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that is the number of words of the first draft of the story i started for nano, took a six month break from and then finished this month.

it's rough in places, decent in others and the last chapter totally blows. i have re-writes and massive revisions ahead of me. i need to expand some sections, cut out others entirely. I need to give all of my characters LAST NAMES because that sort of thing is apparetnnly important in modern fiction. I need to pick a city they live in becuase i don't think i can get away with them living in an unnamed one.

At this point, i still have a ton to do, but today, this day, July 22, 2009, i am done with my first draft and from here? it feels pretty fucking good.
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when the hell did you get here?

now that it's a new month i'm taking a day. i'm taking a day from my nano project as it is no longer december and i just need a day. the final november word count ended at 50687 because there may have been a little wine with my dinner which made me unexpectedly sleepy. still, a pretty good showing by all accounts.

i didn't get to talk about thanksgiving which was both good and heartbreaking by turns. the last couple of years i've gone home for the holiday, but decided that this year it was just too hard. i work in retail. this means i am obliged to work black friday and the turn around time for getting back here was brutal.

i ended up spending the evening with some friends as i'm still not on great terms with the friend i've been doing holiday stuff with for the last couple years. but it was still good. the heartbreak was when my parents called. my dad was good as always, we chatted, he mocked me for being cold while they were outside grilling oyters. my mom, on the other hand, sounded like she was going to cry and i suddenly wanted nothing more than to be HOME.

i very, very briefly entertained flying home for christmas, but it would be about 500 dollars for two days because i'm contracted to work both christmas eve and the day after christmas. it was a nice thought, but not really feasible.

so, i'm taking a break today, but i'm back at it tomorrow with the hope to be finished by mid-december. we've noted before how insane it is for me to attempt these things in december while working retail, but i'm going to give it a go. goals are good.


Nov. 29th, 2008 11:37 pm
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Because as of right now, this very moment, i passed 50000 words. current nano total is 50,019 and i have to say that i'm feeling pretty fucking pleased with myself.

these last couple days have been the hardest. i've been generally tired and the words have been coming a little harder and there have been more moments where i wondered if what i was writing was any good at all. part of it is that i don't think i've done this much writing, this consistently in, well, ever. even in my peaks i wasn't writing 1500 words or more a day. it's good work and rewarding work, but it's hard work. i think because there are parts of what i'm working on now that are more honest than anything i've ever written. i'm in new territory here, writing a lot of things that i've never tried before. it's good, but hard.

i was worried there for a while, earlier this week that i wasn't going to make the goal. those last eight thousand words seemed almost insurmountable which is insane when considered against a balance of 50,000 but there you are. i almost stopped tonight, considering i still technically have one day to meet the goal, but i was so close and i was actually in a place where i knew what i wanted, it seemed like the thing to keep going.

so, word count complete, but story is still unfinished. i'd say, optimistically, i'm about 2/3 done. another 20 to 25 thousand words should wrap up this first draft, then i need to go do some more world building, give everyone one last names and do a ton of research on all this stuff that i've been faking along the way.

but tonight, right now? 50019, baby. that's a pretty fucking good number from where i'm sitting.
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yesterday, i broke 25,000 words on my nano project. in terms of the nano guidelines, it means i'm half way there. in terms of where i think i'm going to end up, i'd say it's closer to a third. maybe a little more. i'm still struggling with my setting, everyone is living in an unnamed major city that, in my head at least, feels like a cross between DC and somewhere in the mid-west. or, what i imagine is the mid-west having never been there. picking a city i'm familiar with means a little bit of research. picking a city i'm unfamiliar with means a lot of research. i'm more of a 'make it up' kind of girl. it's possible it will remain a made up city somewhat along the lines of gotham city.

i was wandering a store this week and came across the candle section. now, i'm never one to pass up the opportunity to sniff some candles, even though the flavors sounded kind of eh. but i found one, called currant, and as soon as i smelled it i was six years old and it was christmas. i don't tend to associate many smells with christmas, with florida not being the wood burning, snow falling, wintery sort of place. but it was so strange, but so strong i need to call my mom and find out what's up with this smell, what we had that used it, because for the life of me, i can't pin it down. i bought the candles and have been sniffing them randomly for days and all i can think is being little and christmas.

nano wordcount: 25,445
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and then i remember that i'm supposed to finish my words for nano before i play on the internets so i've been reading and writing here less than i'd necessarily like. but, you know, i'm trying with the work ethic. the project is going well. well, at least, i'm writing a lot. i can't really speak to the quality or interest level, but it's getting done and it's more than i've written in months which was the idea. i'm feeling pretty good, even if my characters still don't have last names. or, you know an actual city or state that they're living in. i can probably get around giving them a real city, it being speculative modern fiction, but i'm pretty sure i can't get away without naming a state.

long week was long. we had a visit from two of the upper, upper echelon people in my company and only had three day's notice. oh yeah, and it was the beginning of the holiday merch change so basically every single thing in my store had to change. it was a lot of long days, an entire day off working, but it was a great visit and we had the best looking store that they saw. which, you know, makes me all glowy because i busted my ass to make sure it was letter perfect.

i bought picture books for the as yet unnamed nephew. i'm secretly pleased he's going to be a boy if for no other reason than picking out books is going to be sooooo much easier. i mean, i could have faked my way through a girl, but she would have ended up with a lot of the same stuff and hte explanation that hey, no really, just because it's about prince doesn't mean it's not for girls. which is true, but hard to convince.

also? criminal minds, much. if it works out the way it seems it's going, that's going to explain so very much about reid. i can't wait for next week.

current nano wordcount: 16,234
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i think part of it was that the phillies won the world series so most everyone here is all, you know, insane over that. i honestly don't know that i'll ever understand, but i can be happy for the people who are happy. the other part is that because of the above, there was a massive parade in the city and lost of places were closed and we had a total shit day at the store because we were insanely busy. by the end of the day i was the crankiest crank that ever cranked and all i wanted to do was come home and be cranky by myself.

it's the first day of nano and i spent a good part of my day itching to get home and get started which is kind of an awesome feeling and one that i haven't had in ages. i actually want to write something, i want to be working on something and i'm excited about the prospect. i wropte about six pages tonight, which is a good start, but considering of those six pages, i think i got one, count it just one, really, really good line...well, actually, i'm not doing too bad.

here's the funny thing about writing modern-ish fiction after coming from a background of mostly fantasy. i was three pages in before i remember i have to give all of my characters last names.

it was hard enough trolling through the baby name book looking for normal-ish names. not everyone can be named shit like, Bain and Darius and i don't know, something silly with and x and z in it.

but overall? it's a good start. i hope it continues in this vein otherwise i will be looking back on this post at the end of the month and laughing at my naivety.

nano wordcount: 2153
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it's been a while since i've trained anyone in our cafe and i'd forgotten how exhausting it is. after a while, the sound of my voice irritates even me and i can't imagine what it's like to listen to me natter on about espresso beans, sanitizer, foam consistency and timers for hours on end.

also, the sanitizer and my skin don't really get along, no matter how much lotion i put on. it's not fun.

on an up note, i did change the layout and name of my journal. i'm not sold on it entirely, there may be something i find later that i like better, but this will do for now. what i should do is learn how to customize my own layout, though i have a feeling it would be something like the mood theme. far more irritation and work than i expected and once it's done, i'd never want to do it again.

nano prep is going well. world building and outlining has always been a lot of fun to me so this is good stuff and it's an easy way to ease myself back into working. now i just need to pick a story and stick with it, because it's insane enough to think i'm going to try this going into the busiest season in retail. it'd be completely off the hook to try and do two things at the same time.


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