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mission think of something to get mom for her birthday is a success. i decided to go with a shuffle because i think she will like it and i can be there to set it up for her, instead of having to walk her through it over the phone, which is less fun than you would think. also, i remembered to stop at the wine store that's in the mall where they have my most favorite wine in the world.

i'd like to take a moment now to voice my frustration at having to go to special outlets to buy alcohol. dear pennsylvania, you are no longer a puritanical state and it isn't freaking 1800. please allow me to by my alcohol where ever the fuck i please. and what is the sense in further separating stores into liquor and beer? why can't they be in the same location? you'd think you wouldn't want to encourage angry drunks. when i go home, i can buy whatever i want at the freaking gas station. i practically have to fill out a permit to buy things here.

had lunch today with half the members of the long dead writing group plus 10 month old baby. we should try to work on hanging out more, because we have such a good time when we get together and it's good for us all to get out of our normal routines. we might go to the zoo tomorrow because 1) vacation and 2) i have lived in philly for six years now and haven't been to the zoo or any of the museums because apparently, i hate culture.
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so, it's late and i'm not tired, so i thought i'd post about things i meant to mention earlier this week but forgot.

of course being me, and being that my life is clearly overrun by media, what i have to chat about is tv related, i don't know how interesting this will be, but you know, it fills the day and makes me feel better about the journal and to be honest, i can't imagine more than one other person reading this anyone, and i hope she'll forgive my rambling. (grins)

first off, studio 60.
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in other news, we're trying hard to resurrect the shambles that is our writing group, even if it's just going to be sarah, holly and myself. holly really wants to start writing which i think is awesome and sarah always does better when she has someone to pat her head along the way and tell her what an amazing job she's doing. i think if she could write in front of a stadium like a rock star, she'd be set for life.

so, we picked ten prompt words, set a five hundred word limit and will reconvene next week some time. i'm all kinds of excited about the five hundred limit, as sarah and i are working on one thousand word limit at the moment and it's really, really hard. i mean, i've written sixty prompts set at five hundred words over the past two or three months and i've gotten very good at it. a thousand words is either too much or not enough, and i'm having a hard time finding a good middle ground. i'm not giving up, but i am excited about the mini reprieve.
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last night was my writing group, and it was the best one we've had in months. everyone was there, along with a new person, and we actually wrote something, instead of eating and playing board games. not that i'm opposed to eating and playing board games. but we are a writing group, not a board game playing group, and it felt really good to write.

the interesting thing is that we used the fanfic 100 table as our writing prompt, because, well i'm a little obsessed with it at the moment. i mean, i'm not going to do it, because i'm not out of my mind and also all the good people have already been taken, but i do like the prompts. i think sarah and i are going to use them for our original fic instead to keep us writing while the editing process continues.

also, my brother, who i always sort of picture in my head as 24, which can't be right because i'm 26 and he's older, is 30 today. it seems so strange and such a grown up number. i mean, yeah, he's married and they have a house and stuff, but thirty seemed such a long way away when we were little. and as much as he used to torture me as a kid, there were some really good times too, especially once we got over the fighting part. he turned out to be a way better guy than i would have thought when i was say, ten years old.

i wish i could be there. it's times like this, birthdays, holidays, occasions that i really feel the distance and wish that it could be as easy as hoping in the car and driving ten minutes to see them. but instead, it involves planes and time off work and money, all of which are in short order at the moment. so instead, i have a phone call to make.
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writing group was awesome last night as always. not much writing, as usual, but we had such a good time. we had it at holly's place where she made the most amazing dinner. pasta with pesto sauce, garlic bread, caesar salad, and this yummy, yummy apple cake for dessert. seriously, it was outstanding. we talked and laughed for hours, then played some games. holly is a board game junkie, and it's fun to play. a round of literature trivial pursuit, a round of 90's trial pursuit and more games of boggle than you can shake a stick at.

i, i am sad to say, am a poor, poor loser. i play a good game at pretending i'm not. but i hate losing. it comes from being four years younger than my brother, who was always better at everything growing up. it gives a girl a complex. so now i want to buy boggle for myself and play a lot to see if i can get any better at that game and not lose so miserably every damn time. sigh.

