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Feb. 20th, 2010 11:40 pm
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i really, really am. and it's so superficial of me, but i cannot get over the enormously long Mask-like face of the new doctor. i'm hoping that a whole season of him running around and being generally awesome will make that go away. but dude, his forehead is epic.

but, we have a confirmed date of easter for the premiere of the new season. yay, easter!

in other news, we're working our way through the first season of the Big Bang Theory and it's funnier than i expected. and much better than the first half of the pilot episode made me think it was going to be. yay nerds!

i am currently full of yummy sushi and rice crispy treats--not as strange a combination as it seems in print--and waiting patiently for the fma dub on adult swim. hearing their voices again is akin to having old friends in the room. it's so strange. the first time i heard Hughes' voice i literally teared up because it was HUGHES. i know what's coming, in theory, i've watched the series and read the manga tons of times, but i can't wait to do it all over again.
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while i was shifting books in art tonight, i found not one, but two books by Christopher Chant and laughed like a loon to myself for a good ten minutes because i am a book nerd.
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i'm so excited by sixty seconds of new torchwood, it's a little sad. ianto wearing sneakers! and maybe jeans? it's hard to say. fake tan jack is fake tanned! explosions! bad plots! pretty boys making out! it's everything i've come to expect from torchwood and more!

also, in other news! shirts trashing twilight are complete and total win!!!!! thank you [livejournal.com profile] halfacork i can't wait to wear it.

finally, having seen both Inkheart (shrugs-it wasn't awful) and Taken(shrugs-it wasn't awful) i cannot wait for harry potter. and watchmen. and gi joe, which looks surprisingly, yeah, okay, i want to see it because of christopher eccleston. don't judge me.
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check out my mad internet skillz, or, really, just my ability to follow directions. even though most of the work had been done for me and everything else had been written out in exacting detail, i'm still pretty pleased with myself for making it work.

*is pleased*

heh, look what pleased gets me
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but it's that day, the best day all year!

may the 4th be with you.

because i am lame and it cracks me up like no other.
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but i love writing reviews.

i have the next two days off, for real this time unlike the last three weeks during which i've been working hours like it's christmas. i do have to write ten reviews on some of my staff because they are due they day i'm back, however, but at least i can do it on my computer in my room in my pjs if i so choose.

i don't really mind having to spend my time off working on them though, because there is something very satisfying about condensing your thoughts on an individual's performance into about ten lines. it's a powerful type of writing that takes a lot of thought and revision, but it's so worth it. so, i've got my list of people, my competency guidelines and my favorite: my effective performance appraisal phrasebook.
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i'm doing my best not to feel too bad about not posting in days and days. it's retail and even though i've been doing it for years now, every year i'm still a little surprised at how little i get done in the month of december. i did three loads of laundry on thursday and there is still a frightening pile on my floor, if this give you any indication of where i am. my cell phone is lost, i was missing my watch for about a week, my family's gifts will be very late(but it's cool because that's pretty much par for the course) and um, yeah i keep forgetting things. but it's all good because we are days away now and except for the total shit day that was last tuesday, this has been a very smooth season.

the fma tree is up and lit and so very amusing and here are pictures because technology is win:

you can see the basic layout is much the same as last year, as it is the same tree and ornaments, but we added a few and this time there are colored bells strung up as well. oh, the amusement.
i'm such a nerd )

we also made anime cookies, and as soon as i get those pictures, i'll post them as well. they're ugly, but funny and loads of fun to make!
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i think i may have mentioned shopping through my mom's cd's while i was home. ride forever just came up on my itunes and i'm almost crying with amusement. oh, paul gross. you are not a cowboy, but love you anyway.
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this is why i love the internets: i found out that conqueror of shamballa is going back in theaters for a night and this time i won't be unable to get out of work to see it. it doesn't matter that i own the dvd and have seen it a couple of times already. it doesn't matter that it doesn't quite give me what i want from and fma movie when the series was so spectacular. it's fma on the big screen, with ihaveabody!al, grownup!ed, imsadanddemoted!roy and letspretendimnotanazi!hughes.

next thursday, 7:30

too bad i have to go to neshamity to see it.

