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the weather here has been...odd. it's nearly the end of may and twice now i've had to put on the heat. admittedly, i'm a cold kind of girl--the result of the florida upbringing--but we're back to coat kind of weather. and the rain, lots and lots of rain over many, many days. it's weird and makes me feel like something is coming.

i think i watch too much sci-fi.

can i also take a moment for this? there are several--admittedly very, very quality--writers out there who are crying in the never ending 'you got your americanisms all over my british tv fic' rants. which is all well and good and understandable. what is not acceptable is when, in their fic based on american shows, their britishisms are smeared across the page. could we have some consistency, could we have a little civilization? (can you tell i've been working my way back through sports night? i still think The Cut Man Cometh is comic genius. i've watched it a ridiculous number of times and it still makes me laugh)

and let's remember this is not contained to fanfiction. watch an episode of house where they're working in the clinic and tell me any of those people is actually from new jersy. i've been there, my friends, and it is not populated by the people you see on house. or, you know, any movie or television show set in the south where everyone constantly sweats. because, you know, the air conditioner has yet to be invented. oh, wait. this isn't 1842 and commenting on the heat makes you look like an idiot who did your research about the south on wikipedia. i'm looking at you, criminal minds.
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about torchwood anyway. for a while anyway.

here are my things.

1) jack's timeline is very confusing. or, if not confusing, at least very, very complicated. anyone who can be in the same year in at least four different places at the same time is a confusing individual.

2) dear fandom, i love and appreciate you. however, it is not called the ianto show or even the jack and ianto show. it's called torchwood which means that it gets to be about other people sometimes. they can't be fucking on screen every second or it's just called porn. i'm not saying i'd oppose this, but if that's what you want, you're watching the wrong thing.

3) how the hell does jack ever walk away from torchwood? i mean, we know that he does, at some point, leave. but how do you go from protecting the earth for centuries to, i don't know, doing whatever it is giant floating heads do? because for a lot of people, the constant death of your friends and companions would eventually get the best of you and you'd have to bow out. eventually it would be too much. but this is jack we're talking about here. how does jack walk away?

4) ianto will die young. gwen will die young or get out of torchwood, but ianto will never walk away, he'll end up in one of the drawers.
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i had such an early, early day. 6 is not really an hour i should be seeing, pretty much ever. i'm really a middle of the day kind of girl.

things that happened today:

my company used the word 'fandom' in an official document to help us sell anime sidelines better.

i got called to the register for a customer complaint that another customer had butted in line. for real. like we're in kindergarten and i'm the school teacher. she didn't want anything from me, acknowledged that it had nothing to do with my staff or my store, but insisted on registering the complaint. the woman who butted then wanted to talk to me, explained that she hadn't because she's already been in line and had to step out to get something. they were both very nice, but it was still very, very odd.

i got an advance listener copy of six songs for rem's new album with all of this scary, tech speak on the case about how the songs are watermarked and they'll track me down if i try to post them on line or sell them. i just wanted to listen to the music. i'm not in love. this makes me sad.

in other news:

i saw Run, Fatboy, Run last night and it was made of total win. funny and interesting and the perfect length for a comedy. i love, love, love simon pegg, i could seriously watch him for hours and hours. the ending was not surprising, but it was still very good, i'm happy to part with both my time and money.

however, one of the previews was for the genghis kahn movie. here's my thing and maybe i'm being too harsh. but when you kill enough people to fill a river so you can cross it without having to build a bridge, i'm going to have a hard time building up any sense of sympathy for you. maybe i'm not open minded enough, but there you go.
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taken from [livejournal.com profile] sky_dark

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

i was very resistant to my love of west wing for about a season of the show. that i love the way aaron sorkin writes is no secret, but west wing was no sports night. it was preachy and issue driven instead of character driven. and then there was toby. who was a writer. who needed pie to write. who was grumpy and argumentative and made of such awesome i couldn't stand it. he's still my favorite character, he's still the one i want to watch the most and when i'm in a *sigh* kind of mood? it's toby i think of.

buddy cops, yo. buddy cops. i think it's possible if i could have no other genre on television, it might be buddy cops. and rayK and fraser? they are a duet. they work together so well and i love them so much, that icon makes me smile every single time i see it.

yeah. i can't help it. i've got canon, non anime/manga boykissing on a show that isn't on showtime. that it's in the who-verse is what makes it fantastic. that it's ianto, who is about the prettiest thing on tv right now, puts me right over the edge. canon boykissing.

this icon, for me, pretty much encapsulates every thing there is to roy. this is him. this is who he wants to be, this is how he acts and it's certainly when i love him best. he looks so happy and magnanimous in this icon i can't help but love him.

