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the bleach movie was so much better than i remembered it being the first time around. renji's voice is awful and surfer!uruhara is awful, but after a little bit, i didn't mind the dub so much, though the japanese cast is about a million times better. it was totally fun because the theater was filled with anime nerds, the type that cheered when kenpachi showed up at the end and laughed at all the stupid jokes. the group experience may have been what made it better.

also found out from the little behind the scenes thing at the beginning of the movie that kubo tite is going to be at comic con. which is huge and i imagine will be next to impossible to see, but he's going to be there and that's pretty fucking awesome.

also, fma chapter 84: when did ed get so grown up? god he's really coming into his own and i couldn't be more proud. and, and oh, no al! can't they catch a break? a month of waiting for ten minutes worth of reading. sigh.
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long time, no fic post, right?

so, it's not fma, i've been shying away from even doing much reading because, you know, ed EATS MY BRAIN, but i owe a couple virtual and not so virtual gifts. i'm starting with this, [livejournal.com profile] sainnis's pressie, where i've been brave and dipped my toe into the shark infested ocean that is the bleach fandom. it's HUGE and complicated and complex and there's very little canonical information on the people i love best.

this is, um, how to put this politely, not good. honest. i'm not saying that for you all to reassure me. it's a first attempt and we all know how my first attempts go but i have a soft spot for shunsui and ukitake. even if i'd so much rather have renji and shuuhei because, omg tattoo!porn. but it's at least not awful and grammatically correct (i think). it's also possible that ukitake ended up vaguely ianto-ish. *shrugs* maybe they'd just get along.

it's a gift and it's a duty and it's a privilege to get to write this for someone who is one of the best writers on the planet. for real, you do it good.

Fandom: Bleach
Title: Sake, Candy and Bad Pulp Romance
Pairing: Ukitake/Shunsui
Raiting: PGish sorry :(
Word Count: 790
Spoilers: this could easily fit at any time in the series, but i think goes pretty well anime-wise before the bounto arc nonsense. also, additional information gleaned from the Bleach Official Bootleg, which is way, way cool.

sake and candy ho! )
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usually, when i have dreams about being in school, it's something to do with the end of the semester and the realization that i've completely neglected to go to a class for the whole term. i end up faced with the decision of either going to take a final for a class i've never been to, or just avoiding the whole thing and hoping that it goes away.

this time, i was taking a final that apparently i had something like six hours to write. i'd write a couple lines then get up to go do something else, despite the fact that i knew i needed the entire time to do a good job. i think it may have something to do with the fact that i've been sitting on the same chapter for almost two weeks. there isn't even much in the way of editing that it needs. i've just been sitting on it.

i hate it when my subconscious acts all superior.

it struck me the other day i haven't been talking much about the other shows i watch, other than dr. who and torchwood, mostly because i don't feel like the writer's strike did anyone any favors and because when dr. who and torchwood are on, they kind of eat my brain. i'm looking forward to the summer when i get it back. though, if there is another freaking spin off with i'mnotamarysue!doctor's daughter i think i will lose my shit just a bit. i'm pretty sure there will be, and that's why they've been dropping hints about a female doctor for the past six months, but for real, i just don't care. the way i don't care about sarah jane. i just don't. there is a limit to my interest in the who-verse.

house was kind of disappointing to begin with and then stumbled a lot as a result of the break. it's really too bad that they saved up their best stuff for the two part season finale. this week's episode was kind of brilliant and i'm hoping for something as good next week. i don't think i'll be owning this season, though. it's not worth it.

criminal minds has been all right, but i hate the new guy they got to replace inigo montoya so much i kind of snarl a little whenever he comes on the screen. he's so useless i can barely stand it. especially because his only role seems to be to correct and then rescue the poor, stupid women on the show. because he is clearly so much smarter and better and they are just dumb girls. patriarchy, much? i do love jj with bad fake new orleans accent guy, though. and xander as computer tech geek with garcia fills me with total glee. they are too adorable for words.

oh, oh, my god, i haven't talked about the absolute crack addled insanity that is bleach, either. you have to love a series that, when it gets bored with what it's working on, completely blows it's own time line, leaves the main characters on the brink of a major battle and or death and jumps to a totally different story line that we can only assume takes place some time before everyone went off to heuco mundo. not that i'm complaining, i love soul society so much better than i love ichigo's scooby gang fighting arancar but there is NO EXPLANATION. and that level of crack is kind of love.

oh, yeah, and i got a raise, yesterday when i didn't think it would be getting on for the second year in a row. so, you know, go me. and go my boss for sticking up for me and making it happen.
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1) in our psychology section, there are a disturbing number of books with the word crazy in the title. this seems, to me, just a touch insensitive.

2) i have also discover an amazing and extensive well of live david gray songs which i am currently glutting myself on. he is delicious.

3) new bleach captain is new. and also kind of adorable. i can't tell you how much i've missed soul society--i don't care if they are filler eps. it's far better than the repetition of ichigo's scooby gang getting their asses kicked for the last, i don't know eight million episodes.

