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which sounds dirty, but is actually the theme of the party i just got home from. and can i say, going with a designated driver is WAY more fun than having to drive yourself. am slightly drunk, only slightly. if you could see me, i'd be holding my fingers apart by like, a centimeter. but it was fun, i feel relaxed, sleepy and a little silly.

those of you who rec'd jolly rancher vodka as opposed to skittles vodka are made of fucking win. not only was it a far less disgusting process and much easier--part of that might be because i actually found the funnel this time--but it tastes better and looks less like something from a toxic waste dump of the future.

so, bed, but not before i decide if i want to set my alarm fifteen minutes early so i can stop by wawa on my way to work and get a sausage egg and cheese biscuit of greasy death. i'm thinking that's going to be a yes.

jolly rancher vodka = fucking win

also spell check!
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not as much fun to make as the magazine made it seem. yellow ended up all over my counter and kitchen floor in a moment of extreme cluminess. the otehrs were, well, it was probably one of the grossest things i've ever been involved in. see, skittles have gelatin in them and it breaks down as it sits in the vodka and so you have to strain each batch to get the gross film to go away and just, ew.

also, not that tasty. initially. but like most alcohol, the more you have, the better it gets. except orange. orange was not good at any point.

but the party was fun, after the first hour where i only knew two people and they were talking to other people. but then folks from my store and people who were less like the boys vs the girls at a junior high school dance filtered in and it was loads of fun.

but the lesson? magazines lie. the bright, airy picture and the simple instructions hid a pain in the ass project, but a great conversation piece.
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so, doing the close and then the open right after at work is not real high up on my list of things i like. however, on the plus side, i spent the day in the cafe, which is why the subject line. on the downside, i had to train all day. here's the thing: i know how to do a lot in the cafe, i can make everything and answer questions, but i was never actually trained to our cafe. yes, it's my responsibility now, yes i hire people to work there, but i never had real training. i make up a lot of stuff. having me train someone, well, we'll see how this turns out. she's a good worker though, and has a lot of cafe/restaurant experience, which is good. also on the bad side? yeah the part where i'm socially retarded. honestly. how bout i spend all morning and part of the afternoon trying to make sure this new person doesn't hate it and think i'm a total spaz at the same time. right. it doesn't help that she's kind of hot and i always have trouble not acting like an ass around hot girls.

Also on a work note, i was in history last night and found a book called "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" and ended up chuckling to myself the rest of the night. Methos was all 'it wasn't like that' in my ear and we had a good time.
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so, i'm closing tonight and i closed last night, and i'd be more irritated about it except that we went out after work last night and i had a really good time. for someone who doesn't smoke, doesn't really drink all that often and isn't real keen on social situations, it was a lot of fun, probably because i wasn't worried about having to get up at seven this morning to open the store. i got to sleep and sleep and then sleep some more.

it is, by the way, motherfucking cold, and i'd forgotten what it's like leaving my coat behind and walking to the bar. it made me think of all the times we did that in dc, either going to bars or all those shows i went to at the 9:30 club, walking for blocks and blocks so we didn't have to pay for a cab or get our coats checked. good god we were dumb, but it was a lot of fun.

i had an author event at a school this week, it was really good, the guy was a great speaker and totally had the kids in the palm of his hand, but the school and the principal in particular were absolute tools. here's the deal, we got this author and offered him to the school for free. he's a newbery honor and winner. he could charge thousands, literally thousands of dollars for a school appearance and we gave him to them for free. he spoke to about 280 kids. do you know how many books we sold? yeah, about 20. i don't think the teachers said a thing to their classes about who he was or what he wrote. and this is the best part. when the author gets there, the principal comes up and introduces himself and says he's going to say a couple words and introduce the author to the kids, is there anything in particular he'd like the principal to say? in a five minute conversation, it was excruciatingly clear that the principal 1) had no idea who this guy was when i can guarantee you his books end up on his kids' reading lists every year, 2) hadn't bothered to find out anything about him before the man walked in the building and 3) couldn't really give a shit that he was there in the first place. i'm not saying he had to read the books, he should have, but i'm not going to get into that, but for the love of god, do a google search, talk to someone about them. he didn't even know the name of the man's books.

i wanted to punch him in the face, i was so pissed. we are never, ever giving anything to this school ever, ever again. the author did an awesome job speaking to the kids, he was a really great presenter and even though we didn't sell a lot, i thought it'd be an okay event until it was time for the kids to ask questions. at that point it became abundantly clear that the teachers never bothered to prep the kids for him coming and you could see the author getting more and more frustrated with them.

also, as a side note, i don't think i will ever be able to successfully wrap my mind around how to spell the word guarantee properly without a spell checker.
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So, for the first time in my life I’m having this recurring dream. It’s not every night, it’s not even once a month, but starting last year some time I think, I’ve been having the same dream in differing variations. I’m back in college and there are two classes I’ve signed up for. One of them, I keep forgetting to go, the other I don’t like and skip. So the dream starts at the end of the semester, with me suddenly realizing that there are two classes on my schedule that I haven’t taken a single test for, done a single assignment, and I’ve never bothered to drop either one of them. Oh, and one of the classes is always taught by my high school world history teacher. It’s ridiculous because it’s just school, and I haven’t been in classes for a couple years now, and at the same time, it’s totally panic inducing. I wake up, thinking to myself ‘why the fuck did you do that?’.

It’s extremely irritating.
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This sat. sarah and I spent the day with our friend holly. It was just supposed to be lunch, to catch up, she needs someone to sit for the kitty again at the end of the month and wanted to give us the key and instructions. But when we got done with lunch, we wanders some shops, went to petsmart—it was ‘won’t you please adopt these adorable kittens’ day, which breaks my heart because I can’t have more than one, and frankly if I had my way I would be that crazy lady with the million cats. And then we were having such a good time, we went to the movies. And here is the problem with having friends whose tastes don’t always run parallel to one’s own. We ended up seeing that ridiculous movie with reese witherspoon and that guy and she’s all a ghost and he’s all emotionally damaged and blah, blah, blah. I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would, there were even a couple funny moments. Not something I would have chosen on my own, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as say, Collateral, which I would have walked the hell out on if I’d been by myself.

also, kurt vonnegut was on the daily show last night. i honestly thought he was dead.

And that’s about all the rambling I have in me right now


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