what can i say about simon? he's my boy. he's pretty and sweet and also a total bastard. he's co-dependent and whiny and the best cat i've ever, ever had. it's a lame icon, but he doesn't stay still for pics, so i do what i can because he's my boy.
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serioulsy, watching rayK on bsg makes me want due south fic so bad i can taste it. james on torchwood (in addition to a sudden revival of the buffy musical soundtrack) makes me miss the buffyverse so hard. it was imperfect and hard and lots of people died or got lost along the way, but when he was on, when he was writing and directing and producing, joss was fucking on.

i randomly put a book on hold for someone today whose name was blair, and come on, how many men have that name, for real? and i've never had so many requests for tintin in my life. all i can picture when they ask is owen saying he thinks tintin was shagging the dog. innapropriate laughter is inapproriate.

and oh yeah, my company is up for sale which means i've been walking around for two days thinking about sports night and how there were no bells and whistles for us.
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I spent most of the day writing for the first time in a long time and i'd forgotten how really, really good it feels. seriously. i feel brilliant.

it's weird because i'm editing and i usually really hate editing. it's a soul killing activity for me, but today has been a good day, i think because the characters are really speaking to me. the dolls are at the table and the tea party is in full swing. metaphorically speaking, of course.

on a side note, can anyone tell me what it with the tw fandom's crazy obsession with writing in white type on a black background? seriously, at the end of a fic i feel like i'm going to go blind.

and additionally, does anyone else feel like torchwood is the new sentinel? remember when everyone and their brother was in the sentinel fandom, regardless of whether they'd seen an ep or not? every time i turn around i see tw icons in places i never expected to see them. it's a little unsettling after living in a tiny--though brilliant--fandom for so long.
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the doctor--nine (and ten to a lesser extent)
ray k
danny--aaron sorkin pwns me when he can make me watch a show about sports
nick--yeah that's right, i'm pulling out the p:tl references, yo

prince josua

are you seeing a pattern here? brilliant, pretty boys. broken boys. sadness, issues, determination, extreme competence. wicked humor, violence, borderline insanity. secrets, lies. leaders, followers, black sheep, bad guys in good guy hats, good guys with dark pasts.

and then there was the one that met all the above criteria, line for line. who it should have been no surprise that i would fall for and fall hard.


ed. he's fifteen. he's a cartoon. he's in an anime show and i didn't get anime. i didn't understand how you could tell a story in cartoons and make it mean something. and then there was ed. who was all the things i love, who was the main character, i hardly ever like the main character. but he stomped in with his metal limbs--and we all know how badly amputation freaks me out--his guilt, his determination and his brilliance and he pwned me.

so, yeah, not exactly one who didn't meet my type, but definitely one who i never saw coming.

are you still planning a comic-con outing? cause i'd be down with that.
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i've been putting it off, and putting it off even though many, many people have told me i would really love it. but, you know, there's the war aspect which i have a very hard time watching and it's another series to which i will lose hours of my time and i just haven't been in the right head space and i have thing to do.

but i started watching battlestar galactica anyway and it is all of those things and more. it's really, really pretty and decently written and acted and i love space. i do. i just love spaceships with the danger of being sucked out into space at any given moment. i love watching people deal with each other in a confined setting.

and starbuck if fucking hot, yo.

so, yeah, i'm trying to limit myself to just a couple of episodes at a time. we'll see how that goes.
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the new tv season is already on the downward spiral and i've been talking about it off and on with various friends trying to get an impression of what they think, how i feel about everything and what it ultimately means.

i mean, at the heart of it all, it's just television, right? it's entertainment and a luxury. but worker should be paid for their work, no matter what kind of work that entails and i don't know too many people who don't come down on the side of the writers.

if things don't end in a timely manner, it's going to be a very strange season in the history of us network television. house was just getting started, i mean, we finally, finally have a new team and there aren't too many eps left. if this is all there is, i don't know that i'll be picking up this season on dvd. it was okay to watch weekly, but the thing with house is that it builds over the course of the season and we haven't seen anything yet. and we likely won't.

criminal minds had, i think, some of their best episodes ever and they only have a handful more to give us. after some serious doubts about how this season was going to play out with gideon gone, it was firming up pretty well and i think could have been their best one yet.

heroes, like house, was just getting started and we hardly have anything left. you cant' fool me with the online stuff. if i want online stories, i'll go read the fic and probably like it better.

it's just television, but it's cultural, too. we talk about it at work, we go over episodes with friends. look at fandom. we build entire communities of strangers whose bond is based on little more than the love of a group of characters. i'm not saying television is the cement of our society, but it's a big deal and maybe that's sad and maybe in a thousand years college students will be writing papers showing the parallel between rome's colosseum gladiators and the wwf.

