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but first--watchmen was awesome. i went to the midnight premier and saw it on the imax screen and it was pretty much everything that i wanted. i had a great time, was really happy, with they exception of the dude who got his hands cut off--i didn't watch that part--and think i'll probably be going to see it again sometime soon. the only thing that wasn't awesome was that with imax you don't get as many previews, but if you're only going to get one, at least it was harry potter.

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Bookstore god i love bookstores. and not just my bookstore, any bookstore. the shiny new big box ones, older used bookstores, even the independents with their snooty attitudes. i love books and i love that i get to work surrounded by books. it's not all sunshine and puppies, as it is still retail, but it's book retail and that's not a bad thing.

Octavian Nothing i wish more people would listen to me about Octavian Nothing. those books leave me almost at a loss for words. they moved me profoundly and i feel like they should be required reading for all living people. M.T. Anderson has been a fav of mine for a couple years and it just fills me with such glee that he did something so spectacular, that he's really come into his own as a writer and that these books particularly are so amazing. so, yeah, go read Octavian Nothing.

My beta (when I am not lazy and actually write) there is something almost sinfully delicious about getting to read something before it's out there for public consumption. it's doubly wonderful when it's written by someone who has a wonderful grasp on characters and the flow of language that [livejournal.com profile] mustanginblue has. i love being able to suggest thigns that make a story not better, necessarily, but that help focus down what the author is trying to say so that it translates better from her brain to her audience. total love.

Simon he's walking in front of my monitor as i type this, actually and i've had to put him on the floor two times since i've started writing this. he's the best cat in the world, the cutest, smartest and most engaged cat ever. i am not biased. he's funny and a total pretty boy and i love him to death. i do however, think about Demetri Martin's hot/cat graph about how there is a point at which no matter how hot a girl is he doesn't want to hear about her cat anymore.

GAG or GA *grins* things are going really well. i'm having a good time, we're getting to know each other and i'm actually writing this as i kill time waiting for her to come over. nerds are awesome!
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just got home from seeing brideshead revisited. here are my thoughts on this:

in general it was probably, visually speaking, one of the must stunning films i've seen in a long time. the screen practically had a texture. emma thompson = love. seriously. i love her so hard core it's a little embarrassing. the opening shots of oxford teared me up a bit because, you know, i lived there and it still fills me with a glow when i see it. also, dumbledore will sadly be dumbledore in every thing i see him in forever and ever.

however. i find it difficult to empathize with the plight of rich, landed british gentry. mostly due to the rich and landed bits. and the poor guy became rich AND made emma thompson cry. NO LOVE

and then let's talk about gay british stereotypes. because gay clearly = weak and alcoholic and weepy. i know, i understand you're working from source material, you base what you have on what's come before in the form of the novel but for the love of god, could we have a little civilization.

but on the whole, lovely. and it was beautifully scored as an added bonus. because you can take the girl out of the band but you never take the band out of the girl

and then, when i got in my car to drive home? there had been enough time for an industrious spider to build a web from my door handle to the ground. how freaking cool is that. i did get a branch and help him on to a more appropriate location.
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but good, very, very good. christian bale continues to be stunningly hot, even in his stupid low voiced batman growl. stupidly hot.

i love going to see big movies on opening weekends when the theater is full of people who are really excited about what they're seeing. there was spontaneous clapping and cheering and it was just awesome. i don't think i relaxed for more than a sum total of ten minutes during the whole film.

cut for courtesy )

overall it was long, satisfyingly so as well as very, very busy. the plot was complex but not convoluted and really well done.

watching heath ledger, i'll totally admit, was a little unsettling. i felt weird watching his performance--which was awesome and scary and everything the joker should be. but i laughed at the insanity and it was uncomfortable. unsettling and i still don't quite know how i feel about that.

also, after harry potter i have an unreasonable affection for gary oldman. i've always liked gordon, but man, gary oldman ftw.

and my final thing on batman? there was no harry potter preview. i was sure we'd get one. i mean, it's a wb film, it's almost the end of the summer, what other big movie are they waiting for? instead i get yet another freaking terminator movie. i mean, yeah, christian bale is blindingly hot, but come on, do i really need another one? i'm not ten years old anymore.
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i would have a highlander/hancock crossover RIGHT NOW.

as it is, i'll settle for saying that it was an awesome movie despite random amputation and it was surprisingly thoughtful as well.

as much as i love entertainment weekly, i hardly ever agree with their movie reviews and this was no exception.

bedtime, now.
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one of the best things about picking a movie theater that's a twenty minute drive from home is that it give me and whoever i go with twenty minutes to break down the film when it's over.

so, The Happening.

i would like to preface this by saying that, as a rule, i really love m night's films. really, really love them. i think they're smart and often touching, well filmed and gorgeous.