3 b) i think that hitsugaya only pretends to find matsumoto irritating. i think he picked her as his vice captain so he could sit around and look at enormous boobies all day. can you blame him?

it was...

Dec. 13th, 2007 03:45 pm
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a year ago today that i started keeping this journal actively again. this is the longest by far that i've used my space and it's kind of cool to see that i've made it this far. as some of you know i have the unfortunate habit of dropping off the face of the earth for a little while with no warning or contact. i'm trying to be better about that, to be more aware that i'm doing it and this journal helps me with that.

these are the things i meant to post over the last couple days and have either been too tired or too overwhelmed to do so...

1) during his speech to accept his nobel prize, al gore said, "planet earth had a fever." he went on to talk about other things, but the only thing i could think of was "and the only cure is more cowbell." thanks al!

2) the new bleach movie will be out in japan on the 22. this give me 8 days to learn enough japanese to understand what's going on, buy a ticket and see it. but that's cool, because i've already got about five words down, so i only need how many more thousand? totally doable. it's about hitsugaya and i love him and i want to see it and i'm going to have to wait FOREVER for a downloadable version.

3) we had a big author event in the store this week. it went smoothly enough, even though we were worried there would be protesters and we'd hired off-duty police officers for the occasion, nothing happened--v. very good. however, when i call the person in charge of author events for my area at the home office and ask if there is any last minute information we need or any special requests from the authors and i'm told no, i stupidly assume this is the case. when she said no, what she meant was, they're going to want blue sharpies--which we didn't have because no one ever wants blue sharpies--, they're going to have a documentary crew with them and the radio station is going to show up and set up a booth. but you know, nothing major we should know about. <_>

nerd alert

Aug. 25th, 2007 06:19 pm
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yeah, that's right, who bought the 2008 FMA calendar today? that would be me, because i'm a nerd. but it's so pretty. there are 2 pics of ed and al as little kids and god they are so cute i just want to squeeze them. there is also a fantastic one of roy and hughes. i'm very excited, mostly because i only had to open about eight boxes to find it. i was sure i was going to have to dig through all fifty boxes of calendars.

bleach is now finally done with filler eps and we are moving, thankfully, into actually story material. and hopefully some episodes that are less ugly.

i think i'm going to go play zelda.
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so, work wasn't so awful, which was kind of nice as it was a sunday and people tend to be extra pissy on sundays. it's amazing how much more patient i can be with everyone when i've had a week to be away from them.

i am now going to take a moment to talk about bleach. it's a great show, the manga is great, i took a break from it to let the episodes run ahead of me because watching it a week at a time is little like torture because not much happens. when i saw the communities and individual journals crying about the latest episodes being ridiculous filler instead of plot, i was thinking it couldn't be too bad. you know the internets, we overreact because we have nothing better to do.

yeah they were right. hitsugaya playing soccer? the only reason, the only reason i watched the whole episode is because i love hitsugaya. which is why the next episode, i watched bits of before turning it off. apparently in the one after that, the shinigamis aka DEATH GODS take some time to bake a fucking cake.

because training for the upcoming battle to save the world is for pussies.

also, the art makes my eyes bleed. i know the show comes out every week, but we'd wait longer for characters that actually looked like themselves.

i watched my badly translated ouran to make myself feel better. it's funny and shiny and did i mention so pretty i want to die?


Jul. 25th, 2007 10:45 am
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the icon is a little dramatic, but you know, i love nine.

yeah, so thanks to the blackout yesterday, i missed my post for the day. that's what i get for not doing it in the morning. except i had nothing to say. not that i've got loads more now to chat about, but the deal was that i was going to post every day in july. and livejournal killed it, killed it, killed it dead.

not that i can really blame anyone for having massive power failure. i'd like to, but shit happens, yo.

i'm getting back into bleach. i took a break and let the anime run a little bit because as much as i love the show, watching it week to week is a little torturous. not much in the way happens during any given episode, except someone, sometimes several someones, bleeding profusely. it's much better to watch in two or three episode chucks.

i have knitting class tonight, i managed to get almost everything done for the class, i have about an inch left to go on the ugly brown hat. it seemed like a better color when i picked it out, but that's okay, because i will send it away when it's done and never have to see it again. yay!
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i'm going to do a couple quick things now, and then more tomorrow. it's late, but it's been a few days since i've posted and i'm not really tired yet.

my faux-weekend was pretty much made of awesome. I caught up on bleach, which is turning out lovely, i'm particularly a big fan of ichigo and ishida's dads. they are so cool.

spent a good amount of time with holly. last year was the year of 'omg, we have such a good time when we hang out, we should do it more often, and then never do'. this year, we are making an effort to actually hang out, which is good. me getting out of my apt. is a good thing, even if it makes me vaguely nervous. which is ridiculous, because i go to hang out with people i like, and yet.

