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i am unreasonably tired. okay, maybe not unreasonably as my day started at 5:45, but still.

the first draft to my fma big bang fic is finished, clocking in at over 23,000 words which is about 5,000 words more than i was expecting. sometimes i have a hard time wrapping things up. i like it as a whole, there are a couple areas i want to expand and maybe a scene or two that need some editing, but it's done. at this point, that feels like the most important part.

i'm still stewing over the first budget proposal for 2011 which cut all funding for the NASA Constellation project and has limited NASA's budget to 6 billion dollars over the next five years.

two things about this: 1) the Constellation project is the program which was intended to replace the shuttle program. this is important because the shuttles are old like whoa, guys, some of them are as old as i am. they were good tech when they were developed but we can do better. also, did i mention they're old? they need to be replaced to keep bad things from happening to our astronauts. 2) 6 billion dollars may sound like a big number, and it is, but 6 billion dollars for a space program spread out over five years when the expectation is that most of that will be spent in incentives to get private companies to develop new space flight technology is nothing.

look, i understand we're in a bad place financially as a country. we've got a huge debt to deal with and lots of problems, but cutting the space program is not something that should be up for discussion. what is the purpose of government if not to help us do the things we can't do on our on? i can't build roads or schools or hospitals. i can't clean my own water or make sure that every person i buy food from is doing his best not to poison me. it is not in my power to help every person without a home or enough income to feed her family. i have a government to help me with these things. i'm a happy tax payer because i get to enjoy these benefits. but you know what else i can't do on my own? i can't go into space on my own.

to take away the dream of the astronaut is criminal. worse yet is to privatize that dream. space, brought to you by mcdonalds.

this is all a little less cohernt than i'd like it to be, i'm still working through exactly what i'm thinking and what i'm feeling because for the first time in my adult, voting life i'm wrting letters to my representatives because this is no okay. i'm angry to the point of tears because it's more than just space exploration, it's more than just the potential gain in science and technology--do you like your personal computer? you wouldn't have it if not for the space program-- it's a symbol. it was a promise made to me as a child that the stars were within reach and at this moment, they have never felt further away.

this is the first step in removing some of the anger and crazy 'i should be living on the moon'-ness of my arguments because i don't want to have to add the "PS I am not a crackpot." but it's a very emotional issue and it's going to take a little while for me to get there.


i've just been informed that when i type, i type in a rhythm, sort of like waves, which is weird and now i'm oddly self conscious about how i type.
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they were announced yesterday and while there isn't anything i actively love on the list, there isn't anything i hate, so you know, that's a plus. no surprises, really, but that's okay. i would have put money on Home by Marilynne Robinson getting nominated for something. there's a thought, do you think there a pools for this kind of thing, or is the book nerd thing not lucrative enough?

the only, only thing i have to say about the ya nominations is this: What I Saw and How I Lied. i have yet to read it, it's in my pile of things to get to in the next you know, whenever, but i've heard great things. it's apparenlty beautifully written, surprising, well plotted and all around awesome. do you want to know why it sets my teeth on edge?

because Judy Blundell is also known as Jude Watson who gave us the fucking travesty that is known as the Jedi Apprentice series--which i am not ashamed to admit that i read every damn one of. they were bad, bad books. they took the only awesome thing to come out of TPM and made it stupid and lame and horrifying. i would go so far as to say that even more than anakin, she ruined the master/padawan relationship of obi-wan and qui-gon. she made qui-gon into a fucking caricature of a jedi who was so unfeeling it was like reading about a block of wood. and no one ever even got hurt.

she also left us with the legacy of the ever popular 'vibro-mop'. which is just, omg, it still makes me furious because if you know anything, anything AT ALL about the star wars universe, you know vibro attachments go with weapons, not cleaning supplies.

