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As I have nothing else I really want to talk about, here's another installment of what nyagosstar is reading….

Apparently, I am on this kick of reading post apocalyptic books. It’s weird because it seems to be all that I want. I have half a dozen books I thought I wanted to read, but then nothing really appeals to me right now other than reading about how everything is going to end and how we’re going to deal.

On a sort of related side note, we watched Dreamscape the other night as part of the epic movie watching epicness prompted by the unholy union of the xbox live account and Netflix. I saw it when I was little and only really remembered the bit where the guy turns into the creepy lizard man. Imagine my surprise when one of the major themes is the president’s nightmare that involve a massive nuclear holocaust. In watching all these old movies from my childhood, I am now discovering the root to many of my reoccurring adult nightmares. Seriously, check this out. Unless, of course, you had responsible, non-hippie type parents who paid attention to the rating on movies. In which case, I imagine your childhood dreams were filled with hugs and puppies.

Right, so books: )

On an unrelated note, I gave Simon a bath this morning which is always both hilarious and necessary. He is now mildly put out and smelling pretty.

Also, if you’re not watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you haven’t seen TV the way it was meant to be played.

a good day

Apr. 4th, 2010 11:15 am
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yesterday was kind of an awesome day.

i went with [livejournal.com profile] sainnis to see the animated movie, The Book of Kells, which was all kinds of excellent. it was beautiful and visually thrilling, the story was great and not just for my inner medieval history nerd. i loved the characters and the style and i was totally sad when it was over because there wasn't any more to see. i'll probably be going again next week with E as we both have friday off, yay! then we had yummy noodles dinner (with added dumplings) walked around the city trying to find one thing and ended up finding bubble tea which is the definition of deliciousness and then it was home for FMA dub.

I haven't been talking much about the new fma, or the dub, but i have been watching it and totally loving it. i love al's voice, i love how closely this is following the manga. i love the style of how everything looks and feels and i can't wait to see how things play out.

then, i got a call from [livejournal.com profile] halfacork who was all, 'what did you think about the new doctor?' and i was all 'i thought it was tomorrow!' and she was all, 'download it right now!' and i did.

cut for those of you who A) don't care about doctor who, B) don't care what i think about doctor who C) haven't seen it yet and don't want spoil themselves.

i'm not ready for an 11 icon )
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i'm so excited by sixty seconds of new torchwood, it's a little sad. ianto wearing sneakers! and maybe jeans? it's hard to say. fake tan jack is fake tanned! explosions! bad plots! pretty boys making out! it's everything i've come to expect from torchwood and more!

also, in other news! shirts trashing twilight are complete and total win!!!!! thank you [livejournal.com profile] halfacork i can't wait to wear it.

finally, having seen both Inkheart (shrugs-it wasn't awful) and Taken(shrugs-it wasn't awful) i cannot wait for harry potter. and watchmen. and gi joe, which looks surprisingly, yeah, okay, i want to see it because of christopher eccleston. don't judge me.
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at my store, we all have individual codes to the alarm system so we can arm the store for the night and keep people from stealing our shit. i've been working there for a year now, with the same code, using it multiple times a week.

i completely blanked on it tonight to the point where i had to call another manager to have them come and close the store because i could not for the life of me remember my own code. wft, mind?

i blame mad cow disease, which i further blame on england, and then on myself for eating beef in england while i was living there.

in other non-hypochondriac news, we have Breakfast with Scot part two: the movie.

i'm not entirely sure how to feel about it. i mean, i guess it was good, but they changed it from the book so drastically that i don't know if i'm better having read the book first or if i'd have enjoyed the film more had i never read it.

eric is far less likable, and sam omg, they completely wasted sam's character. some aspects are more complicated than they needed to be while others were strangely glossed over. over all, i prefer my gay films to have characters who are less self-hating. i mean, i know it happens but when you're basing it on a novel where the characters explicitly ARE NOT self hating closet cases, it seems a little, i don't know, pointless. it's such a beautiful book and the movie is so not. it's not bad, but it doesn't hold a candle to the book.

points for trying, i guess?
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which is almost all i have to say about how to lose friends and alienate people. simon pegg is love, we all know this, but that movie was a little bit of a mess. part of the problem was the adaptation from a book that's a good number of years old doesn't work quite as well as it would if it'd been made say, after the book had first been published. plot points that might have been surprising five years ago were pretty obvious. the pacing was weird, the structure was weird and i think it could have benefited from a different writer.

