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Oct. 15th, 2008 02:52 pm
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this week's house? this is what that show is about for me. it's not the medical mysteries, it's not about solving the puzzles, because let's face it, they solve the puzzles--even if the patient dies, they solve the puzzles. it's about the interaction between house and the people around him. he's so destructive and such an ass and i just love him.

i do feel like wilson kind of caved, but then i'm in a slightly weird place as far as serious arguments between friends are concerned. it seemed too easy, in the end, but house at the podium and his speech, and then his look so complete desolation at the end.

that was house done right.
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watching house with the person you are currently fighting with while house and wilson fight on screen is, um, awkward. and sad.

but other than the personal awkwardness, it was good. not amazing, but it's the first ep of a season after the weirdly truncated writer's strike season, so they'll get to have a pass on this one.

didn't watch the fringe because, well the pilot didn't really impress me that much. someone be sure to tell me if it ever gets good.
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but only slightly. september, you're still on the threat down.

it's a bit of a sad thing that what really made my day was a coupon to my own store that let me get season two of torchwood and season three of criminal minds for less than the cost of torchwood by itself. I would have bought them anyway, but this was just an added bonus. the stupid tw dvd set has been sitting in my back room taunting me for two weeks and buying it was the first thing i did this morning when i walked in the door.

new house tonight, acres of torchwood, and karaoke night* at a local bar with work friends. so, today has been a better day all around than many of those so far this month.

*i do not sing, for those wondering, i go, drink and chat. but i don't sing. it's better for everyone that way.


May. 20th, 2008 12:38 am
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it isn't often that house really gets me. i mean, i love the show and i love the characters and they've had some really amazing episodes, but it doesn't get me the way that, say joss can get me, or aaron sorkin gets me, of the way i can break down over really good sci-fi.

i don't cry over house. i get totally skeeved at the brain/eye/other gross organ surgery, but i don't generally get upset.

but, oh, god. this one broke my heart. i cried, not because i was sad, but because the characters were sad.

this was a good episode. for a generally uneven season that was left really hurting by the writer's strike, they pulled it out in the last two episodes. well written, brilliantly acted and have i mentioned how much i love book ends and themes?

on an entirely different note:

also, btw, the time to start conversations about important things that are bothering you? yeah, that would be when i walk in the door--not that i love that much either, but given a choice i'll take that timing--not after i'm about two seconds away from being ready for bed. for real. sometimes i want to crack my head against my own desk just to make the conversations stop.
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usually, when i have dreams about being in school, it's something to do with the end of the semester and the realization that i've completely neglected to go to a class for the whole term. i end up faced with the decision of either going to take a final for a class i've never been to, or just avoiding the whole thing and hoping that it goes away.

this time, i was taking a final that apparently i had something like six hours to write. i'd write a couple lines then get up to go do something else, despite the fact that i knew i needed the entire time to do a good job. i think it may have something to do with the fact that i've been sitting on the same chapter for almost two weeks. there isn't even much in the way of editing that it needs. i've just been sitting on it.

i hate it when my subconscious acts all superior.

it struck me the other day i haven't been talking much about the other shows i watch, other than dr. who and torchwood, mostly because i don't feel like the writer's strike did anyone any favors and because when dr. who and torchwood are on, they kind of eat my brain. i'm looking forward to the summer when i get it back. though, if there is another freaking spin off with i'mnotamarysue!doctor's daughter i think i will lose my shit just a bit. i'm pretty sure there will be, and that's why they've been dropping hints about a female doctor for the past six months, but for real, i just don't care. the way i don't care about sarah jane. i just don't. there is a limit to my interest in the who-verse.

house was kind of disappointing to begin with and then stumbled a lot as a result of the break. it's really too bad that they saved up their best stuff for the two part season finale. this week's episode was kind of brilliant and i'm hoping for something as good next week. i don't think i'll be owning this season, though. it's not worth it.

criminal minds has been all right, but i hate the new guy they got to replace inigo montoya so much i kind of snarl a little whenever he comes on the screen. he's so useless i can barely stand it. especially because his only role seems to be to correct and then rescue the poor, stupid women on the show. because he is clearly so much smarter and better and they are just dumb girls. patriarchy, much? i do love jj with bad fake new orleans accent guy, though. and xander as computer tech geek with garcia fills me with total glee. they are too adorable for words.

