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Sep. 24th, 2008 10:46 pm
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seriously, that was damn near perfect. when they're on, when they're working it, that is a damn fine show.

'you are my god given solace' is possibly one of the most spot on, heartbreakingly perfect sentiments ever.


for real
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usually, when i have dreams about being in school, it's something to do with the end of the semester and the realization that i've completely neglected to go to a class for the whole term. i end up faced with the decision of either going to take a final for a class i've never been to, or just avoiding the whole thing and hoping that it goes away.

this time, i was taking a final that apparently i had something like six hours to write. i'd write a couple lines then get up to go do something else, despite the fact that i knew i needed the entire time to do a good job. i think it may have something to do with the fact that i've been sitting on the same chapter for almost two weeks. there isn't even much in the way of editing that it needs. i've just been sitting on it.

i hate it when my subconscious acts all superior.

it struck me the other day i haven't been talking much about the other shows i watch, other than dr. who and torchwood, mostly because i don't feel like the writer's strike did anyone any favors and because when dr. who and torchwood are on, they kind of eat my brain. i'm looking forward to the summer when i get it back. though, if there is another freaking spin off with i'mnotamarysue!doctor's daughter i think i will lose my shit just a bit. i'm pretty sure there will be, and that's why they've been dropping hints about a female doctor for the past six months, but for real, i just don't care. the way i don't care about sarah jane. i just don't. there is a limit to my interest in the who-verse.

house was kind of disappointing to begin with and then stumbled a lot as a result of the break. it's really too bad that they saved up their best stuff for the two part season finale. this week's episode was kind of brilliant and i'm hoping for something as good next week. i don't think i'll be owning this season, though. it's not worth it.

criminal minds has been all right, but i hate the new guy they got to replace inigo montoya so much i kind of snarl a little whenever he comes on the screen. he's so useless i can barely stand it. especially because his only role seems to be to correct and then rescue the poor, stupid women on the show. because he is clearly so much smarter and better and they are just dumb girls. patriarchy, much? i do love jj with bad fake new orleans accent guy, though. and xander as computer tech geek with garcia fills me with total glee. they are too adorable for words.

oh, oh, my god, i haven't talked about the absolute crack addled insanity that is bleach, either. you have to love a series that, when it gets bored with what it's working on, completely blows it's own time line, leaves the main characters on the brink of a major battle and or death and jumps to a totally different story line that we can only assume takes place some time before everyone went off to heuco mundo. not that i'm complaining, i love soul society so much better than i love ichigo's scooby gang fighting arancar but there is NO EXPLANATION. and that level of crack is kind of love.

oh, yeah, and i got a raise, yesterday when i didn't think it would be getting on for the second year in a row. so, you know, go me. and go my boss for sticking up for me and making it happen.
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this morning while i drove to work at seven, the sky looked like the ocean before a storm. that perfect, watery gray that made me almost taste the salt in the air. but we're nowhere near the ocean and it didn't last that long, but for a little while it was lovely.

did i mention i missed the last ep of criminal minds? it's like i lost my mind. i was writing in my room and when i looked up it was quarter to ten. i don't know where the time went. hopefully it will be up online in the next couple days and i'll be all caught up before next week.

i think my new store is going to be good. i worked a full shift there yesterday and i'm in this really great grace period where all the people who irritate the living hell out of everyone else roll right off my back. there's so much to do, the person who had my job did pretty much nothing her last month and you can tell. but it's all doable and i'm kind of excited. i feel like i can go there and do some good. we'll see how long that lasts, but for now, it's nice.

tomorrow is my last day at my old store and that is very strange. i've been there a long time by retail standards and there were a lot of things i really did like about it, but by the end there was so much i really hated i'm not too sad to be going. i was worried initially that i might have made a mistake, but i think it's actually going to be just fine.
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dear criminal minds,

are you motherfucking kidding me?

this is how you're dealing with this? petty much?

no love,

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heroes was excellent, even though i didn't get to see it until last night because of work. one hour and i'm right back on board with everyone and everything from the first season. i can't wait to see what's coming, though i'm pretty sure watching it week to week is going to be torture.

house was a bit of a stumbly start. kind of an odd episode, not htier strongest. great great great wilson and house interaction because they crack me up, but if you take that out, there's just not much to the episode. it was funny but a little out of focus. i expect the season will get better.

criminal minds is tonight, though apparently, it's the missing ep from last season and next week starts the season for real. still, new ep, i'll totally take it.

also, we have my favorite bathmat back in the bathroom, which is a strange statement on many levels. it seems weird that i would have both enough bathmats and a specific preference to have a favorite.


