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that i can get better, more authentic chinsese food here in Nowhere, Florida than i can get in a major urban center?

my brother and his wife came down last night and are staying till monday, which is fantastic because i get to see them less than i get to see my parents. there are few things that amuse me more than geeking out with my brother, we're so alike it's a little scary.
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so, i just spent almost three hours on the phone with my brother talking about everything from movies to tv to video games to books we've been reading. his job, my job, my writing, our cats and oh yeah, the fact that his wife is pregnant.

dude. he's stuck in my head at like 22, which i know isn't right because he's four years older than i am and i passed 22 seven years ago. but still, my brother is going to be a dad and how weird is that?

but you know what's really weird? he's going to be an awesome dad. just the right mix of relaxed and worried.

but still pretty fucking weird.
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because visits home can never really be reconciled in just one post.

i realized this time that thanksgiving is the most expensive meal i have of the year. except instead of getting dressed and going to an overpriced and overrated restaurant, i go home and eat the things i did while i was growing up. and people do it all over the country, every year.

i got the chance to talk with andrew about yiddish policemen's union, which i talked him into reading, but then never heard how he thought about it. turns out my recs are made of win, because he did like it, after the first 90 pages and it makes me so happy because god i loved that book and i love that i can share it. he also told me about some story ideas that he had and i wish that he would write them. because the only reason i ever picked up a pen to put story to paper was because he said he was going to and god forbid i not be a competitive little shit. i finished the story i worked on and andrew only wrote one page, but his one unfinished page was light years better than my nine pages of ten-year-old badly written mystery fiction. he writes beautifully and i wish that he would because i would love to read his stories. even if they are a harder sci-fi than i tend to like.

the other great things about going home is that i get the chance to read a lot, because well, it's a very small town, all my hs friends moved away and there is literally nothing to do but go to the beach and die. while i was driving through town, i realized that about 80 percent of the businesses are all health care businesses to keep the elderly alive just a little longer. it's very strange and not a little unsettling.

books are cool! )
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because i love trilogies

The visit home in three not so equal, but easy, pieces.

So, right, the sucky part of going home as follows: )

For the not suck: part two )

And for the random: part three )

and on an entirely different note, dear heroes, i would please like my brain back now. with the season on dvd, having not watched any of it, i have no idea how those of you who watched it on the tv could stand the suspense. we've run through about half the season since about seven last night.


May. 13th, 2007 10:00 pm
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it's the ugliest scarf in existence. and you know, existence is pretty big, so that's saying a lot.

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i don't know that the pictures really do it justice for its foulness, you'll just have to trust me. but the deal is that i finished it, i'm done and can move on to more interesting and hopefully less ugly things.

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in other news, when i called my mom this morning for mother's day, she passed on the news that andrew got the first phone call. he asked if he was the first to call and when mom said yes, he said, 'i win.' i'd like to be adult and all 'aren't we a little old to be competing this way?' but if i'd gotten the first call, i would have said the same thing.
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last night was my writing group, and it was the best one we've had in months. everyone was there, along with a new person, and we actually wrote something, instead of eating and playing board games. not that i'm opposed to eating and playing board games. but we are a writing group, not a board game playing group, and it felt really good to write.

the interesting thing is that we used the fanfic 100 table as our writing prompt, because, well i'm a little obsessed with it at the moment. i mean, i'm not going to do it, because i'm not out of my mind and also all the good people have already been taken, but i do like the prompts. i think sarah and i are going to use them for our original fic instead to keep us writing while the editing process continues.

also, my brother, who i always sort of picture in my head as 24, which can't be right because i'm 26 and he's older, is 30 today. it seems so strange and such a grown up number. i mean, yeah, he's married and they have a house and stuff, but thirty seemed such a long way away when we were little. and as much as he used to torture me as a kid, there were some really good times too, especially once we got over the fighting part. he turned out to be a way better guy than i would have thought when i was say, ten years old.

i wish i could be there. it's times like this, birthdays, holidays, occasions that i really feel the distance and wish that it could be as easy as hoping in the car and driving ten minutes to see them. but instead, it involves planes and time off work and money, all of which are in short order at the moment. so instead, i have a phone call to make.


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