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i was thinking of waiting until the first of june to start the whole, 'i'm going to post every day for a month thing' like i did last year during, um, july? i think? but then, it occurred to me, why the hell would i want to put off something i want to do now just to satisfy some ridiculous, but ultimately satisfying sense of symmetry.

i mean, i have the journal, i pay for it, i should be using it, no matter how boring or ridiculous my life is, right? that's how i'm feeling, today, at any rate.

i spent the last three days at work doing intense work like things. basically, we re-set the entire front of store so that it looks like we want people to come in and shop. that we want them to be able to move easily through our store and be able to find things in a simple and easy manner.

it fucking rocks. it involved moving several pieces of extremely fucking heavy furniture--i'm still a little sore--and touching literally every single book in the front of store to put them all in different places, but it was so worth it. it looks amazing and i'm so proud, it's a little pathetic, but damn my store looks good.

i do not, however, want to do that again for a very long time.

also on a work note, did i mention i almost made my douche bag of a co-worker cry for NO APPARENT REASON? other than that he is, apparently, a fifteen year old girl? i mean, here's the thing, if i'm going to make someone cry, it should be for a good reason, and i should, you know, want it to happen. i wasn't even being mean or overbearing or anything. i had a project i wanted to do and the information my gm had given me was that i could go ahead and do it. he thought there was some other kind of information floating about how i could not do it and was all irritated because he wasn't in on the meeting where she said to go ahead. and then there was the tight mouth and the almost tears.

i, of course, proceeded to tell EVERYONE. because i'm an asshole. who makes people cry, apparently.

in non-work news, i got the new jason mraz, of whom i am usually a fan and, um, yeah, not so much. it has two really good songs, two okay songs and the rest is really crying worthy. we're talking weird ass, i feel like i'm living in the seventies shitty jazz ear pain. no love.
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i had such an early, early day. 6 is not really an hour i should be seeing, pretty much ever. i'm really a middle of the day kind of girl.

things that happened today:

my company used the word 'fandom' in an official document to help us sell anime sidelines better.

i got called to the register for a customer complaint that another customer had butted in line. for real. like we're in kindergarten and i'm the school teacher. she didn't want anything from me, acknowledged that it had nothing to do with my staff or my store, but insisted on registering the complaint. the woman who butted then wanted to talk to me, explained that she hadn't because she's already been in line and had to step out to get something. they were both very nice, but it was still very, very odd.

i got an advance listener copy of six songs for rem's new album with all of this scary, tech speak on the case about how the songs are watermarked and they'll track me down if i try to post them on line or sell them. i just wanted to listen to the music. i'm not in love. this makes me sad.

in other news:

i saw Run, Fatboy, Run last night and it was made of total win. funny and interesting and the perfect length for a comedy. i love, love, love simon pegg, i could seriously watch him for hours and hours. the ending was not surprising, but it was still very good, i'm happy to part with both my time and money.

however, one of the previews was for the genghis kahn movie. here's my thing and maybe i'm being too harsh. but when you kill enough people to fill a river so you can cross it without having to build a bridge, i'm going to have a hard time building up any sense of sympathy for you. maybe i'm not open minded enough, but there you go.
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i go through phases when i feel like all the music i own doesn't speak to me anymore, when the songs i love don't do a damn thing and every new thing i hear isn't worth the four minutes of my life it takes to get to the end of a song. times when i feel like i'll never hear another good song again.

and then, i turn a corner, catch the end of a song on the radio, hear a snippet of something at the end of television show or get tackled by a friend who says 'you must listen to this'

'this' this time is a group called Ellery and i got the chance to listen to the album Lying Awake on the drive to and from work this afternoon. The car is really the best place i have to absorb music because there is nothing else for me to concentrate on other than driving so i can listen to the words, think about the meaning and get lost in the music the way i can't when i'm at my computer or reading or doing whatever else it is while music is on. drive time is the only time when music takes a front seat in my life.

the point of this is, they are fantastic. not every song is found gold, but there are enough to make it worth the purchase price. even if you only get the chance to read the lyrics, check them out because Song for Lovers is every fucked up relationship i've ever written. Some Lovely Story? it's made of such awesome i am speechless. there are so many good things on here that i feel like i want to listen forever.
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mimesere :)

Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 849
How many hours or days of music: 2.4 days
Most recently played: The Light—David Gray
Most played: Cry—James Blunt (I’m pretty sure I had this on repeat while I was writing something)
Most recently added: I Can’t Decide—Scissor Sisters

Sort by song title:
First Song: Acrobat—U2
Last Song: 6th Avenue Heartache—The Wallflowers (I don’t even remember adding this)

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Red Soup—America (The Last Unicorn Soundtrack) (0:33)
Longest Song: Say Hello Wave Goodbye—David Gray (9:03)

Sort by album:
First album: Achtung Baby—U2
Last album: 2000 Titan A.E. Soundtrack

First song that comes up on Shuffle: New Slang—The Shins

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 1
Life - 21
Love - 34
Hate - 2
You - 88
Sex - 0

music post

Oct. 19th, 2007 09:16 pm
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first news: david gray is mine. well, okay, tickets are mine. i got orchestra seats, i'm going in december to see him and i'm so excited i don't know what to do with myself. i have to say as much as i'm not in love with philly, it's awesomely close to ny and dc which means between those two cities, i'm pretty much guaranteed to see whoever i want. and you know, sometimes, people even come here. i don't know why, but they do. (we're a little mean, yo--philly totally has that middle child syndrome. stuck between two more interesting cities has left us with a peculiar outlook.)

also, i just started listening to the new missy higgins. i feel like i shouldn't be the type of person to like a musician named missy, and yet, there's some really good stuff on here.


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