i mean, come on. they had simon pegg and clearly had no idea what to do with him. and gillian anderson? is still fucking stunning. the two of them were pretty much the highlights of the movie.

but i will always, always, always expect jeff bridges to be the bad guy. or break into song. *i've had time to write a book about, the way you act and look*
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just got home from seeing brideshead revisited. here are my thoughts on this:

in general it was probably, visually speaking, one of the must stunning films i've seen in a long time. the screen practically had a texture. emma thompson = love. seriously. i love her so hard core it's a little embarrassing. the opening shots of oxford teared me up a bit because, you know, i lived there and it still fills me with a glow when i see it. also, dumbledore will sadly be dumbledore in every thing i see him in forever and ever.

however. i find it difficult to empathize with the plight of rich, landed british gentry. mostly due to the rich and landed bits. and the poor guy became rich AND made emma thompson cry. NO LOVE

and then let's talk about gay british stereotypes. because gay clearly = weak and alcoholic and weepy. i know, i understand you're working from source material, you base what you have on what's come before in the form of the novel but for the love of god, could we have a little civilization.

but on the whole, lovely. and it was beautifully scored as an added bonus. because you can take the girl out of the band but you never take the band out of the girl

and then, when i got in my car to drive home? there had been enough time for an industrious spider to build a web from my door handle to the ground. how freaking cool is that. i did get a branch and help him on to a more appropriate location.
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but good, very, very good. christian bale continues to be stunningly hot, even in his stupid low voiced batman growl. stupidly hot.

i love going to see big movies on opening weekends when the theater is full of people who are really excited about what they're seeing. there was spontaneous clapping and cheering and it was just awesome. i don't think i relaxed for more than a sum total of ten minutes during the whole film.

cut for courtesy )

overall it was long, satisfyingly so as well as very, very busy. the plot was complex but not convoluted and really well done.

watching heath ledger, i'll totally admit, was a little unsettling. i felt weird watching his performance--which was awesome and scary and everything the joker should be. but i laughed at the insanity and it was uncomfortable. unsettling and i still don't quite know how i feel about that.

also, after harry potter i have an unreasonable affection for gary oldman. i've always liked gordon, but man, gary oldman ftw.

and my final thing on batman? there was no harry potter preview. i was sure we'd get one. i mean, it's a wb film, it's almost the end of the summer, what other big movie are they waiting for? instead i get yet another freaking terminator movie. i mean, yeah, christian bale is blindingly hot, but come on, do i really need another one? i'm not ten years old anymore.
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i would have a highlander/hancock crossover RIGHT NOW.

as it is, i'll settle for saying that it was an awesome movie despite random amputation and it was surprisingly thoughtful as well.

as much as i love entertainment weekly, i hardly ever agree with their movie reviews and this was no exception.

bedtime, now.
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and by everyone i mostly mean [livejournal.com profile] halfacorck

prince caspian was made of win. peter is still a tool, but everyone else rocked. though the kid who plays edmund looks about two seconds away from being totally anemic, not that that makes me like him any less.

oh, and eddie izzard in what is, primarily, a children's movie? gold. i kept expecting the mouse to break into some long, filthy story.
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i had such an early, early day. 6 is not really an hour i should be seeing, pretty much ever. i'm really a middle of the day kind of girl.

things that happened today:

my company used the word 'fandom' in an official document to help us sell anime sidelines better.

i got called to the register for a customer complaint that another customer had butted in line. for real. like we're in kindergarten and i'm the school teacher. she didn't want anything from me, acknowledged that it had nothing to do with my staff or my store, but insisted on registering the complaint. the woman who butted then wanted to talk to me, explained that she hadn't because she's already been in line and had to step out to get something. they were both very nice, but it was still very, very odd.

i got an advance listener copy of six songs for rem's new album with all of this scary, tech speak on the case about how the songs are watermarked and they'll track me down if i try to post them on line or sell them. i just wanted to listen to the music. i'm not in love. this makes me sad.

in other news:

i saw Run, Fatboy, Run last night and it was made of total win. funny and interesting and the perfect length for a comedy. i love, love, love simon pegg, i could seriously watch him for hours and hours. the ending was not surprising, but it was still very good, i'm happy to part with both my time and money.

