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i can now officially say that i've worked more overnights for my new store in the last five weeks than i have for the company as a whole over the last six years. it's weird, but not bad. i get lots of time to sort things out in the store with no customers, which is harder and harder to do the closer we get to holiday time.

the best benefit is that i get to watch heroes in real time, which i think is the first time that's happened, um, ever. i'll have to suffer through commercials, but i won't have to be a black hole of information until i've see the ep like i normally am. it looks like i'm going to get to see house in real time, too, which is total win. won't be seeing criminal minds, life or the premier of project runway though. don't laugh, pr is made of win and if you're not watching it you should be. it's creative and interesting and not like other kinds of reality shows that make me want to kill myself. seriously.

writing has been good the last couple days. i'm nearly done with one of the longer-ish 30 wounds prompts. it's been kicking around my head from almost the very beginning, but it's long and i knew it was going to be long and so i just kept putting it off. i'm swiftly running out of shorter stories, so i have to work on the longer projects now. it's not a bad thing, but more time consuming. i have to plot things and resolve things which i don't have to do so much when i just write 500-1000 words. because as much as i love reading long plotty action adventure type stories in fanfic, i prefer writing the short pieces were they sit around and bullshit with each other and drink coffee.

oh yeah, and i finished a book )
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really i have nothing other than my desire to use my deadliest catch icon. god i love that show. they could seriously show hours of nothing but dropping pots and coiling rope and i'd be a happy camper. i don't need danger and the deadliest insert something here yet.

not only am i working open to close tomorrow, but i'm also missing michael chabon. if you could see me, you'd see my totally five year old pouty face. if i lived in alaska, i'd have three separate chances to see him. clearly i need to take my stalking more seriously.
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because i'm about to talk about really lame things for a little bit.

let's talk veronica mars for a moment. it's been a seven week hiatus while we all waited with bated breath as to the outcome of the next pussycat doll. i for one, was on the edge of my seat. *eyeroll* you'd think in seven weeks, the first episode back when your show is on the proverbial chopping block by your network, you might have something really fantastic planned, with great plot, amazing acting and something to really make everyone stand up and say 'don't cancel this show, it is quality programing.'

you'd think.

instead, it was an hour of painful dialog, not top notch acting and pretty much no plot. logan and a facecake? are you fucking kidding me? veronica mars isn't about boyfriend troubles and awkward parties. it's about mystery and doing what's right and sticking with your friends and family even when it costs you. the boyfriend troubles are just the background.

i knitted last night with sarah, holly and melissa, cause apparently we are all, 'fuck writing group'. which i guess is fine, it's not like we were doing that much writing anymore anyway, but i do miss it. knitting is an acceptable substitute, i suppose. there is the creative element going on even though i think i'm knitting probably the ugliest scarf known to man, though. and i'll be sending to to my mom for mother's day along with gifts that don't suck, mostly because i think she might appreciate the novelty of getting a handmade gift for mother's day now that i'm 27 and haven't done that kind of thing since i was like, ten.

in addition to my cafe renovations eating my brain, they are also preventing me from seeing michael chabon in person to have my shit signed. he was in new york on tuesday and i had to work and he'll be in dc on the 23 right in the middle of my training. he's hitting a couple other cities around the country, but nothing any closer. is it wrong that i'm seriously considering checking out flights just to get a signature? because i really do love him.


May. 2nd, 2007 01:07 am
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i watched the first ep of the second season of dr. who with the new doctor. i don't hate him. but i do miss #9. i want my doctor back. i mean, this one is fine, and it's just the first episode, so i shouldn't expect too much and the really good supporting cast is still around, and that's cool, but i really, really liked nine. i understand it's the nature of dr. who. the doctor changes. i get that, but i miss him. it's ridiculous because, well, it's a show, right? but i'm nothing if not obsessive about ridiculous things.

i don't know how normal people have normal conversations because i'm either talking about tv, books or movies. or sometimes some nerd fact i've read in a magazine. or video games, they're a big topic in my store at the moment--like whether or not metroid is going to be a cool game despite the fact that it's going to be a first person shooter, which i hate. or how totally awesome the sims for the wii is going to be. or the new driving game for the xbox 360 that lets you hook up as many as 8 tvs so you can get the total surround experience while you're driving.

in other news, demolition and construction for our new cafe has begun. one of my supervisor's drew a little picture for me of how i'm feeling about the whole experience. it was a personification of the cafe, with the doors as a gaping maw, the windows as eyes and it was perched on the corner of my head where it is currently eating my brain. they had to take out more walls than they were expecting, the plumbing isn't as smooth as they were expecting, but the thing that caught me totally off guard, the thing i didn't even consider? the wiring. they keep blowing fuses, things stop working and the best part? we're not even sure our transistor can supply enough power to the building for all the new equipment they're going to be installing. all of these things are well outside my sphere of control, but i can't help worrying about them anyway.

the fact that our freight delivery keeps sending trucks without lift gates and we have to keep carrying the sometimes exceedingly heavy crap by hand into the store isn't helping either. all i have to say is that it had better well be fucking magnificent when it's finished.