so yeah, the fact that she can actually write and instead chose to give us that total bullshit sets me off a little.
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i thought john edwards was a pussy for not picking a candidate to endorse until it was clear who was going to win. it was a douchebag move, but one i was willing to forgive because i genuinely liked him. i liked a lot of what he said and what he stood for and thought he had a lot of potential for the presidency. maybe not now, but in a couple years.

but having an AFFAIR with the woman you HIRED to make a documentary about your own campaign to be the PRESIDENT just makes you fucking stupid. how, how, how did he think he wouldn't get caught. he's done and done and i don't think aaron sorkin could have written it better.

yeah, so maybe public politics shouldn't be determined by what you do in your private life, but the fact is, that's how things are working right now and he should fucking have known better.

the only thing that would make it better is if he and his wife were like, 'yeah, we actually have an open relationship and it's cool when he fucks around so long as he tells me about it.' unfortunately, i don't think that would make it better for very many people other than me.

what an asshole. campaign


Jul. 10th, 2008 08:38 pm
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wizard's first rule? as a tv series?

are you fucking kidding me?

that book was so bad i wanted to stab at my own eyes at 16. i think if i read it now i'd probably spontaneously combust.

also, pretty much the whole end of the book is going to be a little hard to put on family television. and it is television so it will probably be bad, which does fill me with a little glee.

but still. bad fantasy is bad and should stay off the airwaves. it ruins good fantasy for the rest of us.
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seriously, people.

i love pedestrians. i, myself, am often one. it's a great way to get around without using a car and contributing to you know, bad things, but for the love of god, learn the how to function in a society of cars and people.

it does not mean you can do whatever you want, walk wherever or when ever you want(unless you live in a big city, and then all bets are off--it takes me about 20 minutes of walking around new york to remember that only losers wait for the little walk sign to flash) and two of you on bikes are certainly not allowed to take up a whole fucking lane of traffic.

i am surrounded by plastic and steel. you are wearing a tee-shirt. i think you're going to come out of the deal worse off if something bad happens. i'll feel bad about it emotionally, but you're going to feel bad about it physically.
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one of the best things about picking a movie theater that's a twenty minute drive from home is that it give me and whoever i go with twenty minutes to break down the film when it's over.

so, The Happening.

i would like to preface this by saying that, as a rule, i really love m night's films. really, really love them. i think they're smart and often touching, well filmed and gorgeous.

The Happening is none of these things. )

the little girl in the movie did have an Avatar backpack, which was pretty brilliant product placement and self pimpage, though.

also, sigh. so, when the first rumors of a new X-Files movie started making the rounds i mocked. i continued to mock as they started filming and got interviews. i said, it's been too long, the last couple seasons were shit, who's going to go see that.

the answer, my friends, is, apparently, me. the trailer was awesome and yeah, i'll probably go. dammit.
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okay, here's the thing about book awards. stop me if you've heard this from me before, or you know, just move on.

it's very, very, very rare that anyone gives a shit about the books that end up winning awards until after they've won said awards. the fact that 90 percent of readers didn't care about a book yesterday and now are beyond coherent speech in their fury at my not having it because six other pretentious douche bags came in and bought my six copies earlier in the day makes me a little insane.

i believe in the idea of literary canon, that there is a collection of books that we as a society should have some knowledge of. god knows i have not read them all, and i've certainly not liked some of them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have this canon to start from.

what i have a problem with is the people who never stray from the canon. who never wander to see where their taste will take them. who let newspapers and literary award committees tell them what they should be reading instead of thinking for themselves.

this is all brought to you by the Pulitzer winner for fiction: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which i talked about here. i think the win isn't that surprising, it's exactly the kind of book to get this kind of prize. well written, heartbreaking, and can't we all feel really good about ourselves for reading something ethnic before going to pick up the kids at soccer. none of which is to say anything about the quality of book only the people who are filled with self righteous indignation that i'm out of the book. when i had it up as my staff pick for the entire month of december.

in other, non-ranty, news, i gave simon a bath this afternoon and he smells so sweet. or at least like cat shampoo, which i find very soothing.