The Happening is none of these things. )

the little girl in the movie did have an Avatar backpack, which was pretty brilliant product placement and self pimpage, though.

also, sigh. so, when the first rumors of a new X-Files movie started making the rounds i mocked. i continued to mock as they started filming and got interviews. i said, it's been too long, the last couple seasons were shit, who's going to go see that.

the answer, my friends, is, apparently, me. the trailer was awesome and yeah, i'll probably go. dammit.
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and by everyone i mostly mean [livejournal.com profile] halfacorck

prince caspian was made of win. peter is still a tool, but everyone else rocked. though the kid who plays edmund looks about two seconds away from being totally anemic, not that that makes me like him any less.

oh, and eddie izzard in what is, primarily, a children's movie? gold. i kept expecting the mouse to break into some long, filthy story.
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indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

aka )

also? i miss marcus. i wish he'd lived to make this movie.
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1) i should not be allowed to set foot in sephora. seriously. it is a problem and i should probably be in a group for it or something. but the shiny gets me every damn time. i have four new eye shadows, a new angle brush and an electric blue eye liner. because this is necessary to my existance.

2) iron man was awesome. i know i am late to this party by, like, two weeks, but it bears repeating. it was awesome. stayed through the credits and made a little eeek-ing sound because sam is the man.

2.5) i am tentatively less horrified by the prospect of indiana jones. the preview on the big screen, i'm sad to say, did me in. i heard the music and i got all teary. it's the SW:TPM all over again. the preview is SO GOOD. hopefully the movie will hold out. i'll leave you with this bit of terror, though: what was the last good movie harrison ford made? what was the last good movie george lucas made? what was the last good movie steven spielberg made? yeah. this could be a trifecta of terror, my friends.

3) newest chapter of fma was good and cool and fun and then the last six pages were brilliant. epic, movie quality stuff here, boys and girls. i'm so sad we'll never see that scene in an anime form because it was amazing.

that is all.
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it feels like it's been ages since i updated, even though it's only been a couple days. i can't say all that much has happened, but feel like i should say something.

part of the problem is that i went out after work. i know better, because i am the tiredest tired girl who ever lived the next morning. but i like to be social and i hadn't been out in ages, and now that we go to the bar down the road instead of the one twenty minutes away, it's a little better. it was fun, we chatted and listened to bad bar music. our bartender, who used to work at the store with us, made my a chocolate cake shot. if you've never had one, omg, they are fucking amazing because they taste just like chocolate cake. seriously good. then of course i was tired and cranky on saturday and just wanted to sleep.

i saw stardust which was made of complete and total love. i will admit to not having read the book, but in my defense, if i need one, i'll say that i have a very, very hard time with neil gaiman. his ideas are wonderful, he's incredibly imaginative, but i just can't ever make it all the way through a book. some kinds of fiction i am just not built for, i guess. but the movie was lovely. fantasy movies are so much better than when i was a kid. they're pretty and thoughtful--i can't say anyone would be really surprised by the ending, but it was still a very well done movie.
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well, here it is, the last day of july. overall, it was better than june, but i'm looking for improvement in august.

i posted every day this month, with the exception of the blackout day, which still kind of bums me out. i'm not sure how i feel about it, in some respects it was good for me to get some thoughts out on paper, as it were. at other times, i really felt like i was reaching for anything to say. and in a testament to my laziness, i still have pics of my knitting i wanted to post and never did. there is now a hat that's been completed, yay!

things i've learned: i think about work too much, harry potter ate my brain, despite the fact that i don't spend that much time watching television, it takes up an inordinate amount of my posting time, i should be reading more, july was a great month for movies but from the previews i got, this fall will not be, WILL STANTON IS NOT AN AMERICAN, ahem. oh, and botporn is still an awesome if disturbing word.

so, instead of sitting here, talking about the things i did, or didn't do, i'm going to finish my mountain of wash, get the rest of my room in order, give simon a bath(shhh, don't tell), go to the knitting shop and find out what i need to make a small afghan and buy hot fuzz, cause it's out today and buddy cops = love. oh, yeah and write about thirty pages because the birthday the story should be done for? yeah it's in two days. way to procrastinate, asshole.

and that will have been july.
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1) the simpsons movie was awesome. funny, clever and self-aware in all the best ways the simpsons can be. and it probably had the broadest cross section of the american audience i've seen this summer.

