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Packing is for losers, yo.

Well, I say losers, but really it's just for movers. Regardless, it sucks, it's dusty, it's no fun. I don't know how we accumulate so much stuff, how so much stuff came with us that we didn't need when space in the car was at such a premium. I'm doing better this time around, which is nice. I'm not losing my mind, I'm not crying hysterically over nothing, all improvements.

I've been reading through some of my old journal entries trying to get a feel for what the hell I talked about here for the past seven years, trying to get a feel for getting back into a place where I can do it again.

One of the best things I've come across is my Simon tag. I mentioned he died this year, just last month, actually. He had a tumor on his face we had removed last year and the vet told us that the chance it would come back was an even 50/50. It was a year I lived in nearly constant fear, constant checking of the site. When it started to grow back, we went back to the vet who told us that this time, the tumor had embedded itself in the bone of Simon's face and there just wasn't a surgical option this time around. I got another few weeks with him, but eventually he was just sleeping all the time and then he didn't want to eat.

I know it was the humane thing to do. He was hurting and he wasn't himself. I know that. It was still hard and is still hard. It's a guilt that I don't quite know how to process or what to do with.

Anyway, this wasn't the point. The point is that I have this Simon tag in this journal where I recounted some really random, funny, sweet things about him that I'd actually forgotten. It's a sweet surprise and I'm so pleased that I took the time to record these things.
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Simon has found a new hidey-hole in the apartment, which is saying something as this apt isn't that big to begin with and there aren't many places where I don't know where to look for him. Twice this week and once last week either E or I have come home and not been able to find him. We both thought that he'd sneaked behind us on our way out the door and had been living in the suburban wilds for 8 hours. At least ten minutes of panic and calling his name and tapping on his food bowls later, he would appear out of the ether all, 'what's up, bitches?'. I finally, finally found him where he'd shoved himself in the back of the closet in the bedroom, behind the lowest hanging coat. It's so dark there and he's all black the only way I could tell he was there was to reach my hand in. *shakes head* it's because we've had the windows open and he's looking for a quiet place that doesn't sound like nature.

David Gray's new album comes out Tuesday and I wasn’t that excited until I bothered to look at the information and discovered, it’s not a collaboration with Ray Lamontagne, it’s all by his lonesome, they’re just touring together. So, yay new music on, but now I’m even more bummed that I never got tickets to see him this month. The timing was terrible and I couldn’t afford the tickets and it’s not like I haven’t seen the man many times now. Its just, I love him. I love his music and I love seeing him live because he is transcendent in person. He gets better in person. So there’s that.

In other music related news, I went to the Guster website and listened to a track from their upcoming CD and I don’t hate it. Hooray! Maybe this one won’t make me want to gouge me ears out.
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As I have nothing else I really want to talk about, here's another installment of what nyagosstar is reading….

Apparently, I am on this kick of reading post apocalyptic books. It’s weird because it seems to be all that I want. I have half a dozen books I thought I wanted to read, but then nothing really appeals to me right now other than reading about how everything is going to end and how we’re going to deal.

On a sort of related side note, we watched Dreamscape the other night as part of the epic movie watching epicness prompted by the unholy union of the xbox live account and Netflix. I saw it when I was little and only really remembered the bit where the guy turns into the creepy lizard man. Imagine my surprise when one of the major themes is the president’s nightmare that involve a massive nuclear holocaust. In watching all these old movies from my childhood, I am now discovering the root to many of my reoccurring adult nightmares. Seriously, check this out. Unless, of course, you had responsible, non-hippie type parents who paid attention to the rating on movies. In which case, I imagine your childhood dreams were filled with hugs and puppies.

Right, so books: )

On an unrelated note, I gave Simon a bath this morning which is always both hilarious and necessary. He is now mildly put out and smelling pretty.

Also, if you’re not watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you haven’t seen TV the way it was meant to be played.
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I discovered a mysterious scratch on my face this morning and i have to assume it's from simon, though i don't remember him scratching my face any time recently. it's not really visible, but i can feel it, and if i lean in really close to a mirror, it's there.

very odd.

in other news i've been splitting my time between reading the Ghost Hunters book at home because it's that time of year for it and i've developed a sudden obsession for the show and Lies Across America which is fascinating and makes me furious by turns. did you know that Woodrow Wilson, who was awarded the Nobel peace prize for working to set up the League of Nations, SEGREGATED the federal government and was a raging racist? i'm reading the christopher colombus chapter now and while i knew most of his story was bullshit, i didn't realize just how much was left out. all around, good reading right now.
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but first--watchmen was awesome. i went to the midnight premier and saw it on the imax screen and it was pretty much everything that i wanted. i had a great time, was really happy, with they exception of the dude who got his hands cut off--i didn't watch that part--and think i'll probably be going to see it again sometime soon. the only thing that wasn't awesome was that with imax you don't get as many previews, but if you're only going to get one, at least it was harry potter.

tagged by [livejournal.com profile] mustanginblue

Comment on this post and I'll tell you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then you post them in your lj and elaborate.