oh, oh, my god, i haven't talked about the absolute crack addled insanity that is bleach, either. you have to love a series that, when it gets bored with what it's working on, completely blows it's own time line, leaves the main characters on the brink of a major battle and or death and jumps to a totally different story line that we can only assume takes place some time before everyone went off to heuco mundo. not that i'm complaining, i love soul society so much better than i love ichigo's scooby gang fighting arancar but there is NO EXPLANATION. and that level of crack is kind of love.

oh, yeah, and i got a raise, yesterday when i didn't think it would be getting on for the second year in a row. so, you know, go me. and go my boss for sticking up for me and making it happen.
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heroes was excellent, even though i didn't get to see it until last night because of work. one hour and i'm right back on board with everyone and everything from the first season. i can't wait to see what's coming, though i'm pretty sure watching it week to week is going to be torture.

house was a bit of a stumbly start. kind of an odd episode, not htier strongest. great great great wilson and house interaction because they crack me up, but if you take that out, there's just not much to the episode. it was funny but a little out of focus. i expect the season will get better.

criminal minds is tonight, though apparently, it's the missing ep from last season and next week starts the season for real. still, new ep, i'll totally take it.

also, we have my favorite bathmat back in the bathroom, which is a strange statement on many levels. it seems weird that i would have both enough bathmats and a specific preference to have a favorite.
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the plan is to make a quick post in an effort to utilize my lj account and then go on to do the actual work that i've been avoiding for um, three and a half hours. right.

house season three came out on dvd yesterday. i am, as has been stated, a big fan of the show. one of the things i appreciate most is that the show is getting better. so often i find a show that has a great first season and then begins a slow downward spiral into total suckatude. i'm looking at you lost. but the first season of house is great for its potential, for it characters and its ideas. it wasn't until the end of the first season that they were really starting to get thier feet and see where they were going. second season was better and third blew me away.

another one of the things i appreciate about house is that you can tell, especially when you have it on dvd, that they have quality writers who think about the season as a whole instead of as a single episode at a time. every major plot point is there in the first episode of the season. someone was thinking about the cohesive whole and in a media world where the script isn't as important as it used to be, it's brilliant to watch.

wilson on speed is still one of the best moments of the whole season.

i'd also like to comment on my involvement in the fma fandom. i realized the other day and have sort of been processing this since then that i've written a lot for fma. you might think this is sort of self evident, but i've done it all over a pretty broad range of time and kind of without a lot of conscious decision. i mean, i wrote a lot of fanfic in college, it was really the only writing i did in college. but i was all over the fandom map, dabbling in about ten ten different fandoms all at once.

and if you discount elementary jedi, which i do because i wrote it with someone else, and i never would have gone on as long with it if not for my writing partner, i've written more for fma than i have for any other fandom. which is weird because i was so hard core in love with tpm that i lived and breathed star wars for years.

i hardly ever think about e.j. any more when for a while, it was a huge topic of almost daily conversation--building plots, creating characters and storylines, imagining new and creative ways to mess with their lives. part of it i think is that i got all the closure i needed from the star wars fandom with revenge of the sith. it wasn't good, it wasn't what i wanted, but it was really a definitive end. and you can't have the farm boy, the princess and the smuggler who save the universe without the travesty of obi-wan spending the rest of his life alone in the desert.

i certainly don't regret my time with e.j. even though those first couple stories are really, really bad. towards the end there was some really good writing going on, and dear god i loved those characters. we had so much fun doing it, it really showed me that writing with someone else could actually work, that while i'm good on my own, when i work with [livejournal.com profile] sainnis we fill in the holes in each other's style. i love dialog, she loves description. i love plotting, she makes the written word so fucking beautiful sometimes i want to cry. it was a great learning experience and it was hard to walk away from, but we needed to, we needed to funnel our energy into different things.

i honestly never thought i'd be writing fanfic again. i thought i'd put it all behind me. i was hardly reading it anymore either. prisoner of azkaban the movie sucked me back in and then very shortly after, fma took up a parking spot in my brain and seems to be in for the long haul. i don't mind, not really. i'm fond, clearly, of the universe and the characters and i'm cool with them hanging out for a while.


