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As part of my Nano/Christmas present project, I did a little fic writing.  Not as much as I was hoping, but a little bit that turned out good enough to share.  I'm not sure exactly where these fit.  If they're part of the Bitter verse or Fellowes Mews or something else entirely.  I know I was thinking about them both as I was writing, so maybe it's closer to a mash-up.

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: But Everyone Loves Roy Mustang...
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 748
Available here on Ao3
You really have a gift )

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title:  Winterborn Manor
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1343
Available here on Ao3

Shall I show you the house? )

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So, I’ve had an invitation to Ao3 for, um, a couple years now. A friend sent it to me and I hung on to it, even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it or not. I activated it a couple months ago and this past week, I’ve started uploading old fic to my account.

Just today I finished uploading the entirety of my FMA bitter ‘verse stories, available for the first time in chronological order. It’s a lot of Hurt/Comfort, cause it’s my favorite and that was the table I was working on, but it’s a lot about relationships and figuring out how to just be a regular person after saving the world at a young age. I did a little editing along the way, but know I’ve probably missed stuff.

Some of them I really, really love. Some of them, well, not so much. I like it, in that I got to see how I grew as a writer in a very tangible way. Over the course of about four years, I wrote almost 95,000 words. Just in this one universe. I would hope I did some growing, anyway.

I’ll be uploading the rest of my FMA stuff in the following weeks, along with some other bits and bobs. Nothing new, at least not at this juncture. It’s just nice to have it all in one place that’s a little easier to read than LJ.
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Technically my vacation started last night at 7:01 PM, but I'm not here to quibble over details. he point is that I don't have to go back to work until the 20th which is pretty much the most fantastic way to start January that I can think of. And the best part? I don't have to worry about getting to/from work around the huge amount of snow that's supposed to be dumped on us in just a few short days. Snow is soooooo much more acceptable when I don't have to be out in it.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about FMA and some of the prompts from the [livejournal.com profile] fma_fic_contest journal have really caught my attention, so I thought I would dump them here as a tidy way to keep all of my stuff together.

This first piece is something I wrote thinking it was going to be what I was going to submit as my prompt, but it never worked as well on paper as it did in my head. It did, however, help my to write my actual prompt, and it's Roy and what's not to love about Roy?

The second is my actual entry for prompt #93 and the third is my entry for prompt #95. I love the idea of prompts, they're a great way to get back into the habit of writing, which I both firmly support and am trying to do. Both actual prompt entries were beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] sainnis, though, because I wasn't paying attention, I think I failed to mention it when I posted them originally.

Writing, like bananas, is good.

Cold prompt, version 1.0 )

Cold prompt Version 2.0 )

Family prompt )
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Turn and Turn Again
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: R for violence and language

part three )
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Title: Turn and Turn Again
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: R for violence and language

part two )
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'Cause it's still Tuesday here! It's late in the evening, but this is finally all set to go and I'm so excited I could burst.

Title: Turn and Turn Again
Author Name: nyagosstar
Beta: the ever sparkly [livejournal.com profile] sainnis who listens patiently when I whine about plot and gives me a good shake when I need it and adds commas and grammatical structure so everyone else can read it.
Artist Name: [livejournal.com profile] bob_fish and Taylowolf, who both did amazing jobs. Make sure to check out not only the awesome illustrations they did for this piece, but everything else they’ve done.
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: R for violence and language
Word count: 24,451
Summary: The Fuhrer’s plotting, Ed’s planning and Roy can’t sleep.
Notes: This is part of my Bitter Universe, though each story can be read independently and out of order—they were certainly written that way. I think that this is the last major story to tell in this particular universe, but don’t be surprised if there are still one or two small tales left to tell.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] fma_big_bang Be sure to go there and check out all the awesomeness.

Your Fuhrer calls you to service. )
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long time, no fic post, right?

so, it's not fma, i've been shying away from even doing much reading because, you know, ed EATS MY BRAIN, but i owe a couple virtual and not so virtual gifts. i'm starting with this, [livejournal.com profile] sainnis's pressie, where i've been brave and dipped my toe into the shark infested ocean that is the bleach fandom. it's HUGE and complicated and complex and there's very little canonical information on the people i love best.

this is, um, how to put this politely, not good. honest. i'm not saying that for you all to reassure me. it's a first attempt and we all know how my first attempts go but i have a soft spot for shunsui and ukitake. even if i'd so much rather have renji and shuuhei because, omg tattoo!porn. but it's at least not awful and grammatically correct (i think). it's also possible that ukitake ended up vaguely ianto-ish. *shrugs* maybe they'd just get along.

it's a gift and it's a duty and it's a privilege to get to write this for someone who is one of the best writers on the planet. for real, you do it good.

