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seriously. the love i hold for aaron sorkin knows no bounds. the man can write dialog like no one else on the planet. it transcends mere communication and is instead beauty in itself.

the movie was very good, btw, which is saying something and i kind of hate tom hanks and don't care for julia roberts, hard to watch at times and i have a headache from trying not to cry like a child in public because war scenes do that to me now.

but. funny and dire and overwhelming all at the same time. there is a cadence to his dialog that makes it more like music and less like people talking, without ever losing the feeling of people actually speaking.

endless, boundless, defining love.
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watching west wing, above and beyond it being a brilliant show in its own right, now makes me think of primeminister!roy and bodyguard!ed. also, i love leo so hardcore it's ridiculous. he is made of the original win.

it was like everything sports night could have been given enough funds, a network that cared and an audience that understood what the hell was happening. and it's everything that studio 60 could have been if there had been one or two people on aaron sorkin's staff who would have told him no, i don't think this is a good idea.
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so, it's late and i'm not tired, so i thought i'd post about things i meant to mention earlier this week but forgot.

of course being me, and being that my life is clearly overrun by media, what i have to chat about is tv related, i don't know how interesting this will be, but you know, it fills the day and makes me feel better about the journal and to be honest, i can't imagine more than one other person reading this anyone, and i hope she'll forgive my rambling. (grins)

first off, studio 60.
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in other news, we're trying hard to resurrect the shambles that is our writing group, even if it's just going to be sarah, holly and myself. holly really wants to start writing which i think is awesome and sarah always does better when she has someone to pat her head along the way and tell her what an amazing job she's doing. i think if she could write in front of a stadium like a rock star, she'd be set for life.

so, we picked ten prompt words, set a five hundred word limit and will reconvene next week some time. i'm all kinds of excited about the five hundred limit, as sarah and i are working on one thousand word limit at the moment and it's really, really hard. i mean, i've written sixty prompts set at five hundred words over the past two or three months and i've gotten very good at it. a thousand words is either too much or not enough, and i'm having a hard time finding a good middle ground. i'm not giving up, but i am excited about the mini reprieve.
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there are not many things in life that will set me off with little provocation. i tend to be slow to anger and when i do get angry, it tends to burn off pretty quickly. frankly it takes more energy than i;m willing to expend in any given time period.

that being said, just the fact that it was the third monday of the month and the book group was coming was enough to set me on edge. that the evil leader of said book group had come in early to irritate the hell out of the morning crew was just another chink in the chain mail of my sanity. why we go to so much trouble for twelve fucking people, who by the way, are probably spawns of some evil devil like thing, is beyond all kenning. the evil harpy leader of the group, who had been missing for the last two months and i was hoping had died, claims there are thirty to fifty members of their miserable pseudo intellectual club but it's the same ten to twelve people who come every damn time.

oh how i hate. the sheer amount of vitriol this group fills me with is unbelievable. and the part that kills me is that i spend so much time hating them and thinking about them and plotting ways to get them to leave and i know they don't think about us for more than one day a month. i rage, but impotently.

in other news, happy, exciting news, aaron sorkin is getting another show. its going to be about a show like snl--so we're going to have another sport night like thing. i'm so excited i don't know what to do with myself. now if he can only stay off the drugs .
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so today is my mom's birthday, i did the good thing and called as soon as i got up, and holy shit, i was the first phone call of the day. usually andrew outshines me by actually being there, bastard that his is living only an hour or so away from my parents. but this year, i got to be the good kid. i think it's the first time in, well, since i moved to pa.

sarah and i are working out way back through west wing again. it's sad and a little obsessive, but aaron sorkin's writing does that to me sometimes. it's so nuanced and precise that i can watch an ep that he's written twenty, thirty times and still find new things. it also makes me sad that this is an utter lack of sam/toby out there. there's enough sam/josh to kill someone, but where is the toby love? he's like the snape of the west wing. come on, people. it has everything i love is slash, one older, one younger, one cranky, one optimistic. there's the mentor/teacher relationship that i fall all over myself for, come on. someone for the love of god jump on this train.

and in other boring and nerd-like news More book-y goodness )


May. 23rd, 2005 11:36 am
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so, i'm reading this book, it's called The Overnight. We found it on sat. in the horror section and it's about a haunted bookstore. Books move during the night, that kind of thing. it sounded cool.

