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i watched pride and prejudice last night, you know, the new shiny one that's a bad adaptation but an excellent movie and i have to say that every time i see it, every single time, all i can think of is the awesome idea i had for a harry potter pride and prejudice. it would have been so awesome, i mean, it is awesome in my head but i will never write it. the whole thing would have worked so perfectly with snape as darcy and harry as elizabeth all twisty and cool and, yeah. hp was, what, two fandoms ago? but it still would have rocked.

also? WB, you guys are fucking assholes for pushing hbp back to next summer. total and complete assholes.

one of these days i'm going to have a good post. i have about four or five books i really need to talk about but i need to work myself up to them. maybe tomorrow.
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and i forgot until about an hour ago. it was such a huge thing last year, we spent weeks and weeks building up to it, working on our plans and what we were going to do. we made diagrams, we talked things to death, we made lists. hell, i think i even blew up balloons.

this time last year harry had been out for almost 24 hours, i was tired and sad and a little releived it was all over. i remember distinctly standing at my register line at around 3 in the morning after we'd let the last of the people out and finding myself on the verge of tears because it was all done. it was over and there would be nothign like it again.

god knows the book industry is trying to make something like it with breaking dawn and brisinger--which btw is about the stupidest thing ever. neither one of those series has the mass appeal of harry, or you know, the quality. which is saying something as we all know harry isn't LITERATURE.

but it's been a year and you know what's funny? i sold a copy of deathly hallows today. how about that?
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four phone calls down the line this morning, bouncing from one person to the next in my group of friends and around 11 this morning, i got the call. you'd think it was an important bit of world news or the report on a friend's health, but no! jk said it, dumbledore is gay. wait for fandom to explode. i was working all day, so i didn't get the chance to see if it did, but being harry potter, i can't imagine that it didn't.

you can say a lot about the harry potter books, you can say a lot about jk as an author, as a plotter, etc, forever. but that woman is damn smart. it's a pretty good bet she's known this for a long while and she waited until the books were done, until everyone and their brother had purchased her last book to tell us.

i can't honestly say i care one way or another about dumbledore, we all know my obsessions in this fandom tend towards snape, lupin and sirius. i do get a little bit of a mental chuckle over the image of snape and dumbledore drinking tea like the sad old queens that they are, though. come on, tell me it doesn't make you smile, just a little.

in other news, i'm loving the missy higgins album. there are a couple songs that are okay, but there are two--the first and the last--that are beyond excellent. i'm sure they're character songs, i just haven't decided who they belong to as yet. i listened on my drive to and from work as well as the surprise midday trip to another store to pick up stuff for my cafe because god forbid anyone ever tell us we're running low on anything. but the good news is, i'm taking steps to rectify the situation.

cut for great justice, or at least to make it easier on my flist while i talk about book awards )
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i didn't think i'd be so upset when we hit three and had the last of our customers cleared for the evening. i said the words out loud and then got choked up. it could have been adrenaline and tiredness and frustration. it was hot in the store and i hadn't really had anything to drink and the whole affair was a bit of an f-story, but that's for another time. it's really over now, all but the crying and i didn't think i'd actually be a little upset. but it's all done now and i need sleep.

but first, deathly what, that still doesn't make sense )

thank god i can actually talk to people about it now without the constant, persistent paranoid fear of termination.
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it's so strange to think that in just a couple hours it will all be done. it's the end of the harry potter world. i mean, i know people will still be writing fic, probably forever, and god knows we'll probably see some kind of prequel or something equally horrifying, but harry's story is done.

and i know that i've talked before about how the books aren't really the best written in the world, how i really feel there's so much out there in kid's lit that is far, far better, but really just take a minute to think about this. in countries all over the world, people are going to be standing in line at midnight or getting up early for a morning release. there are parties, and games and celebrations. and it's for a kid's book. there are millions of people all over the world excited for a children's book.

that's pretty fucking amazing.
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well, the last of the hp prep has been done. i have what i'm going to wear all set to go, along with the necessary accessories. out last minute things have been bought and we'll start prepping the store tonight. oh yeah, and i'll be spending a lot of time there over the next three days, which is fine, because at least i like harry potter.

i had my second knitting class last night, as well. we're making hats, which is all kinds of cool and learning to knit on circular needles. can i just tell you how much i love circular needles? it makes for a much faster, smoother knitting experience. the only bad part is that we have to have 8-9 inches done by our next class. which doesn't sound like a lot until you figure that it takes about an hour for me to knit an inch in this pattern.

