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Everyone wave hello to Diah!

He's my new laptop--an incredibly lavish Christmas present--that was very much needed as I'd been cobbling together computer/internet time on my own slowly dying desktop and E's laptop. It was problematic as she uses it a lot for school work and I couldn't always get the time I wanted. Grades > Fic What can you do?

Anyway, everything is now happily transferred over and running smoothly. Hopefully this means I will be able to update more regularly. Or at least more regularly than I have been.

In other news, I ordered in The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter for myself because we don't normally carry it and I have a thing about ordering books online. I work in a bookstore, I should be able to get anything I want without having to resort to the internet. Anyway, it's all about RTD writing the Specials season of Doctor Who. It was endlessly fascinating and made me want to watch Who so much.

I watched The End of Time parts 1 and 2 and wish that I cared as much about Eleven as I did about Nine and Ten. Nine is my favorite and I think, always will be, but I ended up loving Ten after just a couple of episodes. I still like the show, I do. I think the story lines are interesting and the show is still cool, but I don't have this gut reaction to Eleven that I had with the last two. Part of it is definitely that it feels like everything I spent the last five years LOVING never even happened.

I'm happy a new season will be starting in the spring, but it makes me sad the only thing I'm going to get from RTD is America!Torchwood.

This is not exactly where I expected this post to go, but there you are. I have some fic to post, little baby things that I'd like to have here in my journal, and I'm a crazy person about that kind of thing, but that is going to have to wait for another day.

Also!! If anyone is reading anything AWESOME in the book world drop me a line. I'm dying for something good. I'd prefer something grown up, but I'll take any rec as long as it's good.
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and now my computer has a virus. it has enough functionality for me to retrieve all the shit i've been meaning to back up but never have, which is nice, and then i get to reformat the damn thing and start all over.

in other news, this evening i sorted and put out the romance monthlies which i haven't done since i changed stores. it was weirdly easier than i remember but still dumb because the books are pretty trashy and we end up throwing them away at the end of every month. ahhh, consumer society, you are so special.
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so, it’s been a good morning.

my computer is fixed, so i’m back with my very one system. the sad news is that i didn’t get anything back, so i’ve had to spend more time than i’d wish going through and finding web pages, reloading crap into my system that i’d downloaded, etc, etc, but it’s done and it’s mine again.

also, i am the happy purchaser of tickets for the oct. david gray show in philly. i’m so excited, i don’t really know what to do with myself. david is my musical equivalent of michael chabon, who is my literary equivalent of ewan macgregor. any one of them could do literally anything and i would listen/read/see it.

so, yeah, i can now catch up on internet-y type things and there is happiness all around.
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so, it’s been ages since I’ve done a for real update, but it’s because my computer is still something of a piece of shit and I’m spending all my online time on a borrowed one, which, by the way, sucks.

I’m going to take a moment to rant about work, which is not something I find myself doing so much with this job. my last one, yeah, definitely, I hated it, and it wasn’t too fond of me, but this one, its been almost two years and I’m pretty okay with it. most days.

random whining )
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Well, okay, maybe hate is a bit of a strong word. i mean, internet access while stupid piece of shit samuel has none. that's good. being able to write on the laptop, that's good. but not having samuel working properly is not good. i don't like it. i miss my own keyboard, and my backgrounds and my music and a myriad of other things that i can't think of right now, but know that i miss them. dearly.

part of the problem is that i haven't given it to anyone to fix yet, because well, sometimes i'm not so bright. i keep thinking that i'm magically going to acquire the skills to fix it on my own, or that it will suddenly start working. i don't know what is wrong with me sometimes, as i know the likelihood of this happening is actually less than me winning the lottery or being hit by lightening.

so not being able to be online means that i'm finding all other kinds of ways to amuse myself. for instance, the game that someone from work let me borrow for one of my game consoles is nearly done. it's a four disc game and i'm nearing the end of disc three. in addition, i've been reading like a crazy person. part of that has been that i've actually hit upon a good string of books that i actually like as opposed to the shit i've been subjecting myself to lately.

skip this part, those of you not giving a shit about what i've been reading )

and in addition, i saw batman begins, which was amazingly good. a batman movie with a plot, who would have thought? and howl's moving castle, which was also really good. i wanted the ending to be sadder, but was overall very pleased. this is what is wrong with american animation, not only that it isn't 2d anymore, but also because the plotting sucks. take a lesson from the movies you're distributing, disney. they can have plots and everything.

so that's my big fat update in the land of no computer

oh, and the day after i whined about my parents not sending me a card, a big box came from my mom and dad with a cute card about being late and lots of cool, fun things. i feel better, but still a little weird i guess because i let it get to me so much, and why didn't they just tell me they were going to be late instead of not saying anything and making me think i'd done something wrong. honestly.
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yeah, so the reason i haven't been updating is that my computer is dead. dead i tell you, dead. i've done everything i can think of to make it work on my own. and now i have to ship it off to a place that can not only make go, but also get the things that i don't have saved anywhere else in the whole fucking world because i'm retarded and didn't back it up anywhere else.

so this is short, because i'm on sarah's computer and i have to go to work, but this is why there's been nothing here for the last couple days.

i hate computers.


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