but it's what we do and it's how we relate. there was a comfort when i was in college and those first precarious weeks when i was over a thousand miles away from where i grew up in being abel to have the common language of television to break those first icy steps. we had other things to talk about, but introductory conversations always involved television. because even though some of us had grown up in florida or california or washington state, we'd all watched the same cartoons and loved the same shows.
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four phone calls down the line this morning, bouncing from one person to the next in my group of friends and around 11 this morning, i got the call. you'd think it was an important bit of world news or the report on a friend's health, but no! jk said it, dumbledore is gay. wait for fandom to explode. i was working all day, so i didn't get the chance to see if it did, but being harry potter, i can't imagine that it didn't.

you can say a lot about the harry potter books, you can say a lot about jk as an author, as a plotter, etc, forever. but that woman is damn smart. it's a pretty good bet she's known this for a long while and she waited until the books were done, until everyone and their brother had purchased her last book to tell us.

i can't honestly say i care one way or another about dumbledore, we all know my obsessions in this fandom tend towards snape, lupin and sirius. i do get a little bit of a mental chuckle over the image of snape and dumbledore drinking tea like the sad old queens that they are, though. come on, tell me it doesn't make you smile, just a little.

in other news, i'm loving the missy higgins album. there are a couple songs that are okay, but there are two--the first and the last--that are beyond excellent. i'm sure they're character songs, i just haven't decided who they belong to as yet. i listened on my drive to and from work as well as the surprise midday trip to another store to pick up stuff for my cafe because god forbid anyone ever tell us we're running low on anything. but the good news is, i'm taking steps to rectify the situation.

cut for great justice, or at least to make it easier on my flist while i talk about book awards )
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i think i may have mentioned shopping through my mom's cd's while i was home. ride forever just came up on my itunes and i'm almost crying with amusement. oh, paul gross. you are not a cowboy, but love you anyway.
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because i saw this one and thought it looked like fun. the only sad thing was that there are so many more fandoms that i've traveled through than ended up on this list.

Which fandom is...

The one who seduced you and fucked you over and broke your heart in a million pieces and laughed about it:
I think that would have to be angel. It had such great potential. It took characters that I had never really cared for and made me care. I still think that ‘thin dead line’ is one of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. dear god how I loved wes and gunn, but it veered off into territory I couldn’t follow, that didn’t make sense. The closer we got to the end, the less and less I cared about what happened to any of them until I was just glad it was over. that did not prevent me from sobbing like a broken hearted child at the series finale.

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still really enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp in the sheets: This one is a split. Option one goes to the sentinel, it was a bad show with a good premise and a lot of potential that went nowhere, but to this day, show me a jim and blair icon and it brings a smile to my face. Just the other day I read a ts fic for the hell of it, and god, they were good characters that were used poorly. Option two is highlander because for as much as highlander tends to run towards the crap end of the spectrum, methos is the best character on the planet. He is the only character I have ever wished was mine and mine alone and he looks good in whatever fandom you drop him in.

The mysterious dark gothy one whom you used to sit up with talking until 3 a.m. at weird coffeehouses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized he really was fucking crazy: x-files, hands down. That was one fucked up fandom, yo. I remember the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college I did read through everything on the internets that I could stomach, which is a hell of a lot more than I can these days. I don’t revisit, I try not to think about it, but yeah, it ate hours and hours of my time.

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor, and whom you'd still really like to fuck again although you're relieved he doesn't actually live in town: star wars. It ate my life, for years. star wars is bad for me, but man I love it. It was everything, it was engaging and charming and tragic and all the things I love about good fiction, oh yeah, and the movies sucked so hard core that I started rewriting them in my head in the theaters.

The steady: at the moment? Fma. Songs make me think of them, other movies make me think of them, they sit in the back of my head and chat at me all the time and I don’t see them moving on any time soon.

The alluring strangers whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with: the professionals—I’d never even seen the damn show, ouran for some reason, very, very few people can get the fic right, and west wing because all I ever wanted was good sam/toby and no one would write it.

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with but ultimately you're just good buddies 'cause the friendship is there but the chemistry ain't: I want to be hip deep in the doctor who fandom, I really do, but I feel like the show gives me everything I need and I just can’t get the bat off my shoulder.

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool guy except it's never really gone anywhere: I wanted to, but as yet, have nothing to show for criminal minds. Though the poltergeist the legacy crossover [livejournal.com profile] halfacork and I discussed in new york still intrigues me.