2) SHARK WEEK! i love shark week.
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apparently i'm going to talk about hp some more, mostly because i've been discussing it today with co-workers and regular customers.

and i don't think i talked about the utter, utter love that is sirius and remus. because for as much as i adore snape harry, sirius remus is really my otp for that fandom. they are just so warm and fuzzy with so many possibilities. you can do school years, you can do post school but before voldemort kills harry's parents, you can do post death, school with harry, post third year, you can do au's where nothing bad happens and they live with puppies and bunnies and sunshine.

there could have been more of them both, but really i don't think i could ever have too much. i liked them in this movie because it made the whole ending seem like less sirius and harry's fault, and more voldemort's, which is important, i think.
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omg, hp 5 = awesome.

they did such a great job cutting out all the crap that made five my least favorite. it's concise, interesting, entertaining and almost everything the book should have been. i actually felt bad for harry in the movie whereas the book, kind of made me want to smack him around and tell him to quit whining.

that being said, the two things i loved the most about five were the twins and snape's worst memory. both were touched on in the movie, but not really brought to their full potential. sad, but i'll take it for an overall win.

i saw it in the imax with the 3D ending and here's my advice, save yourself the money and see it on a regular screen. i still have a headache and it made the special effects look kind of dumb. when i see it again, as i will be, i'll be seeing it on a regular screen.

it's so weird to think that in ten days it's all going to be over. it's not even so much that they're great books. there are books i like better. there are books that are better written, that have better plots and characters. there are more innovative types of magic and worlds and yet. i am still captivated by harry potter.

i blame the third movie entirely for turning me into a crazy person. it's still fun, it's a fandom full of nuts, but i love it and them and it's been a fun ride. i think i'm ready to let them all go, i'm ready to see them off. i feel like i have enough of their story to know, no matter how it all turns out, the ones who live will be okay. it's kind of how i felt at the end of buffy, i was sad that it was over, but i'd spent enough time with them, we'd reached a parting of ways.

it doesn't mean it's not sad, or that i won't go back and read parts of the books again, or watch the movies as they wind down, but i think this is the final bow before the stage goes black, and that's all right.
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because it's still technically thursday:

transformers is made of win.

it's really just how i like to celebrate the fourth and the day after by watching robot blow shit up.

still good second time around.

my question, though, is: what does a girl have to go see to get the harry potter trailer? cause it hasn't been with anything i've seen.


May. 27th, 2007 09:08 pm
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not dead, just working. which btw, work = the suck

pirates = not the suck. not great but enjoyable. there could have been twice as much captain jack for my taste and that would have been fine. also, i don't know if it's because i've been ot3ing over in dr who, and my mind is there anyway, but the ot3 for jack, will and elizabeth was super strong in this one. in a way i don't think was there before. but that's just me, seeing imaginary people have imaginary sex with each other.
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saw shrek the third tonight. best parts? the gaggle of princesses, camelot as a high school--very very appropriate. and the best bit, on the walls of the camelot gym? yeah, that'd be the bayeux tapestry. such a small detail and yet, such big nerd points from me.

also, there was the preview for transformers. it's a little ridiculous how excited i am for that movie. but, they're robots in disguise. what more do you want?

also, this is my first proper weekend in ages, saturday and sunday off. i don't quite know what to do with myself other than sleep. lots. and maybe play the wii. and by maybe i mean absolutely.
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i don't know if i can accurately describe to you how much i love the buddy cop genre. i think it's something about the set up--two people who can be and often are opposites working toward a common goal. the idea of the police force in general or an ensemble show does nothing for me, no it has to be partners. that these two people can stand together and take down and take out whatever gets in their way, all the while watching each others' backs. it's stirring and epic in a way that you often only get with fantasy anymore.

some of my favorite forms of entertainment have been buddy cop, or at least a variation on the theme. the newest with yiddish policemen's union, old loves like due south, the sentinel, and the ones from way back in the day with the x-files. god knows i grew up watching cagney and lacey. what i loved best about tpm was how totally awesome obi-wan and qui-gon were--they were essentially buddy cops with lightsabers. often, i feel like house is buddy cops, only instead of fighting crime, house and wilson fight disease. ed and al, not buddy cops, but they are certainly partners in their quest.

i think it comes down to the idea that you can't do it alone. lone heroes certainly have their place, but i prefer the ones who have to have someone at their side, someone who makes them better and makes them want to be better. it brings the funny and the heartbreak and the humanity. if no one is there to see you bleed, if no one knows when a case comes close to breaking you, if no one is at your side to share your triumph, how are we supposed to relate?

the point to all of this is i just got home from seeing my first movie of the summer. i know it's a little early, but since spider man is next week, i'm counting this as the first summer movie. hot fuzz fucking rocked. it was so much more than i was expecting, it gave me everything i wanted and so much more. everything i'd heard about it made me think it would be funny, but without much in the way of plot and the mysteries nicholas tried to solve were products of his imagination. this was so not the case.

spoilers )

it was slightly more violent and at times grosser than i was expecting and yet, i'm awash with the love of buddy cops and can't bring myself to care. in fact, i want to go again, like an amusement park ride. bring it summer movies, this year is going to be awesome.


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