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It's strange.  I don't feel all that nervous about starting my new job tomorrow, but I've already had my stupid stress dream where I'm in college and at the end of the semester and I realize I stopped going to one of my classes because I didn't like it.  I spend the whole dream freaking out, trying to figure out what to do and mostly just feeling sick and stupid about the whole thing.  It's always a class on my high school campus, even though it's a college class and it's always taught by one of my high school teachers.  Completely ridiculous.

Also, just now, I have the annoying ring of pulsating light in my vision that is an early indicator of a migraine.

Honestly, I don't feel nervous, but I guess my subconscious and my body don't give a shit.
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makes me want fma to be more like bleach where i can happily believe that no one dies. but as the manga has proven over and over, that isn't the case and that was a mean, mean, mean place to leave us.
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first off, merry christmas to everyone who is of the persuasion. i am very happy the official season is over, we'll still be crazy at work for the next week or so, but the main part is over and i have to say, it was one of the most organized, best controlled and easiest seasons i've ever had. which, after six years, is saying something.

also, i don't know if this happens in other parts of the country, it certainly didn't in florida where i grew up, but there is a simultaneously charming and terrifying tradition in this area that i love and fear. on christmas eve and a couple other holidays, as well, i think, whole neighborhoods will line their sidewalks with white paper bags, filled with sand with a single candle inside. at night, driving through the neighborhoods, the effect is stunning and beautiful and at the same time, i can only think of what happens if one of the bags tips over and sets the whole lawn on fire. it's still beautiful and i love the idea of every house on a street agreeing to do it so that as you drive or walk, you see nothing but small, lit bags shining the way.

anyway, now that the season is done i should be able to get my life back in order and hopefully, find my cell. because i owe actual conversations to some of you, not just random and infrequent messages on this journal.

have a great day, guys, no matter what it means to you.


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