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at him and thinking, "him? how the hell did he land all these cool babes?": naruto, because for the love of god I can’t fucking understand. It’s not pretty and they’re all kids.

The one your friend has fallen for like a ton of bricks and whom she keeps babbling to you about on the phone for hours, and you'd be happy for her except you just know it's going to end badly: the legend of Zelda. I’ll read the fic she writes, because I like the way she writes, but well, there’s just nothing there. The fandom is small and filled with prudes and they don’t have any fun. Or, alternately, popslash, because while I will follow [livejournal.com profile] halfacork almost anywhere and she can get me to do almost anything, I could not follow.
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the thing i love about the internets is that things are contagious. fandom communities in particular catch things from each other all the time. sometimes it's silliness, sometimes it's wank and sometimes it's porn.

like when i saw the bleach kink meme and thought, huh, i wish we did that for fma and lo and behold, we are!

go, read, write, rec, request because seriously, we can't be outdone by bleach, yo.
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the plan is to make a quick post in an effort to utilize my lj account and then go on to do the actual work that i've been avoiding for um, three and a half hours. right.

house season three came out on dvd yesterday. i am, as has been stated, a big fan of the show. one of the things i appreciate most is that the show is getting better. so often i find a show that has a great first season and then begins a slow downward spiral into total suckatude. i'm looking at you lost. but the first season of house is great for its potential, for it characters and its ideas. it wasn't until the end of the first season that they were really starting to get thier feet and see where they were going. second season was better and third blew me away.

another one of the things i appreciate about house is that you can tell, especially when you have it on dvd, that they have quality writers who think about the season as a whole instead of as a single episode at a time. every major plot point is there in the first episode of the season. someone was thinking about the cohesive whole and in a media world where the script isn't as important as it used to be, it's brilliant to watch.

wilson on speed is still one of the best moments of the whole season.

i'd also like to comment on my involvement in the fma fandom. i realized the other day and have sort of been processing this since then that i've written a lot for fma. you might think this is sort of self evident, but i've done it all over a pretty broad range of time and kind of without a lot of conscious decision. i mean, i wrote a lot of fanfic in college, it was really the only writing i did in college. but i was all over the fandom map, dabbling in about ten ten different fandoms all at once.

and if you discount elementary jedi, which i do because i wrote it with someone else, and i never would have gone on as long with it if not for my writing partner, i've written more for fma than i have for any other fandom. which is weird because i was so hard core in love with tpm that i lived and breathed star wars for years.

i hardly ever think about e.j. any more when for a while, it was a huge topic of almost daily conversation--building plots, creating characters and storylines, imagining new and creative ways to mess with their lives. part of it i think is that i got all the closure i needed from the star wars fandom with revenge of the sith. it wasn't good, it wasn't what i wanted, but it was really a definitive end. and you can't have the farm boy, the princess and the smuggler who save the universe without the travesty of obi-wan spending the rest of his life alone in the desert.

i certainly don't regret my time with e.j. even though those first couple stories are really, really bad. towards the end there was some really good writing going on, and dear god i loved those characters. we had so much fun doing it, it really showed me that writing with someone else could actually work, that while i'm good on my own, when i work with [livejournal.com profile] sainnis we fill in the holes in each other's style. i love dialog, she loves description. i love plotting, she makes the written word so fucking beautiful sometimes i want to cry. it was a great learning experience and it was hard to walk away from, but we needed to, we needed to funnel our energy into different things.

i honestly never thought i'd be writing fanfic again. i thought i'd put it all behind me. i was hardly reading it anymore either. prisoner of azkaban the movie sucked me back in and then very shortly after, fma took up a parking spot in my brain and seems to be in for the long haul. i don't mind, not really. i'm fond, clearly, of the universe and the characters and i'm cool with them hanging out for a while.

yay memes

Aug. 13th, 2007 01:27 pm
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i love these kind of memes. totally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] halfacork who got it from someone else. that's how these things work, right?

Name 6 fandoms without peeking at the questions behind the cut and then have fun:

can you tell i typed this up in word? look at all the capitals )


Aug. 8th, 2007 05:25 pm
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so, a totally awesome--and by awesome i mean horrifying-- way to spend your afternoon is to track down your old website, you know, the one you haven't even looked at since 2001 and copy all the files to your newest computer.

i don't even remember writing some of this stuff. and it's so bad. *wails* i'm more than a little relieved that it was hard to find in the first place, and even more relieved to know that there is very, very little of it out there for public consumption. because it is made of fail.