on music

Sep. 6th, 2007 06:29 pm
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mmm, did i mention i now have the due south soundtracks again? i copied them from my mom, because i came by my nerdiness genetically and the songs are now amusing me through my party shuffle.
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saw shrek the third tonight. best parts? the gaggle of princesses, camelot as a high school--very very appropriate. and the best bit, on the walls of the camelot gym? yeah, that'd be the bayeux tapestry. such a small detail and yet, such big nerd points from me.

also, there was the preview for transformers. it's a little ridiculous how excited i am for that movie. but, they're robots in disguise. what more do you want?

also, this is my first proper weekend in ages, saturday and sunday off. i don't quite know what to do with myself other than sleep. lots. and maybe play the wii. and by maybe i mean absolutely.
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in my continued absence of the wii, i've resorted to dragging out the old super nintendo, battling my way through chrono trigger. man, that was a good game, and for what it was working with, not bad looking. as always with the fantasy rpg, i get tired of the fighting pretty quickly, only the bosses are of any interest because there is an actual threat i might die. but damn can you collect a ton of money fighting monsters. too bad that's not a job option in the real world, cause i can tell you if it was, i wouldn't be selling books for a living.


Feb. 19th, 2007 11:40 am
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there is something fantastically disturbing about the awesomeness of the cadbury egg. the fact that it's only available here once a year is a crime. american marketing is so weird.

in other nerd news, my house/wilson sims are coming along swimingly. i think i'm going to have to kill a sim so house can finally see a ghost and stop bitching about wanting to see one. the problem is that i've killed a sim before and it was kind of traumatic. of course, it was trisha elric, it was slow, ed and al just kept crying and i felt guilty for days.
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cause how i really need to spend my day is reading house fic.

pages and pages of it. the h/c abounds. the writing is bad, the plots are worse. wilson being abused by his wife? wtf? seriously, wtf? it's not good, some of it makes me actually cringe and yet..

it's like crack, i can't stop.

thank god i go back to work tomorrow.
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i just read an article about the possibility of setting up a hotline in the uk to help distressed readers of hp7 when they find out who dies.

we are very, very strange
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i love fandom.

every fandom i've ever been in, the big all encompassing ones--star wars--the ones that ate my brain--fma--even the ones i've never even seen the show for ahem, professionals, ahem, i have a deep and abiding affection for. i love fandom the way i love my family. there are the kind ones, the funny ones, the dark ones, the ones that everyone else in the family talks about behind our hands, i'm looking at you harry potter. we have a great time when we're together, we laugh we make merry and at the end of the day, i hop on a plane and go off to live over a thousand miles away from them.

i have the same sense of disconnect with fandom that i have with my family. they aren't immediately in front of me, so i can let things go a little easier. I don't pour everything of myself into fandom and so when the stupid shit hits the fan, i get riled up and then chill out about a hour later. a lot of the internet isn't real for me. i mean, i know there are real people on the other end of this thing, but it's too easy to lie here. to be something that you're not. i could say absolutely anything and there would be no one to say i was anything but truthful. (i don't by the way) it's a strange place and a strange culture and i still love it desperately. if there were more, better books written about it, i would read them. i think fandom and fanfiction has such interesting social and cultural implications and it's certainly a different place than it was just ten years ago and a whole world different from where it was ten years before that.

i think the thing about writing, both the act of writing and of reading is that it creates a connection. the author has to have the ability to convey something effectively to get it across to the reader. and as readers, we create a false sense of knowing the author just through his or her work. there are authors i follow, authors i've met at signings that i feel unnecessarily like i have an insight into them because i've read their words on a page. i think if i ever met michael chabon i'd probably be unable to speak or end up like that kid from A Christmas Story-- you know the one, the 'i like the wizard of oz' kid.

anyway, it's late, i just got home and have been thinking a lot about fandom today for a couple reasons, the main one being that there is a book that is going to be published in april called city of bones that was written by a person who wrote really heavily in the hp fandom. she wrote harry/draco--which is not my thing so i haven't read anything of hers--and there is already a thread on amazon reviews about her plagiarizing as a younger fanfic writer and reusing her own sentences and paragraphs from her hp work. i don't know what to think about it, i have an advanced reader and read the first couple pages a week or so ago and felt like it read like fanfiction. not bad, but not exactly high quality. i think mostly i feel kind of bad for her, mostly because she brought it on herself, because if there is one thing fandom has taught me it's this: don't use your real name, stupid. at least not your first and last name and then publish under that same name.

i love fandom, but we're a crazy bunch and we have a tendency to eat our own.
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Every year. Every year, I get excited about the Newbery and Caldicot awards because I think something actually good might win. And every year, I’m like Charlie brown over here and the book committees are like lucy with the football. Every year they’re all ‘we’ll pick something good, we promise” and I get excited and come running full tilt and then… yeah, I end up flat on my back.

