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rewatching bits of the methos highlander episodes.

they are...not necessarily good, but, it still stands. methos is the only character i really, really wish was mine, out right.
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what the fuck was that?

no, seriously, what the fuck was that? i'm not even sure what the hell happened at the end. methos? wtf are you doing? i mean, clearly leather fringe is a sign of an unhinged mind, but are you out of your fucking mind?

and really, did we need the ten minute flashback recap of the movie itself i just spent two hours watching? cause i think i can keep a plot that simple in my mind for the duration of a film, thanks.

the guardian? wishes he were as cool/scary/badass/interesting as the kurgan. he was not.

mostly i'm unsettled by methos. what exactly happened at the end. i like to believe he is wily and able to escape, but um, yeah.


i should know better by this point in my relationship with highlander.

but methos in leather would still have been worth the price of admission.
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it's more likely than you'd think.

i'd forgotten how broody he is. shhhh, duncan, just stand there and look pretty, please? he was emo before crying in the bathroom was cool.


Sep. 15th, 2007 09:32 pm
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methos + motorcycle = badass

but, fringe? really? fringe on a leather jacket is never badass.

oh, yeah, and other than that, so far? made of fail.
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t-minus two hours and fifteen minutes to what will likely be a travesty to end all travesties. and that's saying something in the highlander fandom where you have the creators who like to pretend their movies didn't happen.

but it'll have methos, who is looking dead sexy these days and there will be bad flashbacks and unnecessary male posturing, and pointless deaths. but, you know, it's like the crazy uncle you can't help but love because, while crazy, you have so much fun together.

expect updates during the commercial breaks because that's how i roll.

also, note to self. staying out late to visit with friends who won't be able to go out for the next couple weeks, while noble and fun, makes for a very tired girl.


Aug. 15th, 2007 05:40 pm
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the new highlander is premiering on the sci-fi channel. i can't decide if it's better than direct to dvd. my feeling is not.

i'm such a nerd but i really, really wanted a movie theater experience for this. they're crap movies, they're always crap movies, but i love them. i would have paid money to see it.

at least it's premiering on a night that i'm home.


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