in better news, Yiddish Policemen's Union came out today and i'm beside myself with excitement that i can actually give it to people now. it has the strangest cover, but it's definitely grown on me.
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that is pretty much the only impression i have left of Ali Liebegott's main character from her book, The IHOP Papers. i wanted something lighter, something less epic when i finished YPU so instead of jumping right back into tad, i opted for this book because it was short and it was next to my bed. i'm not sure at this point if i want the time i spent reading it back, if i'm going to regret those hours when i'm dying or if i just don't care. it's not that it's poorly written, because the writing is solid, but the main character, for the love of god. she's so dumb. and i guess that might be the point, but i have nothing for her. i have no sympathy, no interest, no anything. she's a cutter and an alcoholic, both serious issues that i don't think were handled seriously, they were trendy things to give to a young character to show how fucked up she is. frankly i'm just glad i'm done with the book so i can move on to something else.

in other book news, there is a special edition of YPU that's going to be released, and even though it's 150 dollars and i have no idea what makes it special, i kind of want it. because i'm a crazy person.

also, sarah must be fucking with me about the dice. she must be, because this morning they were on 4 and 4. i've reset them and am seriously thinking about dusting for prints.
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because even though it was not an amazing episode, inconsistent and kind of strange, i love that the writers are fucking with us. the house/wilson crew, that is. fucking with us on purpose i tell you.

wilson referencing the village people? the ducklings discussing house and wilson doing it? fucking with us and i love it. i love it when a show can have a sense of humor about itself instead of you know, getting all homophobic and introducing some stupid, pointless girl character to have your two most slashable characters fight over. i'm looking at you, fred.

i'm still reeling a little from YPU, it's nice to know that i'm now free to finish tad who was so summarily put on hold for my first literary love. but i kind of don't want to read anything just yet, i still want to bask in this glow of a well loved book. it happens so rarely. i finish about 70 percent of the books i start and like about 70 percent of those and the ones that knock me over, the ones that make me sit back and wish i could read them all over again for the first time come along so rarely. and the last couple for me have been kids books, it's nice to have an adult book for once.

i don't know how the hell i'm going to sell it, who the hell i'm going to give it to other than the snobbish literary assholes who come in with paper clippings from the new york times. the ones who like to spell author's names for me like i don't work surrounded by literature for forty hours a week. it makes me kind of sad that those are going to be the only people who are going to read this, because i want to share it with people i can have an actual conversation with, people who appreciate the written word for more than the social standing it gives them.

edit: except now i do have a house icon :)
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i just finished The Yiddish Policemen's Union and i'm overwhelmed again by how much i love michael chabon's writing. when he's on his game, when he's really working it, it's beyond lovely. i'm crying and i can't even really tell you why, it wasn't a sad ending necessarily, but his books fill me with such strong emotion that the only outlet i have, the only recourse i have is found in tears. it's a stunning book, worth the extra year and everything i could have hoped for.

there are buddy cops, family issues, religious issues, global issues, gay issues, secrets and conspiracies. everything he does well, everything i love reading about wrapped in a beautiful package of breathtaking writing.

i feel drained and full up, overwrought in the best kind of way.

the beginning is tough, he's got a hard job of world building in an alternate now. there's a lot of information to give and process, a lot of language to get used to and the first fifty pages feel as though they've been worked over and worked over and worked again. but then, fifty to sixty pages in, the book opens up, takes a deep breath and just glides. i don't know that chess as a metaphor worked as well as his others have worked, but the mystery of the story is so compelling, so layered that i can forgive that lapse in favor of this new turn in his writing.

he does such a masterful job of creating characters who aren't on the surface immediately likable. they aren't good people, or they're good people with deep, fundamental flaws. he takes a situation of hopelessness and regret and turns it around, gives you on a platter everything you need by the end.

i need to read it again, but i also need to give myself some space, digest the first go round and come at it again when i can enjoy the flow of the words, the development of the characters and see the clues that were there all along.

he makes me want to be a better writer at the same time i know i will never be as good. he makes me want to keep him in my proverbial basement where he can write for me and me alone every day.

so sleepy

Mar. 20th, 2007 01:30 am
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remember how i was all, tad just ate my brain and will continue to do so until i finish his new book? yeah, that was before i got my hands on an advance reader's copy of the new michael chabon that i thought i was going to have to buy on ebay. i didn't think they'd send it to stores and yet, there it was in the basement, sitting as though waiting for me. i only have about three hundred pages left, i'm torn between wanting to fly through it and make it last because god knows when the next one will be out. i love his writing so desperately, i want to eat his words.

i'm cat sitting this week for holly while she's away. riley is a nice cat, but he's kind of boring and i appreciate simon so much more after i've spent time with riley.

oh, yeah, and my cafe was open all fucking day in clear, common sense violation of the health code because not a single fucking person in the whole damn store could put together no hot water=bad. or, you know, pick up the phone and call me to ask. come on, wtf, people? i'm far angrier about that than this mini rant lets on, but i'm also tired and the tired wins.

also, stupid eragon comes out tomorrow on dvd. because we should totally be supporting and encouraging plagiarists. i love star wars and lord of the rings and every other fantasy i've ever seen or read so much i'm going to put it in a blender and write it all again, but with less grace, style, imagination and talent. yeah, next time, save it for the fanfiction, yo.


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