however, one of the previews was for the genghis kahn movie. here's my thing and maybe i'm being too harsh. but when you kill enough people to fill a river so you can cross it without having to build a bridge, i'm going to have a hard time building up any sense of sympathy for you. maybe i'm not open minded enough, but there you go.
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it's weird how i feel overwhelmingly busy all the time, but when i try and pin down how i spend my time, mostly, i come up with work. i have been spending a lot of time there lately because i'm trying to get a project done before tuesday so that when i have an author event i'll have a, you know, event area, but still.

in other news, i saw Be Kind, Rewind and i have to say that it was good. it's the first movie that jack black has ever been in that i actually wanted to see, but that's because i find mos def utterly charming. he was so good and while there were a couple plot holes and you didn't want to think too hard about what was going on and it just sort of stopped instead of having a real ending, it was lovely. PLUS! there was a trailer for Run Fatboy Run and i love simon pegg. he singlehandedly turned me around on the new star trek movie, i was going to let it go like i'd let the last three go and then, simon pegg as scotty sold me.

additionally, whoever would like to pose the question about time as a constant need only ask the us government because i'm damn sure that yesterday it was an hour earlier now. i hate the time change.
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i have an honest to god weekend off. and this coming week? yeah i'm working 8 to 4 monday through friday. it's so very strange i don't quite know what to do with myself. i'm betting on being cranky and tired most of the week, as i tend not to do so well with normal type schedules :)

after work last night i went and spent time with holly and melissa. holly is going to be moving soon to ny and then we really won't get to see her very much. i think the change in job and location might be very good for her, but it'll be so sad not to have her around. she's nervous about actually living there, she worked in ny before but did the nj commute thing. so when the dead and the gone came up and she was so excited about having just gotten the galley of it, i told her to wait until she was settled before reading about the city she's going to be living in gets destroyed, even though i really, really want someone else to read it so i can talk about it.

anyway, it was her birthday so we had food and cake and then went to see juno. i like it, didn't love it and the soundtrack that everyone is so crazy for kind of made me insane. i think i'm too old. but there was a lot to like and michael cera is too adorable for words--every time i see him i think of george michael and hope that he gets lots and lots of work.

and finally, diana wynne jones ftw. seriously. because i decided that this is my year to get over not reading book by authors i love because i'm afraid i won't like them, i'm starting with diana. i loved howl's moving castle, loved castle in the air and loved the newest one, the house of many ways. so, i went to the ya section in my store and bought every book by her we have that i don't already own. which sounds insane, but it was only four and they're all loosely related. the only sad thing is i should have checked first with more knowledgeable people, ie, my roommate, because they are all available in trade, but i picked up the mass markets which i don't really like reading.

so, The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume 1 )
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seriously. the love i hold for aaron sorkin knows no bounds. the man can write dialog like no one else on the planet. it transcends mere communication and is instead beauty in itself.

the movie was very good, btw, which is saying something and i kind of hate tom hanks and don't care for julia roberts, hard to watch at times and i have a headache from trying not to cry like a child in public because war scenes do that to me now.

but. funny and dire and overwhelming all at the same time. there is a cadence to his dialog that makes it more like music and less like people talking, without ever losing the feeling of people actually speaking.

endless, boundless, defining love.
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it feels like it's been ages since i updated, even though it's only been a couple days. i can't say all that much has happened, but feel like i should say something.

part of the problem is that i went out after work. i know better, because i am the tiredest tired girl who ever lived the next morning. but i like to be social and i hadn't been out in ages, and now that we go to the bar down the road instead of the one twenty minutes away, it's a little better. it was fun, we chatted and listened to bad bar music. our bartender, who used to work at the store with us, made my a chocolate cake shot. if you've never had one, omg, they are fucking amazing because they taste just like chocolate cake. seriously good. then of course i was tired and cranky on saturday and just wanted to sleep.

i saw stardust which was made of complete and total love. i will admit to not having read the book, but in my defense, if i need one, i'll say that i have a very, very hard time with neil gaiman. his ideas are wonderful, he's incredibly imaginative, but i just can't ever make it all the way through a book. some kinds of fiction i am just not built for, i guess. but the movie was lovely. fantasy movies are so much better than when i was a kid. they're pretty and thoughtful--i can't say anyone would be really surprised by the ending, but it was still a very well done movie.
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1) the simpsons movie was awesome. funny, clever and self-aware in all the best ways the simpsons can be. and it probably had the broadest cross section of the american audience i've seen this summer.