Every year.

Where was Green Glass Sea? Where? That book was amazing. It was historical fiction that didn’t bore me to death. It told a story of a girl and the time she was in wasn’t intrusive. I’ll admit it wasn’t a perfect book, but it was something very special and I’m sad that it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

It was not the most amazing year for American ya and mg fiction. But there were some good pieces out there, some brave and innovative stories. I’ll be honest and tell you I haven’t read the newbery winners or honors, which is odd, though I’ll be happy to dish about them when I’m done.

Surprisingly, the caldicots weren’t so horrible this year as they have been for the past couple. Flotsom isn’t a bad book. It’s cute and interesting and very pretty. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it, unlike say, My Friend Rabbit. But don’t you think John, Paul, George and Ben was a better book? I do.

In even better news, Moses was an honor book and picked up the Coretta Scott King award. Have I told you of my unholy love of Kadir Nelson? His art is so amazing, every picture I just want to reach out and touch and I was so happy to hear he had a new book this year and I’m terribly pleased it’s been recognized.

And finally the Printz awards. The winner I’m not familiar with, but it’s a graphic novel, which I actually think is an interesting choice. I’m pretty pleased that the graphic novel as a medium is getting more recognition as a valid story telling vehicle. God knows I can’t imagine the work that would go into not only writing a book, but illustrating the whole damn thing. I think that the plot bits are hard enough as it is without having to think in pictures.

But, the real winner in this is Octavian Nothing. I love MT Anderson. I remember I read Feed, I don’t know, five years ago and thought that while it was an interesting idea, the execution of the book was a little off. The final joke was on me, though, because I still think about that book to this day, it haunts me as a grim vision of the future. So, over the years, I’ve read his other books, watching him grow as a writer, watching him get better with every book. I loved the hell out of Whales on Stilts and wished it had won the newbery. But if I can’t have an award for that, Octavian Nothing getting both an honor for the Printz and the national book award for ya is pretty damn good.

As a final parting note, however, I would like to register my complete and utter loathing for An Abundance of Katherines. even though I stopped reading Looking for Alaska half way through, I wanted to give this one a try because I like the idea of the child prodigy, of what you do when you grow up and you’re normal. The problem is that while that was enough to get me to read the book, I hated everyone in it, the plot and pretty much the very act of holding it in my hands. I’ve always thought it was better to get some extreme reaction from a reader, either positive or negative than have nothing at all. So here you go, I fucking hated that book.

on a totally different note, it's been awhile just came up on my itunes and it makes me smile because while i think i will probably always associate it with wes from angel, it now also makes me think of ed.
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sometimes, when i'm driving through the ridiculously picturesque and straight from a movie set looking suburbia on my way home, all i can think when i look at the different houses is how cool it would be for my sims to live in a house like that.

and then i think i need to get out more.

had to go in this afternoon for an interview. i like doing interviews, i do. i get to have all the power in the situation, i get to do a little talking and mostly listen to the other person sum up his or her life and self in fifteen to twenty minutes. what i do not enjoy, however, is listening to people shoot themselves in the foot in the interview process. i'm all about honesty, it's good and helpful, but for the love of god, don't tell me you're unreliable, you are lazy unless someone is on top of you every second of the day. i mean, sure, it makes my decision easier, but come on!

in nerdish anime/manga news, this ) is the best fma page to date. i love the internet. i love fans who will translate manga and post it to the aforementioned internet.
overall it was a great chapter, and the shit that's coming, that we're so close to now, it sends chills down my spine and i love Hiromu Arakawa's work more and more with each new chapter.

also, newest ep of bleach? if i can't have Kyoraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jyuushirou on a regular basis and who are such love, we finally get to ishida's dad and the bit with ichigo's dad which is made of awesome. i'm so excited, even if i have to wait for weekly updates now that i'm all caught up.


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