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you dirty motherfucker. it's not fit for man nor beast out there.

it's only october and there is snow happening in my state right now. given, PA is a pretty big place and there are mountains and stuff, but still. it's cold and rainy and there's a chance of snow.

california is looking better and better all the time.

but! i have ouran vol. 1 in my possession. it is possible that i may have already, surreptitious watched some tamaki sounds like ed, no matter what shit vic tries to sell. this isn't a bad thing, but he just sounds like a less angry ed. mori REALLY doesn't have any lines and i've spent the first three episodes wishing travis had done kyouya's voice. it such a ridiculously pretty show i can't wait for there to be more anime from bones studio.
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thank you rtd, for giving me back my brain. torchwood is done, who is done and i feel, surprisingly, pretty okay.

like the way all good fiction should be it was both surprising and inevitable. i feel like i got a lot of really good resolution, some interesting things to ponder and a little bit of hope among the tears.

here are the highlights of 4x13, as i see them )

in other news full cast for ouran was announced. i was lied to about sonny strait being haruhi's dad which makes me sad like whoa. instead it's mike macfarland of jean havoc fame and the rest fo the cast? reads like an fma reunion.

haruhi = winry
tamaki = ed (as much as i love vic, i'm withholding my squee until i hear this because i'm not conviced this is the part for him.
mori = roy! this is much, much squee for this, it's perfect. the only thing that could have been better for my little slashy fangirl heart would have been him as kyouya, but we can't have everything, i guess.
hunny(and could i have, for the love of god, a cannon spelling of his name?) = wrath and how weird is that?

the rest of the people i haven't heard in anything, but i have high hopes that it won't murder my ears and at the very, very least, when i buy the show the japanese will be a clear translation instead of the train wreck i have now.
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someone, along the route i drive home, has night blooming jasmine planted. the smell wafted into my car as i passed and it was so lovely. i'm not much of a flower fan, i think they tend to be a bit on the useless side, but i love that smell because it reminds me of home.

also? aaron dismuke aka al from fma is voicing honey's brother in ouran and how fucking cute is that.
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but the weekend just got away from me, sometimes that happens, right?

anyway, first of all, my torchwood flist FAILS me because i found out that season two finally has a release date for the us. september is a long fucking way off, guys, when the uk gets their season by the end of the month. what's up with that, do you not want my money sooner, because i am insane enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money for thirteen episodes? what can i say? i'm a sucker with some disposable income.

secondly, there is going to be a 10th anniversary sports night box set also coming out in september. i can't believe it's been ten years already because honestly, that show can still crack me up AND make me cry. but the best thing is, the anniversary edition is going to have all the extras that the first box set is missing including: audio commentary, a gag reel and most importantly, deleted scenes. NEW sports night material and how awesome is that?

and finally, they've finally started announcing ouran casting information. it's due out sometime this summer and the first one we know about for sure? sonny strait aka the voice of the lovely and loved maes hughes is going to be haruhi's dad. there could not be a more perfect bit of casting. i literally cheered when i heard the news. maybe the dub won't be horrifying.

and lastly, some book news here )
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so, work wasn't so awful, which was kind of nice as it was a sunday and people tend to be extra pissy on sundays. it's amazing how much more patient i can be with everyone when i've had a week to be away from them.

i am now going to take a moment to talk about bleach. it's a great show, the manga is great, i took a break from it to let the episodes run ahead of me because watching it a week at a time is little like torture because not much happens. when i saw the communities and individual journals crying about the latest episodes being ridiculous filler instead of plot, i was thinking it couldn't be too bad. you know the internets, we overreact because we have nothing better to do.

yeah they were right. hitsugaya playing soccer? the only reason, the only reason i watched the whole episode is because i love hitsugaya. which is why the next episode, i watched bits of before turning it off. apparently in the one after that, the shinigamis aka DEATH GODS take some time to bake a fucking cake.

because training for the upcoming battle to save the world is for pussies.

also, the art makes my eyes bleed. i know the show comes out every week, but we'd wait longer for characters that actually looked like themselves.

i watched my badly translated ouran to make myself feel better. it's funny and shiny and did i mention so pretty i want to die?
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ouran got picked up by funimation and is getting a dub. i so fucking excited, i can't stand it. even if the voices are bad, which, um they probably will be, it means i'm going to get a kick ass translation, instead if the nearly incomprehensible one i have now. yay


Dec. 30th, 2006 07:34 pm
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you know, it's funny because when i was little, christmas was this big thing. i mean, we never really got a lot and it certainly wasn't a religious holiday in my house, but it was time off school and a good meal and a couple of gifts that i'd been wanting for months or things i never knew i wanted until i saw them. like the year that my dad spent extra hours at his work making me a huge black iron key. three feet long, smooth and perfect it was a giant replica of a skeleton key for my name because kee has always been a nickname for me.

as i've gotten older, it's gotten less important. i live over a thousand miles from my family and i work in retail, so there's no chance in hell i'm getting home for the holidays. i also don't spend a restless night on christmas eve just waiting for the morning. it's a day off work, of food with a sort of surrogate family and a couple of presents, all of which are cool, but it's not like it was.

however, this is not to say that i appreciate spending christmas eve and the first couple hours of christmas in the er. it's not as much fun as it looks like on the tv and i have to say i could have done without it. sick as a dog, my eye oozing the most disgusting ooze i've ever seen, it was horrible. when i finally got home, i slept for a couple hours, was up ridiculously early and only had the energy to lay on the couch and watch tv. then i slept from noon to five, was up for a couple more hours and then went to bed.

all in all, not the best christmas i've had.

it's weird though, because it sucked and i'd not care to repeat it, but i'm not really upset. i guess it's because i had a good thanksgiving, the first with my fam in five years that did it, or maybe because it really is just another day, only with presents.

in other, nerd news, because i was so sick, i went in to work for a couple hours on tuesday and then didn't go back until this morning. so, i camped out and watched every available episode of bleach online because i didn't have the energy or concentration to read. man that's a good show. it's not on the level of fma, i don't think anything ever will be, for me, but it's damn good.

also, ouran high school host club came in time for xmas which i bought for myself and sarah because well, i fucking loved that show and i want to watch it on a real tv. the translation is total crap, but it's so pretty i want to die. it makes me v. happy and it came in a fun wooden box. mmmmm, host club.

and for the last bit, my parents got my a digital camera for xmas, which means that soon there will be pics. it's totally a selfish present on the part of my parents because they're hoping i'll take pics and send them along so they can see things like my apartment and stuff. i plan on using it to take pictures of my simon boy, my fma xmas tree--because i'm a crazy person-- and the awesome fma purse sarah got me for xmas. with luck, i'll figure it out soon and there will be pics.


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