Bookstore god i love bookstores. and not just my bookstore, any bookstore. the shiny new big box ones, older used bookstores, even the independents with their snooty attitudes. i love books and i love that i get to work surrounded by books. it's not all sunshine and puppies, as it is still retail, but it's book retail and that's not a bad thing.

Octavian Nothing i wish more people would listen to me about Octavian Nothing. those books leave me almost at a loss for words. they moved me profoundly and i feel like they should be required reading for all living people. M.T. Anderson has been a fav of mine for a couple years and it just fills me with such glee that he did something so spectacular, that he's really come into his own as a writer and that these books particularly are so amazing. so, yeah, go read Octavian Nothing.

My beta (when I am not lazy and actually write) there is something almost sinfully delicious about getting to read something before it's out there for public consumption. it's doubly wonderful when it's written by someone who has a wonderful grasp on characters and the flow of language that [livejournal.com profile] mustanginblue has. i love being able to suggest thigns that make a story not better, necessarily, but that help focus down what the author is trying to say so that it translates better from her brain to her audience. total love.

Simon he's walking in front of my monitor as i type this, actually and i've had to put him on the floor two times since i've started writing this. he's the best cat in the world, the cutest, smartest and most engaged cat ever. i am not biased. he's funny and a total pretty boy and i love him to death. i do however, think about Demetri Martin's hot/cat graph about how there is a point at which no matter how hot a girl is he doesn't want to hear about her cat anymore.

GAG or GA *grins* things are going really well. i'm having a good time, we're getting to know each other and i'm actually writing this as i kill time waiting for her to come over. nerds are awesome!
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as i wait for a ride....

i accidentally spit half a mouthful of toothpaste on simon's head when he jumped up on the sink at an inopportune moment.

also, i think that if simon had a bankai, he would just turn into a larger, fatter, lazier version of himself.
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but cat hiccups are the cutest thing in the world
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so, the roommate and i were discussing how lonely her action figure of the doctor is, now that he is living in her car. she got him for her birthday and as we all know, toys in your car are pretty much ftw. i myself have a yoda pin and remus and sirius action figures. anyway, i told her that i should get her the ianto action figure because 10/ianto, baby!

except there is no ianto figure. to which she said "it could be like the kind where you pour water in the back and raise his arms and he cries 'real tears'." to which i replied, "don't be mean to my ianto." which, i think, doesn't help his case very much. sigh. maybe next season he'll cry less i mean, it's bound to happen since it's only five eps long.

though the likelihood that he'll die instead doesn't make me happy.

thing two:

if simon had his own show, on say animal planet or bravo it would be called Vestibule Living. it'd be for the modern cat looking to upgrade from the common drudgery of apartment living to the avant garde lifestyle of living in a vestibule. cause i swear every time i open the door he runs out and throws himself on the floor like a recalcitrant toddler--he never wants to go outside, just chill in the vestibule.

he's an odd duck.
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okay, here's the thing about book awards. stop me if you've heard this from me before, or you know, just move on.

it's very, very, very rare that anyone gives a shit about the books that end up winning awards until after they've won said awards. the fact that 90 percent of readers didn't care about a book yesterday and now are beyond coherent speech in their fury at my not having it because six other pretentious douche bags came in and bought my six copies earlier in the day makes me a little insane.

i believe in the idea of literary canon, that there is a collection of books that we as a society should have some knowledge of. god knows i have not read them all, and i've certainly not liked some of them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have this canon to start from.

what i have a problem with is the people who never stray from the canon. who never wander to see where their taste will take them. who let newspapers and literary award committees tell them what they should be reading instead of thinking for themselves.

this is all brought to you by the Pulitzer winner for fiction: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which i talked about here. i think the win isn't that surprising, it's exactly the kind of book to get this kind of prize. well written, heartbreaking, and can't we all feel really good about ourselves for reading something ethnic before going to pick up the kids at soccer. none of which is to say anything about the quality of book only the people who are filled with self righteous indignation that i'm out of the book. when i had it up as my staff pick for the entire month of december.

in other, non-ranty, news, i gave simon a bath this afternoon and he smells so sweet. or at least like cat shampoo, which i find very soothing.
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taken from [livejournal.com profile] sky_dark