Fandom: Bleach
Title: Sake, Candy and Bad Pulp Romance
Pairing: Ukitake/Shunsui
Raiting: PGish sorry :(
Word Count: 790
Spoilers: this could easily fit at any time in the series, but i think goes pretty well anime-wise before the bounto arc nonsense. also, additional information gleaned from the Bleach Official Bootleg, which is way, way cool.

sake and candy ho! )
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yeah, so it's the last day of january and as it is my duty to post a [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds fic once a month, here i am squeezing this in under the wire. they've both been sitting on my hard drive for a while now due to revision needs for the first one and a touch of apathy for the second. in any event, here is something to tide you over as i work on longer, more complex stories.

as always, stories are roy/ed from fma and have been beta'd by the phenomenal [livejournal.com profile] sainnis who is the reason i write the cop-out endings and the fluff, because left to my own devices, it'd be angst and heartache 24/7. i poked around with both a bit after i got them back, so mistakes are and continue to be my own.

Theme: 22. Let Me See Your Scars
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 1814
Warning: read the summary
Summary: in which i kill all of amestris. no really. )
which then necessitates a total cop-out ending. )

Theme: 18. Kiss it Better
Rating: pg-13
Word count: 933
Summary: Do you have to turn everything into a snide comment? )
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so, here we are, with one more in under the wire. this is another in the fellowes mews universe and was written as a christmas gift for [livejournal.com profile] sainnis which she said i could share and then was kind enough to beta afterward. this jumps forward a little bit in her timeline and presumes things she hasn't had happen yet, but that's cool, cause i do what i want. XP

enjoy and have a happy new year!

Fandom: FMA
Title: All We Are
Pairing: Roy/Ed and Al/Riza
Rating: pg-13 for the violence and the swearing
word count: 7898

No one dies unless I say so. )
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This is making the rounds over in the due south fandom and I totally stole it. Cause that’s how I roll. Plus I can’t pass up a chance at a little navel gazing.

List of stories I've written in 2007:

Forbidden 1,203
Languish 1,000
Agonize 1,037
Unaccompanied Tour 9,971
Mistake 1,056
The Space Between 3,247
Activated Charcoal 19,847
Catscratches 987
Bloodstains 425
Hospital 1,482
Stabbed in the Back 841
Will to Live 633
Drunken Brawl 953
Heal 1,347
Papercut 715
Accept Defeat 621
Infection 2,606
Bandages 1,491
Black and Blue 1,185
Worth Dying For 2,426
"This hurts me more than it hurts you." 3,016
Whipped 633
Sadomasocism 1,274
“I fell down some stairs.”555
Die by your Hand 690
Take it Like a Man 2,467
The Roadster vs. Flame 3,062
Day to Day 3,899
Last One Standing 14,617

a fictional year in review )

part two

Dec. 1st, 2007 10:29 pm
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It’s just that I’m twenty years old. Forever was something I never thought I’d have.” )
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here it is, one of the first ideas i had for [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds and one that took way too much time to write. it started as one thing and ended as something similar yet different. all credit in the world goes to [livejournal.com profile] sainnis on this one for reading it in bits and pieces and some serious hand holding along the way. i tinkered quite a bit after she gave it back to me, so all mistakes remain my own.

Theme: #14. Last One Standing
Wordcount: 14,617
Rating: check it out--nc-17
Notes: early on in the bitter universe, because apparently i like to start in the middle and work out in either direction.
Summary: He knew more about the ins and outs of the Amestris military than he did about how to look for a new job.  )
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one of my epic 30_wounds fics is off to my beta, but it's big and it's going to be a couple days before it's ready to go up, so i thought i'd post my last roy/ed hold out fics. this is another piece i wrote in the coolest universe ever developed by [livejournal.com profile] sainnis and posted with her permission.

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Day to Day a Fellowes Mews Manor story
Pairing: roy/ed
Rating: pg-13
Wordcount 3899

If you take out the sex and the secrets, it’s just a list of everything you’ve eaten for the past forty-five years. )
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Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: The Roadster vs Flame
Pairing: roy/ed
Rating: pg-13
Wordcount 3062
Spoilers/notes: so, since [livejournal.com profile] sainnis posted the roadster vs fullmetal story which is very much my otf, i thought i would post the companion piece i wrote to it. i read the story so many times that i just couldn't get enough and with [livejournal.com profile] sainnis' permission, i played again in her coolest universe ever
Summary:We’re all fine here, now. )
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here i am to offer you more of my [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds prompts. all are roy/ed, all are pg-13ish, mostly for the foul language. [livejournal.com profile] sainnis rocks not only because she's provides the beta work, but also because it's her universe that i played in for the third piece. you have the best ideas.