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so here's the thing about me and my car. i love my car, not in a creepy LOVE my car way, but i'm very fond of gabriel. he's steady and doesn't generally give me any trouble and he works for me right now. the first time i had to have him inspected--because pa is an inspection state-- i had to pay over 300 dollars to have him fixed. it seems my break pads had long since gone the way of the dinos and i'd been breaking with metal. so big bad things had to be replaced and it was v. very expensive. that was the first time i'd taken him in to have anything checked.

so i have this irrational fear that anytime i have to have gabriel checked out, something really horrible is going to be wrong and it's going to be a million dollars and i'm not going to be able to feed the cat.

the point of all this is that everything with my car ended up being fine. a very small thing in the transmission had come loose and needed to be tightened, which they did, and just for fun i had them change my oil. it was still a good amount of money, but all the work was covered by my warranty, so it wasn't nearly as much as it could have been.

tonight is my writing group and again i haven't sent a damn thing out. i'm so bad about that lately. it isn't that i don't have things to send, i just don't send them, and everyone needs at least a week to read whatever we send, so it's not like i can knock it out the night before. we've gotten really bad about doing actual writing for the group, and i'd like that to change. sarah wants to ask her new friend from work to join and i think that would help a lot.

but it makes me feel like i should spend the morning writing.
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so is it a good thing that a feel just a little guilty that i haven't updated in a couple days?

monday night was the third monday of the month, the third monday of the month means that the meanest, bitchiest women in the world come into my store and expect free things, special treatment and discounts for being a book club. i hate them and they don't like me. i spend three hours trying to dodge them, sending other people to bring them their shit and set up more chairs for them--which i can't imagine they need unless they want seats for their books and their imaginary friends. i hate, hate, hate them with a burning fire of hate. they're pretentious, arrogant, truculent, and some other things that make me absolutely crazy. i wish they would move to another bookstore, but god know no one else would put up with them.

this tuesday night, however, was my writing group, which i adore. we meet about once a month ostensibly to talk about the things that we've written, though generally sarah and i are the only ones who write consistently. mostly it's an excuse to get together, have some food, talk shit and play games. last night we played Name Game, i think it was called for like two hours. it's a game akin to Celebrities that they played on an ep of sports night, except the game gives you names of people, instead of making them up. i had so much fun, we laugh so much when we're all together i can't believe i didn't go for such a long time.

then i came home, watched House, which i had taped. i totally love that show. i love it. it's well written, well acted, and generally kicks ass all around. so that kicks up the amount of television i watch a week to five things, though l word just ended, a stupid end to an uneventful season, and arrested development won't be back till next season.
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umm, sleep?

so we had inventory last night, which went so much better than i thought it would. i mean, last year, i stayed until like 4 or 5 and there was still no end in sight. this year, we had the pull sheets by 3 and the counters out of the store. considering i thought the whole thing was going to crash and burn in a fiery ball of doom, not so bad.

my fav part of the night was near the end. to do the pull--over 8000 items--we need lots of boxes. so we brought them up and gave the boys tape guns and boxes. there is nothing funnier than a group of about 5 early twenties boys playing with tape guns. every single one of them taped their hand to the box at least once. pat stood there holding his, looking lost saying 'mine won't work', because the tape had backed out of the dispenser part.

it was also around 1:30 at that point, so lots of things were funnier than they should have been.

so that was good, and i don't have to be in until 5, unfortunately, tomorrow is new releases and none of our shit is done because we spent all of our time this week prepping for inventory. i'll probably go in an hour early just to get things ready.

writing group is tomorrow, i have no idea what i'm bringing with me. it's usually better to have something that isn't so long, but i don't have anything like that at the moment, i suppose i could write something today, but i don't know who i'd write about or in what situation. not that anyone really cares, writing group often is a name we give to us getting together once a month and chatting for a couple hours.

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