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i'm trying desperately--and by desperately, i mean going back and refreshing the page every time it tells me there are too many people who already have what i want--to get david gray tickets. he's going to be in ny in december and i want to see him so badly i can taste it. there are only four cities listed on this tour and he's so good live. it's just the pre-sale with orchestra seats, so if i miss this, it's not the end of the world, but i wants them.

in other news, the cat tent i bought simon on a whim? he totally loves it. i'm so pleased because sometimes i get him these things and he's just like, what the fuck ever, lady, where's my food? but he's having a good time with it, and it's pretty damn cute.

i think i had other stuff, but i'm so focused on tickets, i can't think of anything else. maybe i'll post again later with something more interesting.

EDIT 11:30 total suck because the pre-sale is sold out. now i have to wait for the general sale this friday. *pouts*
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It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated, but I haven’t fallen off the edge of the universe, I haven’t lost my internet connection, I haven’t grown bored, I’ve just been well, I don’t know, living I guess.

Part of the problem is the game I bought just before I ended my vacation. It’s like a giant black hole of my attention, it sucks everything out of me that isn’t sleeping or working. I swear, it’s evil and beautiful. The good news is that I’m nearly done, which is good, in that I can soon go back no to not being a total compulsive freak about it, but sad because it’s probably one of the best games I’ve played in years.

I’ve been cat sitting for the rielly-boy this week, which is always nice. He’s so much sweeter than simon, but I wouldn’t want to trade him for anything. I mean, I know he can be a bit of a bastard at times, but he’s my bastard and the times he’s sweet are made that much better because just twenty minutes ago he was biting the hell out of me.

I went and saw corpse bride, which was good, not as good as nightmare before Christmas, but still good. I love stop animation with an unholy passion, I think it’s such a wonderful medium, the time and patience that go into it, it really is astounding. A few too many musical numbers for my taste, but still good.

And then there was serenity. )

In other less depressing news due south is now available on dvd, the whole damn series and I’m awash in RayK eps and original!ray eps and it’s a glorious thing. I can’t wait until we get them back into the store so I can pick them up for my mom and send them to her. The hilarious thing about it, is that the production company that produced the dvd’s was so cheep they couldn’t be assed to change the covers or the descriptions on the back of the third season, so that even though it has original!ray on the cover and his name on the credits, it’s the season with RayK. There are eps I haven’t seen in years, and it always makes me smile.

Also, in between working and cat sitting and being sick and playing endless hours of tales of symphonia, I’ve read a couple booksbooks. )

All right, I think that’s about long enough for one post today, I’m sure if I have other things I’ll dribble them out in less lengthy bits.
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i'm actually pretty excited about the thought of having the next 16 days off. just not being at work is going to be a relief, though i'm sort of dreading what it's going to look like and be like once i get back. i don't know who is going to be taking over the things i normally do, but with amanda's last day being friday, i think it's going to look mostly horrible. but that's to be worried about two weeks from now.

the exciting and important thing i want to talk about is House. i bought the first season and i thought i loved the show before. oh, how wrong i was. i missed more eps than i thought, and we've slowly been catching up, but here's the thing. the show bookends. i love, love, love it when a show, a book, any kind of written medium bookends. the first ep references the Stones, you can't always get what you what, and the song plays at the end of the ep, and the last ep of the show ends with it as well. i'm all aflutter. it's important and a particular love of mine because it shows that someone, somewhere along the way was thinking about the show. someone was thinking about the long term, about the scope and not just writing individual eps that had nothing to do with any other eps. i love it because it shows that someone who knows what writing a cohesive body of work is all about. i love it because it's good writing, and that it's writing at all, when more and more we've come to expect less and less from television programming. reality tv? gag me. pay some fucking writers to make a good show.

and this whole time, i've been wondering where i know the name david shore from, he's the exec. producer and the writer of some of the eps. so with the wonders of modern internet, i looked it up, and omg. he worked on due south, he wrote victoria's secret. i love it when my little obsessions overlap.

also, i'm all stocked up on books, things i've been meaning to read, things that have caught my attention, a last minute grab at something i could check out from work before i left, and things sarah has been bringing home for me. so i expect it to be a read-y kind of vacation, and as usual i'll be updating on the progress of what i finish as i get there.

i also expect to be doing a good bit of writing and editing this next two weeks and i'll be sharing what i can as it becomes available.
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last night i saw an advance screening of the new firefly movie. it was at ten, we left around six and started waiting in line about seven. it was like star wars all over again, but more fun. we played uno, listening to the superfans sing the theme song. they handed out free key chains and mini posters.

there was a short message at the beginning of the movie from joss being as eloquent and passionate as he is about his projects. and then the movie started.

and because if you're like me, and you'll want some warning for what's going to come with this movie, read on, even though there is

massive spoilage behind the cut )
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ep III spoilers again )
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umm, sleep?

so we had inventory last night, which went so much better than i thought it would. i mean, last year, i stayed until like 4 or 5 and there was still no end in sight. this year, we had the pull sheets by 3 and the counters out of the store. considering i thought the whole thing was going to crash and burn in a fiery ball of doom, not so bad.

my fav part of the night was near the end. to do the pull--over 8000 items--we need lots of boxes. so we brought them up and gave the boys tape guns and boxes. there is nothing funnier than a group of about 5 early twenties boys playing with tape guns. every single one of them taped their hand to the box at least once. pat stood there holding his, looking lost saying 'mine won't work', because the tape had backed out of the dispenser part.

it was also around 1:30 at that point, so lots of things were funnier than they should have been.

so that was good, and i don't have to be in until 5, unfortunately, tomorrow is new releases and none of our shit is done because we spent all of our time this week prepping for inventory. i'll probably go in an hour early just to get things ready.

writing group is tomorrow, i have no idea what i'm bringing with me. it's usually better to have something that isn't so long, but i don't have anything like that at the moment, i suppose i could write something today, but i don't know who i'd write about or in what situation. not that anyone really cares, writing group often is a name we give to us getting together once a month and chatting for a couple hours.

star wars geek out moment )


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