but it's going to be cute and i think i'm going to send it to andrew, because i haven't inflicted any knitting on him yet.

oh, and if finished my second scarf, which i took pics of and will post sometime in the near future. it's so much prettier than the first one.
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closed this evening. it's been such a long time since i've closed on a sunday, i forgot how nice it can be. i switched myself to mornings on sundays, because i figured if i work all three weekend days, i shouldn't have to close two of them. and i like my friday nights. they're busy, but good. but sunday mornings, the only good thing about those is that i get to be done at five. people are pissy and mean and stupid on sunday mornings. by the time the evening rolls around, it's quieter in the store and people aren't as pissed off.

i'm not changing back, though.

this week starts the real countdown to harry potter and there are still a million thigns left to do. and i keep worrying that i'm going to forget something, something big and it's going to fuck the night horribly. cause, yeah, i've kind of planned and orchestrated the whole thing. and we're expecting at least 800 people, but could be up to 2000, depending on how big this is going to be. so, if i fuck it up, it gets fucked on a pretty grand scale.

of course if it goes well, well then i get to gloat for a long, long time.
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apparently i'm going to talk about hp some more, mostly because i've been discussing it today with co-workers and regular customers.

and i don't think i talked about the utter, utter love that is sirius and remus. because for as much as i adore snape harry, sirius remus is really my otp for that fandom. they are just so warm and fuzzy with so many possibilities. you can do school years, you can do post school but before voldemort kills harry's parents, you can do post death, school with harry, post third year, you can do au's where nothing bad happens and they live with puppies and bunnies and sunshine.

there could have been more of them both, but really i don't think i could ever have too much. i liked them in this movie because it made the whole ending seem like less sirius and harry's fault, and more voldemort's, which is important, i think.
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omg, hp 5 = awesome.

they did such a great job cutting out all the crap that made five my least favorite. it's concise, interesting, entertaining and almost everything the book should have been. i actually felt bad for harry in the movie whereas the book, kind of made me want to smack him around and tell him to quit whining.

that being said, the two things i loved the most about five were the twins and snape's worst memory. both were touched on in the movie, but not really brought to their full potential. sad, but i'll take it for an overall win.

i saw it in the imax with the 3D ending and here's my advice, save yourself the money and see it on a regular screen. i still have a headache and it made the special effects look kind of dumb. when i see it again, as i will be, i'll be seeing it on a regular screen.

it's so weird to think that in ten days it's all going to be over. it's not even so much that they're great books. there are books i like better. there are books that are better written, that have better plots and characters. there are more innovative types of magic and worlds and yet. i am still captivated by harry potter.

i blame the third movie entirely for turning me into a crazy person. it's still fun, it's a fandom full of nuts, but i love it and them and it's been a fun ride. i think i'm ready to let them all go, i'm ready to see them off. i feel like i have enough of their story to know, no matter how it all turns out, the ones who live will be okay. it's kind of how i felt at the end of buffy, i was sad that it was over, but i'd spent enough time with them, we'd reached a parting of ways.

it doesn't mean it's not sad, or that i won't go back and read parts of the books again, or watch the movies as they wind down, but i think this is the final bow before the stage goes black, and that's all right.
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real, proper weekends, where i have two days off in a row, where i don't have to do anything if i don't want. and you know what? at the moment, i don't want. off all day today, which was fab and again tomorrow.

and do you know what happens tomorrow at 9:30 am? harry potter. because i couldn't make the midnight show. mildly irritated about that, but recovering because tomorrow morning will be soon enough. i hope it's good, it's my least favorite of the books, but has some of my favorite bits in it.

also, i get to start my knitting class tomorrow that i had to postpone from last month because work was the suck. i'll be making a hat, which is cool. my second scarf is all but finished, i just need to cast off, which my instructor is going to help me with tomorrow night. then i can take archival picutres and get it off in the mail to my dad with his other, now very very late father's day/birthday presents.

in other news... )

not angry,

Jul. 3rd, 2007 04:42 pm
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but i love this icon.

can i say, that the people working at the wachovia down the street from my store? the nicest bank people i've ever dealt with. in every other retail job i've worked where i've had to be the asshole calling to say, 'uh, yeah, i need to buy change from you guys, cause we forgot to call in a change order, can you help us out?' i get general pissiness and apathy. but the guys down the street were so awesome this morning, they said no problem, had my stuff ready to go and even broke the ones into fifty dollar packs instead of hundred dollar packs. awesome.