anyway, we ate good food, she and sarah watched total crap grays anatomy, which is 1) a medical drama(a. ew, and b. there is only room in my life for one of those and it's called house) 2)uber soap opera-esque, but i read magazines and wrote a little porn, so all was good. there was a minor crisis after we left, but we had bananas and were able to talk hol out of her crazy tree.

interestingly enough, we did an almost exact repeat on sat. night, but this time we made food and watched bad movies instead. if you have never seen, or in my case, not seen in a long time 'pump up the volume' with christian slater, it's hilarious. i think i was in junior high when it came out, and you know, nothing like my hs experience, but was still fun--to make fun of anyway. also because i have a hard time seeing christian slater and not thinking of him as will scarlet.

mmmmm, robin hood. it's hot, see, because he gets shot through the hand. clearly i have issues.

there was preliminarily, possibly, early early early good news on the writing front, though i'm taking a very fight club kind of stance on this. the first rule is...

though, actually, i'm finding the first rule is 'don't even think about it', because just writing this little bit is making me sort of nauseous.

had my meeting friday, and what a waste of a day. the only good thing i can say about it was i was done early, which was good because apparently the fucking arctic has decided to descend on pennsylvania. it's cold. i know i've said it's cold before, but apparently, i know not from cold because this? this is the end of the world.
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sometimes, when i'm driving through the ridiculously picturesque and straight from a movie set looking suburbia on my way home, all i can think when i look at the different houses is how cool it would be for my sims to live in a house like that.

and then i think i need to get out more.

had to go in this afternoon for an interview. i like doing interviews, i do. i get to have all the power in the situation, i get to do a little talking and mostly listen to the other person sum up his or her life and self in fifteen to twenty minutes. what i do not enjoy, however, is listening to people shoot themselves in the foot in the interview process. i'm all about honesty, it's good and helpful, but for the love of god, don't tell me you're unreliable, you are lazy unless someone is on top of you every second of the day. i mean, sure, it makes my decision easier, but come on!

in nerdish anime/manga news, this ) is the best fma page to date. i love the internet. i love fans who will translate manga and post it to the aforementioned internet.
overall it was a great chapter, and the shit that's coming, that we're so close to now, it sends chills down my spine and i love Hiromu Arakawa's work more and more with each new chapter.

also, newest ep of bleach? if i can't have Kyoraku Shunsui and Ukitake Jyuushirou on a regular basis and who are such love, we finally get to ishida's dad and the bit with ichigo's dad which is made of awesome. i'm so excited, even if i have to wait for weekly updates now that i'm all caught up.


Dec. 30th, 2006 07:34 pm
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you know, it's funny because when i was little, christmas was this big thing. i mean, we never really got a lot and it certainly wasn't a religious holiday in my house, but it was time off school and a good meal and a couple of gifts that i'd been wanting for months or things i never knew i wanted until i saw them. like the year that my dad spent extra hours at his work making me a huge black iron key. three feet long, smooth and perfect it was a giant replica of a skeleton key for my name because kee has always been a nickname for me.

as i've gotten older, it's gotten less important. i live over a thousand miles from my family and i work in retail, so there's no chance in hell i'm getting home for the holidays. i also don't spend a restless night on christmas eve just waiting for the morning. it's a day off work, of food with a sort of surrogate family and a couple of presents, all of which are cool, but it's not like it was.

however, this is not to say that i appreciate spending christmas eve and the first couple hours of christmas in the er. it's not as much fun as it looks like on the tv and i have to say i could have done without it. sick as a dog, my eye oozing the most disgusting ooze i've ever seen, it was horrible. when i finally got home, i slept for a couple hours, was up ridiculously early and only had the energy to lay on the couch and watch tv. then i slept from noon to five, was up for a couple more hours and then went to bed.

all in all, not the best christmas i've had.

it's weird though, because it sucked and i'd not care to repeat it, but i'm not really upset. i guess it's because i had a good thanksgiving, the first with my fam in five years that did it, or maybe because it really is just another day, only with presents.

in other, nerd news, because i was so sick, i went in to work for a couple hours on tuesday and then didn't go back until this morning. so, i camped out and watched every available episode of bleach online because i didn't have the energy or concentration to read. man that's a good show. it's not on the level of fma, i don't think anything ever will be, for me, but it's damn good.

also, ouran high school host club came in time for xmas which i bought for myself and sarah because well, i fucking loved that show and i want to watch it on a real tv. the translation is total crap, but it's so pretty i want to die. it makes me v. happy and it came in a fun wooden box. mmmmm, host club.

and for the last bit, my parents got my a digital camera for xmas, which means that soon there will be pics. it's totally a selfish present on the part of my parents because they're hoping i'll take pics and send them along so they can see things like my apartment and stuff. i plan on using it to take pictures of my simon boy, my fma xmas tree--because i'm a crazy person-- and the awesome fma purse sarah got me for xmas. with luck, i'll figure it out soon and there will be pics.


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