well shit

Apr. 5th, 2008 08:56 pm
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and that's all i have to say about the tw season finale. stupid things that make me stupid cry.

the only good news is that the monster that is torchwood--which has been eating my brain since january--is slowly retracting it's teeth and going to sleep it off until next year. that's the thing about the who-verse fandom. i only obsess when it's airing, so i guess it's good that it's a short season.

can i also just comment on a side bar that this is why nuclear power scares the ever loving shit out of me? cleaner? i suppose. but the potential for awful, horrible, messy, terrifying accidents? stupendous.
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and seriously, why, why, why for the love of god can i not get them except during easter?

woke up this morning to a couple inches of snow and roads that had yet to be plowed, let alone salted. driving to work was a bit of an adventure, but not too scary. i got there in one piece, which is always a bonus. i will say, however, that if the girl from florida who didn't even make her first snow-man until she was eighteen years old managed to get her ass to work at twice or sometimes three times the drive length of some other folks, i kind of have little in the way of sympathy for call outs.

it never fails to surprise me, however, the number of people who will come out on bad days, when the roads are seriously dangerous, to hang out in a book store. sure, it's a good place to be once you're there, but you're taking your life into your own hands to get there, and frankly, the lives of everyone who has to be there to sell you your book. or not, depending on if you just sit on my second floor and read all day, destroy my books and then leave them in a pile on the floor.

ahem, that was perhaps slightly more bitter than i intended when i started this :)

anyway, snow, ice on the way, and i'm thinking it might be the night for simon's yearly 'aren;t you glad you're not a feral cat' lesson. if it is, there will be pics later :)
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a close turned around to an open is still no fun, even when the close is an hour earlier. but the good news is i have the day off tomorrow. i'm not a huge fan of having my days off split up, but this week it hasn't been so bad.

on the fic front, after thinking about the prompt my beta didn't like all day, we got another chance to talk about the piece and turns out she'd been thinking about it all day, too. looks like i gave too much prep for reading and she was too tired on her first read through to understand what the hell i was doing. i feel much, much better about it, some of the language needs to be cleaned up, but overall, it's a good piece and i like it a lot.

also when a book is mostly pictures, it takes hardly any time at all to read it. )
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so, there's still a lot going on and on and around and down the rabbit hole with lj policy, lj response time and clarification. i don't want to spend a lot of time writing about it, as there are many, many others standing on their soapboxes about this. but i'm keeping my ear to the ground, reading the appropriate posts and generally trying to be aware so that i know where to go if any of my fandoms jump ship. i'm not getting involved, mostly because it's a complicated issue and while i feel a certain way, everything about my life and education to this point has left me with the trained ability to see more than one side to an argument.

do i think that lj has handled this matter or any of the previous matters with the grace or care an international company should? no. do i think that it's doing its best to keep the same company safe from us legal? yes. do i think anyone's right to free speech is being infringed on? absolutely not. talk to someone who lives in constant fear of speaking her mind because her government will come and put her in jail and then talk to me about not being able to post something on a single internet site--there are many, many other places you can go. you can stand on a street corner and say whatever you want. you can post to your journal and say exactly what you think of the current issues without fear of someone knocking on your door.

this is a company trying to do what it can within the bounds of the law, a company that has to deal with complaints from more than just people in fandom. having worked for the past five years within a big corporation i can tell you they do the big things and the small things badly. often. it's a corporate mentality based in a business frame of mind. and if corporate oversight is your hard no as far as using a product is concerned, you're best looking else where because i can tell you, corporations don't change. they don't get better, they don't get less involved and they don't get more friendly to the bright, open minded, free thinking portion of the population. they aim for the lowest common denominator. i'm not defending them, but i understand what they're doing.

the internet isn't the wild west anymore. people are watching and thinking about what they see and they're paying attention. and for most people, it's hard to find a disconnect between what happens to a fictional fifteen year old and a real one. it's something i myself have a hard time reconciling, but i read warnings and choose appropriately to my comfort level.