May. 30th, 2007 01:15 am
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that's about all i have for the season finale of house. just, huh. i feel like the pacing this year was really weird. like the big stuff, the really brilliant episodes were sort of clumped in the beginning and the middle and the end was the sort of soft whimper. not to say that they weren't good episodes, but they weren't amazing.

i will say i can't wait to have this season on dvd, i can't wait to watch it through again and see if the things i remember as being so outstanding hold up through a second or third watch through.

in other media type news, doctor who is made of such awesome i can hardly contain myself. seriously, human nature was the best episode and i was so pissed when we got close to the end and i realized it would be a two parter. and how much do i love it that the kid who has his watch is the kid from love actually?

too much tv

May. 9th, 2007 11:24 am
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so, evidently, the combination of zelda, veronica mars and dr. who all in a row right before i go to sleep is not such a great combination. i had a horrible dream about playing/being in a video game(zelda) where i couldn't let this little mechanical thing touch me(dr. who--the empty child), which it did, and them spending what felt like hours running from it only to end up in jail. where keith and leo were there to help keep me safe(v. mars). very, very disturbing. also, i think there might have been a slitheen involved somewhere, but i'm not entirely sure.

[livejournal.com profile] twicetoldfandom seriously, go!

i finally, finally made an eye appointment and am going today to get my eyes checked for the first time in i guess two years? basically it means new contacts, which i haven't had since this time last year and new glasses, because, well, it's time. is it weird i'm exited?

and house with wilson on speed. best scenes of the season, really.
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to let you know i'm not dead, but still happily consumed by my unending love of the wii. it was so worth the wait and aggravation. zelda? rocks. it's pretty and the storyline is good and he turns into a freaking wolf. it's so damn cool. and i love with a kind of scary intensity the surgery game. i can't watch the real stuff, or even the fake stuff they show on house, but make it a game, with anime style graphics and i'm good to go, apparently.

it has consumed me, but not totally, i mean i'm still eating and sleeping and will be going to work tomorrow. though i did think that having a sleeping game would be really apt, and sims for the wii? would be awesome. i think the only thing that would totally eat me life is if there was an fma wii game. omg, just the thought of it makes me smile.

oh! and house was definitely one of the better eps of the season. is it just me, or does this season seem really long? maybe it's because we're getting so many breaks, or maybe because so much is happening. anyway, whenever there's really good house wilson interaction, i have an internal debate with myself where i want to see more of them paling around and being best friends and the other part of me that wants to see them make out in the supply closet.

that is all.

back to killing people (entirely by accident) on the surgery game.

oh, yeah, and the rain could stop and that would be okay.
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because even though it was not an amazing episode, inconsistent and kind of strange, i love that the writers are fucking with us. the house/wilson crew, that is. fucking with us on purpose i tell you.

wilson referencing the village people? the ducklings discussing house and wilson doing it? fucking with us and i love it. i love it when a show can have a sense of humor about itself instead of you know, getting all homophobic and introducing some stupid, pointless girl character to have your two most slashable characters fight over. i'm looking at you, fred.

i'm still reeling a little from YPU, it's nice to know that i'm now free to finish tad who was so summarily put on hold for my first literary love. but i kind of don't want to read anything just yet, i still want to bask in this glow of a well loved book. it happens so rarely. i finish about 70 percent of the books i start and like about 70 percent of those and the ones that knock me over, the ones that make me sit back and wish i could read them all over again for the first time come along so rarely. and the last couple for me have been kids books, it's nice to have an adult book for once.

i don't know how the hell i'm going to sell it, who the hell i'm going to give it to other than the snobbish literary assholes who come in with paper clippings from the new york times. the ones who like to spell author's names for me like i don't work surrounded by literature for forty hours a week. it makes me kind of sad that those are going to be the only people who are going to read this, because i want to share it with people i can have an actual conversation with, people who appreciate the written word for more than the social standing it gives them.

edit: except now i do have a house icon :)