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

i was very resistant to my love of west wing for about a season of the show. that i love the way aaron sorkin writes is no secret, but west wing was no sports night. it was preachy and issue driven instead of character driven. and then there was toby. who was a writer. who needed pie to write. who was grumpy and argumentative and made of such awesome i couldn't stand it. he's still my favorite character, he's still the one i want to watch the most and when i'm in a *sigh* kind of mood? it's toby i think of.

buddy cops, yo. buddy cops. i think it's possible if i could have no other genre on television, it might be buddy cops. and rayK and fraser? they are a duet. they work together so well and i love them so much, that icon makes me smile every single time i see it.

yeah. i can't help it. i've got canon, non anime/manga boykissing on a show that isn't on showtime. that it's in the who-verse is what makes it fantastic. that it's ianto, who is about the prettiest thing on tv right now, puts me right over the edge. canon boykissing.

this icon, for me, pretty much encapsulates every thing there is to roy. this is him. this is who he wants to be, this is how he acts and it's certainly when i love him best. he looks so happy and magnanimous in this icon i can't help but love him.

what can i say about simon? he's my boy. he's pretty and sweet and also a total bastard. he's co-dependent and whiny and the best cat i've ever, ever had. it's a lame icon, but he doesn't stay still for pics, so i do what i can because he's my boy.
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simon is a pretty funny cat most days--it's a small apartment and he spends a lot of time with me--but there is one thing he does, one thing that above all others makes me love him so hard i want to squeeze him till he pops.

over the years i've bought many, many cat toys, some of them more successful than others, but he's generally liked all of them. i'm better at picking out the kind he's really going to enjoy now and if that's not a sign of being the crazy cat lady i don't know what is.

anyway, one of the things i bought for him, maybe four years ago, was a little ball of fur. it makes no sound, it's not attached to any string--though now i think about it, it may have been at one point. it lays there, doing nothing.

but he loves it. seriously, hardcore loves it. i call it his baby because he will carry it all over the apartment in his mouth and lick it like a baby. then, of course, he tries to kill it, so i'm not really in love with his parenting skills, but that's beside the point. the bady gets lost, a lot. it ends up shoved under dressers, desks, bookcases and we'll go for months without seeing it.

the baby was found again last night, looking particularly worse for the wear, but he's so cute with it that i just can't throw it away. at least not until i get a replacement. so i'll spend the day playing fetch with his gross little ball of fur and watching him have a great time and it's not a bad deal for something that was probably a dollar.
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so, once a year, when we've had a good bit of snow, i like to hold the annual 'aren't you glad you're not a feral cat' night. simon is an indoor cat. and every day when i try to leave, he plays the 'kittens should live in the vestibule' game because he thinks that the world outside is a bright and shiny place.

once a year, i like to remind him how much his life would suck if he was a feral cat and had to live outside. and i take pictures, cause it's funny like whoa.

snowy simon pics ahoy )

there are many more pics, but these were the ones that came out the best.
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but i think i'll suck it up because he's so damn cute right now i want to die.

the last couple days and by couple i mean almost a week have been very strange. i don't think i'm suited to working nights instead of days. i wouldn't' call myself a morning person, exactly, but i'm not exactly a night owl either. i'm more of a middle of the day kind of girl.

i bought plane tickets for home, finally, which is good, considering i'm leaving in, um, yeah, three days. nothing like putting things off. it means i have to have an aisle seat on the way down, but i got a window on the way back. i guess i can deal with an aisle, it's better than the middle. people always try to talk to you if you get stuck in the middle. i'll only be home for about three an a half days, it hardly seems worth the effort, but it means a lot to my mom and my dad, so here i go being a good daughter, since most of the time i kind of suck ass at my familial obligations.

other things are happening, but nothing very interesting, so i'll spare you the details :)
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i'm trying desperately--and by desperately, i mean going back and refreshing the page every time it tells me there are too many people who already have what i want--to get david gray tickets. he's going to be in ny in december and i want to see him so badly i can taste it. there are only four cities listed on this tour and he's so good live. it's just the pre-sale with orchestra seats, so if i miss this, it's not the end of the world, but i wants them.

in other news, the cat tent i bought simon on a whim? he totally loves it. i'm so pleased because sometimes i get him these things and he's just like, what the fuck ever, lady, where's my food? but he's having a good time with it, and it's pretty damn cute.

i think i had other stuff, but i'm so focused on tickets, i can't think of anything else. maybe i'll post again later with something more interesting.