yeah, so that was longer than i was expecting to get in to, but i feel better having said something, since it's all been circling my brain for the last couple days.
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i don't know if i can accurately describe to you how much i love the buddy cop genre. i think it's something about the set up--two people who can be and often are opposites working toward a common goal. the idea of the police force in general or an ensemble show does nothing for me, no it has to be partners. that these two people can stand together and take down and take out whatever gets in their way, all the while watching each others' backs. it's stirring and epic in a way that you often only get with fantasy anymore.

some of my favorite forms of entertainment have been buddy cop, or at least a variation on the theme. the newest with yiddish policemen's union, old loves like due south, the sentinel, and the ones from way back in the day with the x-files. god knows i grew up watching cagney and lacey. what i loved best about tpm was how totally awesome obi-wan and qui-gon were--they were essentially buddy cops with lightsabers. often, i feel like house is buddy cops, only instead of fighting crime, house and wilson fight disease. ed and al, not buddy cops, but they are certainly partners in their quest.

i think it comes down to the idea that you can't do it alone. lone heroes certainly have their place, but i prefer the ones who have to have someone at their side, someone who makes them better and makes them want to be better. it brings the funny and the heartbreak and the humanity. if no one is there to see you bleed, if no one knows when a case comes close to breaking you, if no one is at your side to share your triumph, how are we supposed to relate?

the point to all of this is i just got home from seeing my first movie of the summer. i know it's a little early, but since spider man is next week, i'm counting this as the first summer movie. hot fuzz fucking rocked. it was so much more than i was expecting, it gave me everything i wanted and so much more. everything i'd heard about it made me think it would be funny, but without much in the way of plot and the mysteries nicholas tried to solve were products of his imagination. this was so not the case.

spoilers )

it was slightly more violent and at times grosser than i was expecting and yet, i'm awash with the love of buddy cops and can't bring myself to care. in fact, i want to go again, like an amusement park ride. bring it summer movies, this year is going to be awesome.


Apr. 17th, 2007 10:36 am
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this weekend, in addition to working, i also did weekend type things. you know, if you're a nerd and consider making plans with four other people to hang out and knit normal. i think i'm in love with knitting. it's relaxing and interesting and well, um there's counting and repetitive motion and symmetry. welcome to my mild obsessive compulsive hour.

it also means i have something to do while i watch tv, melissa just gave us the first disc of the new dr. who to start on which is apparently like crack it's so good. i know i watched it as a kid, but all i remember is the telephone booth being so much bigger on the inside and thinking that was the coolest thing ever.

taxes are done, and you know, nothing like waiting till the last day to do them. i'd like to get up in arms about them, and the fact that i owe money, but i can't. i like things like roads and national defense(even if i don't think it's being handled properly) and school aid and social programs and the only way we get those things is to pay for them. and the only reason i owe is because of a choice i made to keep more money in my checks each pay week instead of getting back a huge chunk at the end of the year. so really, i can't get upset about taxes because that's how you run a country.

also, my internet is acting up again, which makes me want to stab it in the eye. if it had an eye.

oh! and the newest chapter for fma? # 70? is awesome. there really is nothing else to say other than the manga is a hell of a lot scarier than the show ever was and i kind of love it. they're all in so deep, i have no idea how they're going to get out at all.

so sleepy

Mar. 20th, 2007 01:30 am
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remember how i was all, tad just ate my brain and will continue to do so until i finish his new book? yeah, that was before i got my hands on an advance reader's copy of the new michael chabon that i thought i was going to have to buy on ebay. i didn't think they'd send it to stores and yet, there it was in the basement, sitting as though waiting for me. i only have about three hundred pages left, i'm torn between wanting to fly through it and make it last because god knows when the next one will be out. i love his writing so desperately, i want to eat his words.

i'm cat sitting this week for holly while she's away. riley is a nice cat, but he's kind of boring and i appreciate simon so much more after i've spent time with riley.