Mar. 7th, 2007 08:24 pm
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cut right away because of the spoilers like whoa.

i'm sorry, did you say )

it snowed again today. after three days of really bitter cold we had snow this morning. i think we've had more snow in feb and the beginning of march than we had all last year. i'm kind of over it. i mean, after the initial five minutes of 'ooo, pretty' it's just messy, dirty crap that covers your car and sidewalks and every other available surface that's no fun to drive in or shovel.

and the visit we were supposed to have this morning from our district manager, which i killed myself for yesterday, was postponed because, you know, we got audited. we passed, and i missed out on most of the drama because i still don't have a single cafe person who can work wed. mornings, but still stressful to know she's there, looking through all our shit for the things we're fucking up.

and then there's the latest book )


Mar. 5th, 2007 02:21 pm
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i had a dream last night about house. he was a kindergarten teacher and was using class lessons to diagnose the children:

"d is for dog," said some kid.

House nodded and looked to the next child.

"E is for erichson syndrome," he said to the laughter of the parents.

House laughed along then looked at the kids' parent. "Seriously, you should get that checked out."

clearly i need to stop watching two or three episodes before i go to bed. and what the fuck is erichson syndrome anyway? my subconscious can't even be bothered to use real diseases.

i'm not

Mar. 1st, 2007 12:39 pm
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seriously. i'm not, definitely not, writing house!fic. i have too many other things to do to be sucked into this. so i'm not doing it. at all.

but if i were, i'd be doing it to aimee mann covering 'the scientist' by coldplay.

right. thus the danny icon.

in other news, i finished The Kid )

also, i talked to my brother last night and he told me how one of my friends from high school, one of the many people i don't talk to anymore because i'm bad at keeping in touch, is trying to get in touch with me. the ten year reunion thing is coming up and so he gave her my email. apparently she's living in new zealand.

this is fundamentally why i am not going to my hs reunion. i am not unhappy with my life, but i have yet to do anything really impressive with it. i mean, pa is way better than nowhere florida, but not nearly as cool as say, new fucking zealand. i'm too much a younger sibling not to think of everything as a contest and i hate losing. so, no reunion for me, even though at the time, i remember promising to go when we were graduating. but considering i don't talk to any of my friends from hs, i don't know that they'll miss me all that much.
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i'm eating candy canes, because the candy cane is far superior to any crap chocolate you might get for this holiday.

it's snowing/sleeting and has been for more than a day now. it's pretty bad out, and i'm quite please it's my day off and i don't have to go anywhere. i did call in to work to check on everyone there, make sure people made it in, make sure everyone is safe. that's the real reason i hate snow days, it makes me worry for the people working for me. i would hate it if someone felt like they had to come in and got into an accident on the way there or the way home. but everyone is good and we're making contingency plans for today and tomorrow if need be, which might be worse than today.

house, veronica mars and the huge pit of disappointment that is studio 60 )

so have a great valentine's day and stay out of the snow.
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spoilers abound, yo

Studio 60: okay, here’s the thing, right? The reason I don’t watch much in the way of sitcoms is because they make me really anxious. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. Something about the way you know in the first five minutes of the episode one of the main characters is going to do something stupid and spend the next 25 minutes less commercials dealing with it sets me on edge. It’s predictable but not in a good way and it just makes me cringe. Like the way studio 60 did with the newest episode. I like tom, he’s probably my favorite character on the show and for them to use such a weak ass plot leaves me all knotted. And Jordan and danny getting locked on the roof? Are you kidding me? There are moments, and fleeting ones at that, of solid television and the rest is just crap. Wft, yo? I hate seeing things coming from far away, and knowing it’s going to be bad. There’s too much of that in real life for me to get any enjoyment out of it in fiction. This show is going to get cancelled, it’s not going to get another season and I don’t know that I’m going to be all that broken up about it when it happens. Also, I can’t remember any of their names. The show’s been on for months and months now and I don’t remember the main characters’ names. That is a problem, writers.

l-word: thank god it’s finally starting to not suck quite so much. Though it would be a hell of a lot better show if tina, jenny and max were all in a horrible, deadly car accident in the next episode. Oh yeah, and dana miraculously came back to life. And Carmen came back from being sad and ditched at the altar. So basically if it were an entirely different show all together.