Theme: #17. ‘I fell down some stairs’
Wordcount: 555
Summary: This is all Ed’s fault. )

Theme: #26. Die By Your Hand
Wordcount: 690
Summary: So, you and Ed, huh? )

Theme: #4. Take It Like A Man
Wordcount: 2467
Notes: part of the primeminister!roy and bodyguard!ed universe as so coolly provided by [livejournal.com profile] sainnis
Summary: This is some serious nutjob shit )
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here we are with more from my [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds prompts. this is a strange set because there's a follow-up to an old prompt, a piece that's been sitting on my hard drive for a month and a half and prompt that both my beta [livejournal.com profile] sainnis and i struggled over. she did an awesome job with all of these, but i'm particularly appreciative for her second and third looks are the last one.

the first two definitely fit into the bitter universe. the third, i think, stands alone.

Theme: #12 "This hurts me more than it hurts you."
Wordcount: 3016
Notes: This is a follow-up to the Papercut prompt.
This is exactly why we’re no good )

Theme:#8 Whipped
Wordcount: 633
Summary:Roy found it hard not to resent his easy sleep )

Theme: #7 Sadomasochism
Wordcount: 1274
Notes: This started as an incredibly loose interpretation of the prompt and ended up so far from it that it really only makes sense in my own head. it's what the word made me think of, though so i'm sticking to it.
Summary: Roy died a little inside, thinking of his silk sheets. )
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[livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds prompts continue. I never thought i'd have a hard time with hurting characters, but i'll admit to struggling with some of my remaining prompts. you'll note a very loose interpretation of the word 'wound' over the next couple sets as i let the characters putter about with slightly less blood than we've seen previously.

[livejournal.com profile] sainnis is made of total win not only for doing a straight up awesome job on these, but also making conversations where the phrase 'there has to be a prettier word for molesting' seems normal and letting me get away with epically long sentences(kind of like this one). and if that's not enough, she also made my new icon because 'all the cool kids are doing it.' having been a cool kid for only a brief stint in the fifth grade, i'm taking her word for it.

All three pieces are part of my bitter universe. all three are roy/ed and language should be the only thing i have to warn for. ed's a bit of a swearer.

Theme: #11. Bandages
Wordcount: 1491
Notes: This takes place near the end of Unaccompanied Tour after Roy gets back but before they have their final conversation.
Summary: You don’t have to salute civilians, General. )

Theme: #9. Black and Blue
Wordcount: 1185
Summary: I told you so. )

Theme: #15. Worth Dying For
Wordcount: 2426
Summary: We will find him. )
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this is my next entry into [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds and i'm only posting one this time because it's a bit longer than the others and i haven't had time to send new ones off to my killer beta [livejournal.com profile] sainnis. credit for the end of this goes to her because she convinced me that i couldn't end it without some resolution. any mistakes are still my own.

as always, all stories are roy/ed, filled with foul language and wounding abounds.

Theme: #20 Infection
Wordcount: 2606
Summary: Please, Ed, you have to be strong. )
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thanks to my extended time away from the internets and no other way to amuse myself while at my parents mercy, i got a good bit of writing done over the past couple days. the result? more stories to fill in my [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds table.

as always, all stories are roy/ed, filled with foul language and wounding abounds, though this is decidedly a more emotional wounding set.

[livejournal.com profile] sainnis is my talented beta whose enthusiasm for what i write makes me want to share it and who can sit at my shoulder and tell me in the same breath that what i have done is good but she has a way to make it better. and who isn't too afraid to read things, even when i tell her she won't like the subject matter.

Theme: #30 Heal
Wordcount: 1347
Notes: this fits early in my bitter universe
Summary: Am I strong enough not to do this? )

Theme: #28 Papercut
Wordcount: 715
Notes: AU of the bitter universe
Summary:I am not now, nor have I ever been your priority )

Theme: #21 Accept Defeat
Wordcount: 621
Notes: wildly AU. this does not happen in any universe i have written or will write. it, in fact, lives in a very quiet corner of my brain and will not likely be coming out to play again.
Summary: Was she pretty? )
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here we have the next round in my [livejournal.com profile] 30_wounds table. again all roy/ed, slightly bloody and adult ratings for language, mostly. ed has the most foul mouth on a character i've ever met. thanks as always go to my beta [livejournal.com profile] sainnis who has a like, five minute turn around time on these things. and who says nice things like 'that sentence isn't quite right, but i like it anyway.'

Theme: 24. Stabbed in the Back
Wordcount: 841
Summary: I like to keep busy. )

Theme: # 25 Will to Live
Wordcount: 633
Summary: Ed had not been able to rouse him at all. )

Theme: #29 Drunken Brawl
Wordcount: 953
Summary: In an act of pure humanitarianism, Ed threw the punch with his left hand. )


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