Jun. 28th, 2007 01:24 pm
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i can't believe it's already almost the end of june. i kind of officially hate june's guts.

there've been some notable highlights. both nyc trips. bea with the books and the not working and the books.

the wedding not as horrifying as i was expecting and seeing [ profile] halfacork after six years was about fucking awesome. it's weird how some things have changed--we all have jobs now, some of us are married, but it was almost exactly the same group dynamic as when we were in school. the girls drinking and chatting about the kind of things i've never understood and the two of us sitting in a corner talking about porn.

except this time it was about criminal minds not highlander or angel or, god, how many fandoms ago was that?

july will be better. it has to be better because i honest to god can't deal with it if it's going to follow in june's footsteps.

i've finished some books and when i get the chance i'll bore you to death with my thoughts on them.

in further news, have finally, finally finished criminal minds, both season. it's really something as far as crime shows go. it's a good cast, interesting eps, but it's really the characters that do it for me. they're all so different but interesting and complex why the hell aren't there more people writing for it? come on.

also, is it strange that i can't even think of eating while watching house because of the ew surgery factor, but i'm totally cool with criminal minds and their serial killers?

and yeah, that was not union station, dc. not even close, guys. you can do better.

and doctor who? holy god, it is made of awesome. how they manage epic in thirteen episodes is amazing. there's one ep left of season three and then it starts again on sci-fi on the sixth so i get to what the whole thing all over again, but this time on a regular tv. huzzah!

my twicetold fic is almost done, it'll be shorter than i was hoping, but as that i lost my days off again this week, it'll be what it is and i'll try not to hate it. some parts are good and some parts are just done and that's what i'm going to have to live with. also, it's more of a build up to something else i've got brewing in the back of my mind and those are always strange pieces.

and because there isn't enough insanity in my life i'm considering this: [ profile] summerofcm i really need some cm icons, but haven't been bothered to look yet.

did i mention i have to rewrite about 200 pages of material and edit the hell out of another two hundred in july?

/loves ambition
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so, next week is going to be a beautiful thing. next week i won't have to be in my cafe at all. next week i'll actually have days off. next week i'll get to spend time talking fannish things with a friend i haven't seen in ages. next week is the light at the end of my tunnel of doom.

i just have to get through the rest of this one to get there. four more days of the cafe and i should be done. almost a month this has been going on, 30 days of 60 hour weeks, 15 hour days frustration, irritation and did i mention that the back room to my cafe is about a million degrees? because it is.

but soon, very very soon, it will all be done. i can go back to the bookstore. i can go back to my books and my displays and my irritating customers and whiny staff and it will be glorious. just a few more days and we're good.

in case you're wondering how i've been coping? yeah, that'd be called consuming a new fandom. hello, *waves to criminal minds*. you're so shiny. why aren't more people writing for you, you poor little thing?

also, the new dr who ep, blink? brilliant. absolutely brilliant. it reminded me of the buffy ep hush, in the way it scared the absolute crap out of me. i must have jumped at least four times during the episode. god i love that show.


Jun. 9th, 2007 12:57 am
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here's something to keep in mind. dehydration, overheating and alcohol don't mix. even if it is your friend's birthday. am feeling v. very ill.

in other non-health related news--this is how i go from 'huh, this is an interesting show' to full blown obession in one easy step: kidnapping and torture of the main character. but not gross torture, just mild, hurt comfort, mental fucking torture. dear criminal minds, i think i love you. also, morgan=teh pretty.

when i'm feeling better, i'll list all of the reasons this fandom works so well for me. for now, i'm going to bed.


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