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any time i make a resolution to use this journal more, i end up making one long post and then pfft, nothing for a week or more. welcome to my life, hello!

as of 4pm this afternoon, i officially started my vacation. i'll be flying home to visit with my family in the morning where i have six full days to kick around my parents house in the tiny, empty lame town of my birth. it'll be really good to see everyone, though. my mom was here to visit last september, but i haven't seen anyone else from the fam since sept two years ago. i have a nephew who's almost a year and a half that i'll be meeting for the first time. i already shipped the insane amount of picture books that i've been collecting for him since before he was born. it feels so good to get them out of the apartment.

E is coming with me and is meeting everyone other than my mother for the first time as well. if she's nervous, she's doing a really good job of hiding it. i would be nervous, they're all really excited to meet her and will likely deluge her with questions for days. mostly, though, i'm really looking forward to being lazy with her for six days in the sun.

while i'm at my parents house, i'll have limited internets as they have regressed to the 19th century and don't have internet. or cable. i don't know what the hell we're going to do for six days as my family isn't the super chatty type. i think it's going to be a lot of beaching (read: burning) and reading. the number of books i've packed for myself is ridiculous.

i still have some packing left to do and our plane leaves ass early in the morning, but all in all? i'm super excited not to be at work and am totally ready for a break.
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having escaped both family and mild hurricane related weather patterns. i'd forgotten what it was like to be in a storm with wind blowing so hard the rain is horizontal. but, my hometown just got some of the outer bands of gustav, not any of the really damaging stuff, which is good news. the three named systems lined up in the atlantic don't make me feel too good though.

it's good to be home, even though the visit went well. it was very good to see my parents and my brother and his wife. i did a lot of thinking, which i had already been doing and then was confronted with great, huge swathes of time with which to do more. when i feel up to it, when i haven't spent most of my day traveling, when i've put things in better order, maybe i'll talk about it here, a bit.

got some reading done as well, some good, some okay and some absolutely spectacular. again, when i'm in a better frame of mind, i'll discuss.

mostly just wanted to say, i'm home, i'm settled and i have more consistent internet access. and i'm contemplating buying a laptop instead of paying to fix my computer because i am irresponsible with my funds.
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because visits home can never really be reconciled in just one post.

i realized this time that thanksgiving is the most expensive meal i have of the year. except instead of getting dressed and going to an overpriced and overrated restaurant, i go home and eat the things i did while i was growing up. and people do it all over the country, every year.

i got the chance to talk with andrew about yiddish policemen's union, which i talked him into reading, but then never heard how he thought about it. turns out my recs are made of win, because he did like it, after the first 90 pages and it makes me so happy because god i loved that book and i love that i can share it. he also told me about some story ideas that he had and i wish that he would write them. because the only reason i ever picked up a pen to put story to paper was because he said he was going to and god forbid i not be a competitive little shit. i finished the story i worked on and andrew only wrote one page, but his one unfinished page was light years better than my nine pages of ten-year-old badly written mystery fiction. he writes beautifully and i wish that he would because i would love to read his stories. even if they are a harder sci-fi than i tend to like.

the other great things about going home is that i get the chance to read a lot, because well, it's a very small town, all my hs friends moved away and there is literally nothing to do but go to the beach and die. while i was driving through town, i realized that about 80 percent of the businesses are all health care businesses to keep the elderly alive just a little longer. it's very strange and not a little unsettling.

books are cool! )
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my dad gets up for work every day between 4:30 and 5:00. i have no earthly idea how the man does it. he's 61 this year and he can still do this. i had to drag my ass out of bed at 4 this morning to drive two hours to the airport to catch my flight back home. i've done very little other than sit and i'm totally beat. we'll see how today goes.

trip home part one : )
there is more, but i'm tired and i'm thinking i'm going to nap before work.
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i've often thought that the internets and tv have been very very bad for my speaking skills. i was right. am at home right now, enjoying 80+ degree holiday weather because i am a good daughter. and surrounded by people who don't talk like they're all twelve years old, i sound like an idiot. sigh.

can i pause for a moment and just say how much i hate internet explorer? yeah.

moving on. florida? you crack me up. my favorite thing i saw today was the marine supply store called, i am not kidding here, folks: Watersports. yeah. watersports. i was driving in the car with my mom and had to work very hard not to laugh like a loon.

i am also struck, every time i come home, how very very flat florida is. for those of you who don't know, florida is not so much a state as it is a very large sand bar. not much in the way of elevation and low buildings makes the sky seem huge. it's open and flat and the sky goes on forever and so very differnt from pa that it's like another world. or maybe just another country. we are clearly in red state country here, even the news is conservative which i don't know that i ever noticed while i was growing up.

i drug my mom with me in my adventure to track down the second volume of fma and then subjected her and my father to four episodes smack in the middle of the series. i died a little inside when my dad asked 'what's up with the robot?' he's not a robot! poor al
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but i think i'll suck it up because he's so damn cute right now i want to die.

the last couple days and by couple i mean almost a week have been very strange. i don't think i'm suited to working nights instead of days. i wouldn't' call myself a morning person, exactly, but i'm not exactly a night owl either. i'm more of a middle of the day kind of girl.

i bought plane tickets for home, finally, which is good, considering i'm leaving in, um, yeah, three days. nothing like putting things off. it means i have to have an aisle seat on the way down, but i got a window on the way back. i guess i can deal with an aisle, it's better than the middle. people always try to talk to you if you get stuck in the middle. i'll only be home for about three an a half days, it hardly seems worth the effort, but it means a lot to my mom and my dad, so here i go being a good daughter, since most of the time i kind of suck ass at my familial obligations.

other things are happening, but nothing very interesting, so i'll spare you the details :)


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