there are maybe two things that i approve of in a very general way and everything else, ugh. it's saved to my hard drive for posterity, but good god. it's just embarrassing.
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so, there's still a lot going on and on and around and down the rabbit hole with lj policy, lj response time and clarification. i don't want to spend a lot of time writing about it, as there are many, many others standing on their soapboxes about this. but i'm keeping my ear to the ground, reading the appropriate posts and generally trying to be aware so that i know where to go if any of my fandoms jump ship. i'm not getting involved, mostly because it's a complicated issue and while i feel a certain way, everything about my life and education to this point has left me with the trained ability to see more than one side to an argument.

do i think that lj has handled this matter or any of the previous matters with the grace or care an international company should? no. do i think that it's doing its best to keep the same company safe from us legal? yes. do i think anyone's right to free speech is being infringed on? absolutely not. talk to someone who lives in constant fear of speaking her mind because her government will come and put her in jail and then talk to me about not being able to post something on a single internet site--there are many, many other places you can go. you can stand on a street corner and say whatever you want. you can post to your journal and say exactly what you think of the current issues without fear of someone knocking on your door.

this is a company trying to do what it can within the bounds of the law, a company that has to deal with complaints from more than just people in fandom. having worked for the past five years within a big corporation i can tell you they do the big things and the small things badly. often. it's a corporate mentality based in a business frame of mind. and if corporate oversight is your hard no as far as using a product is concerned, you're best looking else where because i can tell you, corporations don't change. they don't get better, they don't get less involved and they don't get more friendly to the bright, open minded, free thinking portion of the population. they aim for the lowest common denominator. i'm not defending them, but i understand what they're doing.

the internet isn't the wild west anymore. people are watching and thinking about what they see and they're paying attention. and for most people, it's hard to find a disconnect between what happens to a fictional fifteen year old and a real one. it's something i myself have a hard time reconciling, but i read warnings and choose appropriately to my comfort level.

yeah, so that was longer than i was expecting to get in to, but i feel better having said something, since it's all been circling my brain for the last couple days.
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well, here it is, the last day of july. overall, it was better than june, but i'm looking for improvement in august.

i posted every day this month, with the exception of the blackout day, which still kind of bums me out. i'm not sure how i feel about it, in some respects it was good for me to get some thoughts out on paper, as it were. at other times, i really felt like i was reaching for anything to say. and in a testament to my laziness, i still have pics of my knitting i wanted to post and never did. there is now a hat that's been completed, yay!

things i've learned: i think about work too much, harry potter ate my brain, despite the fact that i don't spend that much time watching television, it takes up an inordinate amount of my posting time, i should be reading more, july was a great month for movies but from the previews i got, this fall will not be, WILL STANTON IS NOT AN AMERICAN, ahem. oh, and botporn is still an awesome if disturbing word.

so, instead of sitting here, talking about the things i did, or didn't do, i'm going to finish my mountain of wash, get the rest of my room in order, give simon a bath(shhh, don't tell), go to the knitting shop and find out what i need to make a small afghan and buy hot fuzz, cause it's out today and buddy cops = love. oh, yeah and write about thirty pages because the birthday the story should be done for? yeah it's in two days. way to procrastinate, asshole.

and that will have been july.
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omg, hp 5 = awesome.

they did such a great job cutting out all the crap that made five my least favorite. it's concise, interesting, entertaining and almost everything the book should have been. i actually felt bad for harry in the movie whereas the book, kind of made me want to smack him around and tell him to quit whining.

that being said, the two things i loved the most about five were the twins and snape's worst memory. both were touched on in the movie, but not really brought to their full potential. sad, but i'll take it for an overall win.

i saw it in the imax with the 3D ending and here's my advice, save yourself the money and see it on a regular screen. i still have a headache and it made the special effects look kind of dumb. when i see it again, as i will be, i'll be seeing it on a regular screen.

it's so weird to think that in ten days it's all going to be over. it's not even so much that they're great books. there are books i like better. there are books that are better written, that have better plots and characters. there are more innovative types of magic and worlds and yet. i am still captivated by harry potter.

i blame the third movie entirely for turning me into a crazy person. it's still fun, it's a fandom full of nuts, but i love it and them and it's been a fun ride. i think i'm ready to let them all go, i'm ready to see them off. i feel like i have enough of their story to know, no matter how it all turns out, the ones who live will be okay. it's kind of how i felt at the end of buffy, i was sad that it was over, but i'd spent enough time with them, we'd reached a parting of ways.

it doesn't mean it's not sad, or that i won't go back and read parts of the books again, or watch the movies as they wind down, but i think this is the final bow before the stage goes black, and that's all right.
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for the, you know, two people who read this who aren't [livejournal.com profile] halfacork.

go here, [livejournal.com profile] twicetoldfandom check this out, add your two cents cause it looks really, really cool.


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