2) SHARK WEEK! i love shark week.
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omg, hp 5 = awesome.

they did such a great job cutting out all the crap that made five my least favorite. it's concise, interesting, entertaining and almost everything the book should have been. i actually felt bad for harry in the movie whereas the book, kind of made me want to smack him around and tell him to quit whining.

that being said, the two things i loved the most about five were the twins and snape's worst memory. both were touched on in the movie, but not really brought to their full potential. sad, but i'll take it for an overall win.

i saw it in the imax with the 3D ending and here's my advice, save yourself the money and see it on a regular screen. i still have a headache and it made the special effects look kind of dumb. when i see it again, as i will be, i'll be seeing it on a regular screen.

it's so weird to think that in ten days it's all going to be over. it's not even so much that they're great books. there are books i like better. there are books that are better written, that have better plots and characters. there are more innovative types of magic and worlds and yet. i am still captivated by harry potter.

i blame the third movie entirely for turning me into a crazy person. it's still fun, it's a fandom full of nuts, but i love it and them and it's been a fun ride. i think i'm ready to let them all go, i'm ready to see them off. i feel like i have enough of their story to know, no matter how it all turns out, the ones who live will be okay. it's kind of how i felt at the end of buffy, i was sad that it was over, but i'd spent enough time with them, we'd reached a parting of ways.

it doesn't mean it's not sad, or that i won't go back and read parts of the books again, or watch the movies as they wind down, but i think this is the final bow before the stage goes black, and that's all right.
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because it's still technically thursday:

transformers is made of win.

it's really just how i like to celebrate the fourth and the day after by watching robot blow shit up.

still good second time around.

my question, though, is: what does a girl have to go see to get the harry potter trailer? cause it hasn't been with anything i've seen.


May. 27th, 2007 09:08 pm
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not dead, just working. which btw, work = the suck

pirates = not the suck. not great but enjoyable. there could have been twice as much captain jack for my taste and that would have been fine. also, i don't know if it's because i've been ot3ing over in dr who, and my mind is there anyway, but the ot3 for jack, will and elizabeth was super strong in this one. in a way i don't think was there before. but that's just me, seeing imaginary people have imaginary sex with each other.
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saw shrek the third tonight. best parts? the gaggle of princesses, camelot as a high school--very very appropriate. and the best bit, on the walls of the camelot gym? yeah, that'd be the bayeux tapestry. such a small detail and yet, such big nerd points from me.

also, there was the preview for transformers. it's a little ridiculous how excited i am for that movie. but, they're robots in disguise. what more do you want?

also, this is my first proper weekend in ages, saturday and sunday off. i don't quite know what to do with myself other than sleep. lots. and maybe play the wii. and by maybe i mean absolutely.
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apparently, may has been cheating off of april's weather test because today is cold again when it was quite warm just two days ago.

completely unrelated-ly, i finished season two of the new doctor who and it was so sad. not as utterly devastating as season one, but still. i understand now why there are people who prefer doctor ten to nine, i mean, i don't really understand because nine is far superior in every way, but i makes more sense. season one was the first season of something new, they were still finding their feet and trying to figure out what they wanted, what they could get and how they could best tell their stories. by the second season, they'd pretty much figured out how to run the show to its best capacity. season two has better episodes, more interesting and complex characters and deeper plot lines so it could seem like ten is a better doctor. but really, he's just benefiting from nine's work. this is not to say i don't like ten, he's funny and cool, a bit sillier than i prefer, but still good. it's just that nine was phenomenal.

also, the number of people i know who have been watching doctor who for the past two years without cluing me in is staggering. my mom, my co-workers, my regular customers. could one of them drop me a hint? apparently not.

in other visual medium related news, i watched shaun of the dead last night for the first time because hot fuzz was so amazing and i wasn't disappointed. funny and disturbing in the way zombie movies should be. and man can simon pegg cry like nobody's business. he brings distraught to who new levels and it's honestly awesome to watch.


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