watching them play prince of persia 2 on criminal minds. product placement, yo.
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dear criminal minds,

are you motherfucking kidding me?

this is how you're dealing with this? petty much?

no love,



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