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along with the great amusement that video games bring me, also comes extreme frustration. i could make it into a sport. i hate getting stuck, being unable to move forward because i can't do what i have to do to go to the next part. and honest to god, why the hell couldn't i have just taken the damn kid to the doctor? why involve a wagon run by, clearly, an idiot? horseback combat blows.



Apr. 24th, 2007 07:54 pm
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clearly i'm going to just keep doing this until someone stops me. it's eaten my brain, i'm not reading, i'm not talking to other living people, i'm barely able to force myself to go to work. apparently zelda can be 100 hours worth of game play, and i've only sunk about 20 into it at the moment. this could go on for months. though, there is the possibility that months from now i won't be so obsessed.

one can hope
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finished fruits basket last night, and i have to say, wtf, yo? the show was cute, the characters were cute, not much of a story line, la la la. and then they save up the real stuff, the actual story for the last five or so episodes and there's no second season. honestly. kyo was my favorite character pretty early on, but by the end? i'm such a sucker for a)abandoned boys with father issues, b)student teacher relationships, c)when the student doesn't think he's good enough, but actually is all along. the stupid show got me all choked up like i'm five. it's just, god, anime children are so fucking cute. oh, and there was the episode where one of the zodiac kids was voiced by al from fma. but it was like he had ed's lines. i spent the whole episode cooing at the tv. it was a little ridiculous.

in other news, eight hours. eight hours of game play to get to the first boss. how amazing is that? i think i beat my last game in that amount of time. zelda rules forever and ever.
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to let you know i'm not dead, but still happily consumed by my unending love of the wii. it was so worth the wait and aggravation. zelda? rocks. it's pretty and the storyline is good and he turns into a freaking wolf. it's so damn cool. and i love with a kind of scary intensity the surgery game. i can't watch the real stuff, or even the fake stuff they show on house, but make it a game, with anime style graphics and i'm good to go, apparently.

it has consumed me, but not totally, i mean i'm still eating and sleeping and will be going to work tomorrow. though i did think that having a sleeping game would be really apt, and sims for the wii? would be awesome. i think the only thing that would totally eat me life is if there was an fma wii game. omg, just the thought of it makes me smile.

oh! and house was definitely one of the better eps of the season. is it just me, or does this season seem really long? maybe it's because we're getting so many breaks, or maybe because so much is happening. anyway, whenever there's really good house wilson interaction, i have an internal debate with myself where i want to see more of them paling around and being best friends and the other part of me that wants to see them make out in the supply closet.

that is all.

back to killing people (entirely by accident) on the surgery game.

oh, yeah, and the rain could stop and that would be okay.


Apr. 17th, 2007 08:54 pm
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you'll forgive the bad, bad pun, but come on. the hunt is over. the system is mine and i have two whole days of nothing but serious gaming ahead of me. goodbye cruel world, i'll see you when i beat zelda.

back at it

Apr. 13th, 2007 01:46 pm
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back to work this afternoon, though i'm closing instead of having my day cut neatly in half by a mid-shift. it was nice having my weekend and not thinking about work, i even ditched my conference call yesterday morning, though that wasn't intentional. i thought it was at ten, turned out it was at eleven and that's when the cable guys showed up to check out the connections and see if they could make our picture any better. the answer? only minimally. apparently the answer is to switch to digital cable like the rest of the universe.

i'm deeply in hugh laurie overload, between house, jeeves and wooster and a bit of fry and laurie. clearly i need a new hobby. unfortunately, i can watch tv while knitting, so that isn't helping much. finished season two of a bit of fry and laurie yesterday and omg, tony and control! i can't tell you why i love those sketches so much, but they crack me the fuck up. and the last one was so sad, 'i want coffee the way tony used to make it.' ugh.

also, i had this very strange dream where i was being chased through this weird supermarket type place, or maybe i was trying to escape and jeeves was with me. strange on many accounts, but mostly because i hardly ever dream about myself.

oh, yeah, and i got shot down and four different places for the wii. my surprise is nonexistent, but my frustration and anger have not ebbed. and why is it that all the guys who work at game stores look exactly the same?
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in my continued absence of the wii, i've resorted to dragging out the old super nintendo, battling my way through chrono trigger. man, that was a good game, and for what it was working with, not bad looking. as always with the fantasy rpg, i get tired of the fighting pretty quickly, only the bosses are of any interest because there is an actual threat i might die. but damn can you collect a ton of money fighting monsters. too bad that's not a job option in the real world, cause i can tell you if it was, i wouldn't be selling books for a living.


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