EDIT 11:30 total suck because the pre-sale is sold out. now i have to wait for the general sale this friday. *pouts*
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well, here it is, the last day of july. overall, it was better than june, but i'm looking for improvement in august.

i posted every day this month, with the exception of the blackout day, which still kind of bums me out. i'm not sure how i feel about it, in some respects it was good for me to get some thoughts out on paper, as it were. at other times, i really felt like i was reaching for anything to say. and in a testament to my laziness, i still have pics of my knitting i wanted to post and never did. there is now a hat that's been completed, yay!

things i've learned: i think about work too much, harry potter ate my brain, despite the fact that i don't spend that much time watching television, it takes up an inordinate amount of my posting time, i should be reading more, july was a great month for movies but from the previews i got, this fall will not be, WILL STANTON IS NOT AN AMERICAN, ahem. oh, and botporn is still an awesome if disturbing word.

so, instead of sitting here, talking about the things i did, or didn't do, i'm going to finish my mountain of wash, get the rest of my room in order, give simon a bath(shhh, don't tell), go to the knitting shop and find out what i need to make a small afghan and buy hot fuzz, cause it's out today and buddy cops = love. oh, yeah and write about thirty pages because the birthday the story should be done for? yeah it's in two days. way to procrastinate, asshole.

and that will have been july.


Mar. 29th, 2007 10:14 pm
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i challenge anyone who thinks i am mean or crazy for giving simon semi regular baths to come here, smell him and his non-smelliness, pet his soft, soft fur and look at the practically second-cat-sized amount of fur i washed off of him today that he will now not be throwing up all over my apartment and tell me that again.

the best part is that he is too codependent to even be angry about it. it's clear he's not happy in the water, but there is no scratching, no biting, no hissing or growling, no pathetic mewling. just a general sort of resignation about the whole affair and a profound desire to escape. 10 minutes after we're done he's back in my lap, purring.
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i just got back from the vet, something was wrong with simon. i noticed tues. night that he was missing fur on his front leg, back legs and belly. i called the vet but the earliest they could see me was this morning. so i spent my weekend worried like a crazy person, i had a horrible dream where all his fur fell out and he was covered with these awful red sores and it hasn't been a good couple days.

and then there was the vet visit. normally, simon is a cool and sweet as can be at the vet, he's nicer there than he is at home. and i walked into the exam room and he flipped out. i mean, totally fucking crazy. i've never in the three years that i've had him, seen him that pissed. he growled, which i've never heard him do, he hissed, which he almost never does and fought the vet like i could not believe. it was like there was another cat that looked like simon in his place.

he bit me

absolute, complete fury

i've never seen him that way.

the good news is that it's just ear mites, they spread and that's why the bald patches. two doses, one today and one a month from now and he should be better than new. and he seems fine now, he's laying on my bed doing a little grooming. oh, and the people at the vet's office are really nice to you when you burst into tears. good to know they're not just nice to animals.

so, officially, worst day ever, even though he's fine, it was the most horrible thing i've ever seen in person, and i couldn't make it better for him. he's fine, he'll be fine but, ugh, i just ugh.
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my simon-boy holds a deep and unholy love of lunch meat, specifically turkey. chicken will do if that's all there is to be had, but it's turkey that he really loves. and not the real kind, cooked in an oven. no, it needs to be uber-processed, cold and fresh out of the package. with his freakishly good nose, he knows immediately when i come back from wawa that there is a turkey sandwich lurking in the plastic bag along with a nantucket nectars half and half and a lemon pie. he cries and trips over my feet every step through the apartment, jumps on my lap and sniff at everything in hopes of one single, glorious bite.

unfortunately, i like pepper on my sandwiches, which oddly enough is not so impressive to kitten like sensibilities. i try to give him a little piece, but the pepper scares him and he spends the whole time i eat looking vaguely hopeful and ultimately betrayed. and the total sucker that i am, well i just feel guilty.

in other news i have two new books to report on here )


Oct. 30th, 2005 12:42 pm
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my simon-boy is sleeping, curled in a warm ball on my bed. it's warmer today than it has been and the clock says it's an hour earlier than it was this time yesterday. it's a bit of a lazy like day, and i'd like nothing better than to curl up with said cat and nap, but sadly, i have to work soon. but, it is nice knowing he can do it for me, since, well there really isn't all that much else he can do.
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yesterday, i'd logged on and was just about to post when i saw the date. i'd honestly forgotten it was the eleventh, i'm bad about dates that way. i'll remember the week or two prior but get me on the day and it's like it never mattered. so yesterday, just couldn't bring myself to post about books and movies and the other random things flitting through my mind when it seemed to be a day for silence.

this morning i went for a long walk, which was exceedingly nice. it's cool here and there's a nice breeze blowing and i've been spending so much time sitting in my apt. reading and writing and sitting, i just needed to get out. i was feeling restless and as i was trying to sleep last night all i could think about was how i wanted to get up in the morning and walk.

i was thinking about simon on my walk and this is what i came up with )

i have book reviews and movies i've seen to talk about, but i don't feel much like doing it now, maybe later today


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