here's the problem. the guy who wrote it starts off with the acknowledgment about how he spent some time working full time at a borders somewhere in the northwest, i think, because he needed the income. the page before this shows a list of like, twenty books he's written before. hmmm, i thought, that's odd.

now i know why he needs the money. i don't think anyone wants to buy his books, so much as slit their wrists with the pages while they're reading. there is too much description, too many details--do i really need to know what kind of car every person who works at the store drives? i don't even know what kind of car the people i work with drive. it's in present tense. PRESENT TENSE. wtf? am i reading fan fiction? because if i want crap like that, i expect it to be free.

also, reading this book is like going to work. he took all of the boring and mundane aspects of working for a chain and wrote about them. honestly.

i don't think i'll be finishing this one.

in more interesting news, i went with sarah and her friend from work to see A Few Good Men at a community theater on sat. night. i was kind of ambivalent about going, having had only four hours of sleep and working all morning, but i'm really glad i went. i had no idea, first off that aaron sorkin wrote the play before they made the movie--which i have never seen. the actors were all pretty decent, a couple duds, but they do it for free, so who can complain. and it was the abridged script, because the full script is over 400 pages.

it's so interesting to see or read the works by a single person, to see the things that are important to that writer. in the case of aaron, he's interested in hierarchy, the chain of command and the frictions that can induce. he's all about the father-son relationship, and he has a hard time writing about women. in every single thing he does, i'm not sure if he doesn't like women or doesn't understand us, but we never really come out looking all that great in anything he does.

but there isn't anyone who can write a fight scene like him. no one. i live for those fight scenes. they are powerful and painful and stunning.
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i have to say that one of the best perks of my job is getting two days off in a row. the same two days nearly every week, baring vacations of drastic illness. i mean, in retail, that's pretty much unheard of. of course, it also means that fridays are my equivalent to monday, except instead of a sleepy, slow start to the week, i have a busy, people-filled start.

introverts should not work retail.

the only thing that makes it good is that i work with good people on friday nights. we always have a good time and can spend the last hour or so, once we start to slow down just sort of bullshitting. it's a form of bonding.

my kitten-faced boy, simon, who has just passed his three year old mark, has taken up a new hobby. i'm not sure if it's because the apt. is so small, or if he's bored by all of the other horrible things he can do to irritate the crap out of me, or if he's just too smart for his own good. in any case, the last three nights i haven't remembered to close the bathroom door when i go to bed, i'm awakened around three in the morning by my darling kitten-face trying to pry the toilet handle out of the toilet. I swear one of these days he's going to figure out how to flush the damn thing and have a heart attack.

we're nearing the end of west wing season 4. only four more eps left and i'll be so sad to see sam go. i mean, will (aka jeremy of sn fame) is all right, but i ended up liking sam way more than i thought i would. i'll be sad when we're done, i think, but this show too reached a point where i feel like i can let them all go and feel like they're going to be okay. this last season has not been the best of the four, you can tell aaron sorkin was on drugs and showing up to work in his pjs. there's little cohesion to the season and the eps just aren't as tight as the first couple seasons. it'll be sad, but i also don't think i'm likely to obsess over it the way i can.
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day two of the journal, this feels a little like every journal or other thing like it i've ever had. i'm always excited and can't wait to use it for the first couple weeks and then nothing. sort of like academic planners, that i would use in college to plan out my classes and when i should be doing what. and usually it just meant i would lose it within the first couple weeks of class and then wing the rest of the semester.

sarah brought home the next two discs of west wing season 4 that we are slowly borrowing from her friend at work. yeah, eight eps, and we've managed to kill all but the last one already. sigh. and the sad thing is that there are only two more discs left and then no more. i mean, of course there's more WW, but who the hell wants to watch it without aaron sorkin writing it? i've seen some of the later eps and it's like they're all just running through the motions. it's a great cast, and they're just parroting back this god awful dialog. so about six more eps and i have to give it up for good. cause, i'm oh so good at that.

and then there's the ww fanfic. people have a really hard time writing aaron sorkin shows. some people can do it, but most just try to parrot the dialog and don't do anything else with the characters or eps. i'm grant that i was one of those people for sn, but that's not the point. the point is, i want toby/sam and i've already read all ten stories about them. sigh.

also i hate the weather here. it's may, people. it should not, should not, should not still be in the fucking sixties.

oh, and complete and utter squee for [livejournal.com profile] brevisse for updating her journal with teh pretty pretty snape. i'm such a stalker fangirl for her snape it's a little obsessive and sad. but i'm okay with that.


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