it's the small things, really.

even though it's two weeks away, began prepping for harry potter. talking to local business in our complex about staying open late, writing the schedule for that week--it rocks by the way. figuring out where the hell we're going to put all our display stuff so it doesn't get stolen or broken the night of. figuring out who we need to call to have security in the store. tons of planning and the whole thing is my baby because my gm is on vacation until the 18th, cause that's cool.

it's going to be a good night, we're going to sell a hell of a lot of books and then it's going to be done and how weird is that? the whole hp thing has been going on so long, i don't know what we're going to do next. i can tell you that we probably won't see another series like this for a long time.
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maybe today, lj won't hate me. we'll see.

so about a million years ago, give or take a million, [livejournal.com profile] palevista had a challenge posted on her old journal about chain letters and fics dealing with them. I had an idea, started something and like many fan related things, never finished. But today, my two paragraph start to that challenge ended up making it's way into a highly truncated but ultimately satisfying end.

Fandom:Harry Potter
Title: Agonize
Author: *kee
Pairing: sort of vaguely sirius/remus
Rating: pg
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none

i love puppies! )
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i just read an article about the possibility of setting up a hotline in the uk to help distressed readers of hp7 when they find out who dies.

we are very, very strange
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it's strange to think that this thing, this big thing that we've been waiting for for a good two years, that we've been pimping like whores for seven months is done.

yeah, there are still books to be sold, people who won't read it for months, or years, or ever. but for the most part, we are done with harry for another two years.

i didn't really feel this way about the last one, i was still working in books at that time, but it was on a smaller scale and i wasn't the harry nut that i am now. i had read and liked the books, and damn if i didn't read that one in a night as well, but i hadn't read any of the fic, which is as we all know how i become a crazy person about a fandom.

this time, it was really a strange experience to be both in the store, completely over the whole damn thing, just wanting it to be done, for the thousand fucking people to get the hell out of my store, snickering at the crazy chick who was probably twenty three and cried because she had ticket number 99, instead of two like she was last time, shaking my head at the crazy adults who dressed up. the kids were damn cute thought, i will say that.

and then our book totals came in, 1800 books in just two days, we still don't know how many be passed out on sunday, though it was definitely a good amount. and counting the deposit for the bank? yeah, i definitely felt like a whore for jkr. it was all just a little distasteful

that is not to say i didn't actually have a good time on friday night. i was expecting a nightmare and got, well actually not a horrible time. i think it had to do with the fact that amanda and i had the best job of the night. i was standing on the info desk, shouting into the PA system and i had a bull horn. it was so much fun, i can't even tell you.

and then there was the fact that i really really liked this book. i liked it way better than OotP, in fact after PoA, it's my second fav. there was a lot of really good stuff going on in this, very interesting developments, and while i am worried about the state of my snarry otp, i think i'm going to get a hell of a lot of fic over the next two years, so that's a plus.

it's was just an interesting experience to be both a fan of the book, to see the lj accounts of people who were really excited, who had the icons about pushing ten year olds out of the way for a book and me laughing at them, and then that night, to be really protective of the kids, and just a little bit disdainful of the adults in my own head.

and then i was talking with sarah about this, where at her independent they only sold about 200 books, where harry is big only in so much as they sell that many at once. compared with other books, they don't sell as much harry as say, how i became a pirate--which i hate, by the way-- in a year. and i think it's because harry is such a phenomenon. people who don't read, pick up this book. whether they actually read it is a whole other matter. people buy it because of all the media surrounding it. and it's proved by the fact that we had more than half the people coming in on friday night asking if they had to reserve it. which means they haven't been in a bookstore in the US since december of last year. seven months without setting foot in any bookstore in the country. and i don't think that her store is really missing out on those people. cause not all of them are a fun bunch.

so, just one more day of official harry, then one more day and i get a break. sleep is so awesome.

my favorite comment from sat. was a woman who walked up to me and asked, 'weren't you here last night?' i was tempted to give a rundown of the twelve hour shift, the five hours of sleep and the nine hours sprawling ahead of me that day, but i just smiled and said, 'yeah'
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tonight is the night, and i'm a little bit dreading what work is going to be like.

also, the terrible, terrible secret is that i know what happens. i know everything. and it's like this horrible burning secret waiting to get out. i've been wanting to shout out my dangerous knowledge for ages, in the middle of public places just so i can TALK about it.

but the wait will soon be over, and all i will say is that after this, everything changes. and my brave snarry companions. brace yourselves.


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