oh, yeah, and my cafe was open all fucking day in clear, common sense violation of the health code because not a single fucking person in the whole damn store could put together no hot water=bad. or, you know, pick up the phone and call me to ask. come on, wtf, people? i'm far angrier about that than this mini rant lets on, but i'm also tired and the tired wins.

also, stupid eragon comes out tomorrow on dvd. because we should totally be supporting and encouraging plagiarists. i love star wars and lord of the rings and every other fantasy i've ever seen or read so much i'm going to put it in a blender and write it all again, but with less grace, style, imagination and talent. yeah, next time, save it for the fanfiction, yo.
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i'm listening to stan rogers whose song, northwest passage, was used at the end of due south and i kind of tracked it all over the earth to get hold of it. i've been reading and watching just ridiculous amounts of house recently, apparently i needed three years to gear up to a fannish obsession for this one, and have also been thinking about due south, about how much i loved that show, how amazing victoria's secret was. the connection of course being that david shore who writes and produces for house also wrote that episode.

easily influenced person that i am, due south always kind of made me want to live in canada, and i would, except for, you know, the snow and polar bears. cause for real, if you honest to god have to worry about polar bears, maybe you shouldn't be living where you're living. i'm just saying.

The Commitment )
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so i have a good bit to recap as i haven’t made a for-real post in a couple days, and busy days they have been.

first i want to share my vast and overwhelming amusement at this. sarah and i went to see Brothers Grimm the other night, which was fabulous, by the way. Really, it makes me wish terry gilliam did more movies, because, man. it was a great fantasy movie. and also, there was a great fight between the two main characters, and there is nothing i love better in fiction than conflict, especially by people who know each other very well. But anyway, the brothers have these two lackeys helping them and they both looked kind of familiar. i figured out the one, the guy from the office and PotC pretty quickly, as he has a very distinctive face. But the other, he wasn’t on screen so much, and i kept staring at him when he showed up. And then i was thinking it couldn’t be who I thought it was, but it was! it was Silas! omg. I was completely amused the rest of the movie, just by that little thing.

i also saw flight plan last week, and my advice, wait for the video. not that it wasn’t good, it was fine, but to pay full price for it? not worth that. And can i tell you how over i am with plots of movies where the bad guys, who are supposed to seem so competent and proficient unnecessarily involve civilians in their lame ass plots to kill/steal/take over the world? if they’re so fucking competent, maybe they shouldn’t be involving others in their little plots. that’s all i’m saying.

i went for another walk this morning. we’re having the most glorious weather, i seriously wish it would last more than another three days. i swear it’s going to start snowing in like, two minutes. there are some of the most amazing houses in this area, so big and beautiful that it makes me want to knock on random doors and ask them how much they paid for their house. i am also not so keen on the people who leave their big, barking dogs tied to a post in the middle of their yards who like to rush and bark at me as i walk by. whenever i think i’m over my slight fear of dogs, i am reminded that, yeah, they’re big and growly and i’m not fond of them.

also, as that it is tuesday, it’s new music day. So i went to best buy, since i’m not working, and bought the new david gray, which is sigh, so good. though really, he could sing about anything, anything, i tell you. and also the new dar williams, which seems good, though i’ve only listened to the first three songs while i was making lunch. frankly it’s all about david today. but can i just say that by the time i got to best buy it was after 11, and they were still taking their new releases out of boxes and putting them onto carts. i had to ask the guy to get the ones i wanted and the other girl i asked looked at me like i was a crazy person. i hate that. it was after eleven and they still didn’t have their new releases out, what the hell is that about. the thing that made me crazy is that i knew i could go down the street to my store, which isn’t even solely a music store and find what i wanted with no trouble at all. it’s just ass, i tell you.

and once again i'm going to put off the book reviews, because this is already longer than i was expecting. i'll save it for later today, or maybe a day when i have less to talk about

also, new House tonight! yay!


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