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As I have nothing else I really want to talk about, here's another installment of what nyagosstar is reading….

Apparently, I am on this kick of reading post apocalyptic books. It’s weird because it seems to be all that I want. I have half a dozen books I thought I wanted to read, but then nothing really appeals to me right now other than reading about how everything is going to end and how we’re going to deal.

On a sort of related side note, we watched Dreamscape the other night as part of the epic movie watching epicness prompted by the unholy union of the xbox live account and Netflix. I saw it when I was little and only really remembered the bit where the guy turns into the creepy lizard man. Imagine my surprise when one of the major themes is the president’s nightmare that involve a massive nuclear holocaust. In watching all these old movies from my childhood, I am now discovering the root to many of my reoccurring adult nightmares. Seriously, check this out. Unless, of course, you had responsible, non-hippie type parents who paid attention to the rating on movies. In which case, I imagine your childhood dreams were filled with hugs and puppies.

Right, so books: )

On an unrelated note, I gave Simon a bath this morning which is always both hilarious and necessary. He is now mildly put out and smelling pretty.

Also, if you’re not watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you haven’t seen TV the way it was meant to be played.
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tonight is my store's inventory. the good news on that account is that i'm not due in until five. the bad news, you just never know how an inventory is going to go. if i'm still there when the morning crew gets in at five, that means it's been a bad night. i'm hoping for better things.

i got sort of(?) good news on the writing front yesterday, which means that those of you who read this journal for my fma fic will likely be in for a bit of a dry spell in the coming weeks. it wasn't exactly an acceptance letter, definitely not a rejection, more along the lines of 'i like this, and want to see more.' which means the bouncer at the bar in my mind just called closing time and started kicking out the characters who don't belong to me. everyone's being pretty good about it, because, well, fanfic is what i write for fun. it's like the sugar in my diet, the candy bar at the end of the day and as much of my own original fic as i write, i always have and probably always will write a little fanfic on the side. it just means there isn't a full service bar at the moment cause me and my oc's are going to the park, or possibly the beach because they don't like the bar atmosphere :)

oh, and i watched labyrinth for the first time in ages, high school i think was the last time, and dear god, ignoring the sometimes embarrassing special effects and david bowie's not so awesome songs and david bowie in tights--it's a children's movie for god's sake, put it away--there's something quite magical about it. jim henson was so fucking brilliant, he was such an amazing storyteller and every time i see one of his movies i think what an awful shame it is that he died so young and i wonder what ideas died with him. because brian henson? not the man his father was.


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