House: totally worth the wait. I loved how everyone’s advice to house on what he should say revealed something about their character. I love house and Wilson, even when the only get a couple minutes screen time. I loved the table soccer or whatever it’s called at the end. I love that Wilson knows and cuddy doesn’t. I love, love, love Iwasabusedasachild!house. bad in real life but in fiction? Gold.

Veronica Mars: not awful, not great, better than last week, but the teaser for next week, ‘oh my god I’m pregnant’ better be something else, because I did not sign up for an afterschool special.

You would think that as this is the sum total of what I watch, until the deadliest catch is back on the air, I wouldn’t get so worked up, but there you go.


Jan. 11th, 2007 02:51 pm
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how much did wilson totally want to have crazyhotjail!sex with house? seriously go back and watch the end of the ep and tell me i'm wrong.


peter as a lawyer on the l-word. i can't help but think of him as methos in whatever he does and try to figure out how it would work on the HL series. mmmm, peter
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i'm actually pretty excited about the thought of having the next 16 days off. just not being at work is going to be a relief, though i'm sort of dreading what it's going to look like and be like once i get back. i don't know who is going to be taking over the things i normally do, but with amanda's last day being friday, i think it's going to look mostly horrible. but that's to be worried about two weeks from now.

the exciting and important thing i want to talk about is House. i bought the first season and i thought i loved the show before. oh, how wrong i was. i missed more eps than i thought, and we've slowly been catching up, but here's the thing. the show bookends. i love, love, love it when a show, a book, any kind of written medium bookends. the first ep references the Stones, you can't always get what you what, and the song plays at the end of the ep, and the last ep of the show ends with it as well. i'm all aflutter. it's important and a particular love of mine because it shows that someone, somewhere along the way was thinking about the show. someone was thinking about the long term, about the scope and not just writing individual eps that had nothing to do with any other eps. i love it because it shows that someone who knows what writing a cohesive body of work is all about. i love it because it's good writing, and that it's writing at all, when more and more we've come to expect less and less from television programming. reality tv? gag me. pay some fucking writers to make a good show.

and this whole time, i've been wondering where i know the name david shore from, he's the exec. producer and the writer of some of the eps. so with the wonders of modern internet, i looked it up, and omg. he worked on due south, he wrote victoria's secret. i love it when my little obsessions overlap.

also, i'm all stocked up on books, things i've been meaning to read, things that have caught my attention, a last minute grab at something i could check out from work before i left, and things sarah has been bringing home for me. so i expect it to be a read-y kind of vacation, and as usual i'll be updating on the progress of what i finish as i get there.

i also expect to be doing a good bit of writing and editing this next two weeks and i'll be sharing what i can as it becomes available.
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so is it a good thing that a feel just a little guilty that i haven't updated in a couple days?

monday night was the third monday of the month, the third monday of the month means that the meanest, bitchiest women in the world come into my store and expect free things, special treatment and discounts for being a book club. i hate them and they don't like me. i spend three hours trying to dodge them, sending other people to bring them their shit and set up more chairs for them--which i can't imagine they need unless they want seats for their books and their imaginary friends. i hate, hate, hate them with a burning fire of hate. they're pretentious, arrogant, truculent, and some other things that make me absolutely crazy. i wish they would move to another bookstore, but god know no one else would put up with them.

this tuesday night, however, was my writing group, which i adore. we meet about once a month ostensibly to talk about the things that we've written, though generally sarah and i are the only ones who write consistently. mostly it's an excuse to get together, have some food, talk shit and play games. last night we played Name Game, i think it was called for like two hours. it's a game akin to Celebrities that they played on an ep of sports night, except the game gives you names of people, instead of making them up. i had so much fun, we laugh so much when we're all together i can't believe i didn't go for such a long time.

then i came home, watched House, which i had taped. i totally love that show. i love it. it's well written, well acted, and generally kicks ass all around. so that kicks up the amount of television i watch a week to five things, though l word just ended, a stupid end to an uneventful season, and arrested development won't be back till next season.


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