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well, here it is, the last day of july. overall, it was better than june, but i'm looking for improvement in august.

i posted every day this month, with the exception of the blackout day, which still kind of bums me out. i'm not sure how i feel about it, in some respects it was good for me to get some thoughts out on paper, as it were. at other times, i really felt like i was reaching for anything to say. and in a testament to my laziness, i still have pics of my knitting i wanted to post and never did. there is now a hat that's been completed, yay!

things i've learned: i think about work too much, harry potter ate my brain, despite the fact that i don't spend that much time watching television, it takes up an inordinate amount of my posting time, i should be reading more, july was a great month for movies but from the previews i got, this fall will not be, WILL STANTON IS NOT AN AMERICAN, ahem. oh, and botporn is still an awesome if disturbing word.

so, instead of sitting here, talking about the things i did, or didn't do, i'm going to finish my mountain of wash, get the rest of my room in order, give simon a bath(shhh, don't tell), go to the knitting shop and find out what i need to make a small afghan and buy hot fuzz, cause it's out today and buddy cops = love. oh, yeah and write about thirty pages because the birthday the story should be done for? yeah it's in two days. way to procrastinate, asshole.

and that will have been july.


Jul. 25th, 2007 10:45 am
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the icon is a little dramatic, but you know, i love nine.

yeah, so thanks to the blackout yesterday, i missed my post for the day. that's what i get for not doing it in the morning. except i had nothing to say. not that i've got loads more now to chat about, but the deal was that i was going to post every day in july. and livejournal killed it, killed it, killed it dead.

not that i can really blame anyone for having massive power failure. i'd like to, but shit happens, yo.

i'm getting back into bleach. i took a break and let the anime run a little bit because as much as i love the show, watching it week to week is a little torturous. not much in the way happens during any given episode, except someone, sometimes several someones, bleeding profusely. it's much better to watch in two or three episode chucks.

i have knitting class tonight, i managed to get almost everything done for the class, i have about an inch left to go on the ugly brown hat. it seemed like a better color when i picked it out, but that's okay, because i will send it away when it's done and never have to see it again. yay!
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well, the last of the hp prep has been done. i have what i'm going to wear all set to go, along with the necessary accessories. out last minute things have been bought and we'll start prepping the store tonight. oh yeah, and i'll be spending a lot of time there over the next three days, which is fine, because at least i like harry potter.

i had my second knitting class last night, as well. we're making hats, which is all kinds of cool and learning to knit on circular needles. can i just tell you how much i love circular needles? it makes for a much faster, smoother knitting experience. the only bad part is that we have to have 8-9 inches done by our next class. which doesn't sound like a lot until you figure that it takes about an hour for me to knit an inch in this pattern.

but it's going to be cute and i think i'm going to send it to andrew, because i haven't inflicted any knitting on him yet.

oh, and if finished my second scarf, which i took pics of and will post sometime in the near future. it's so much prettier than the first one.
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have i talked about knitting lately? i don't remember, but i don't think so.

in june, i had signed up for a class at a local knitting shop so i could learn more than just the basic stitches. june ate by brain by way of my cafe and i had to cancel the classes for myself. so, i signed myself up for the july classes and had the first one this past wednesday and can i just say that it was made of win?

the people there are so ridiculously nice, not just the owner, but the people who come in just to knit, the other people taking the class, the people who drop in to by yarn, all of them just so nice i felt like i was in a movie. it was almost like being in the south, you know, where hte waitress still calls everyone honey or sugar and you feel so at home. or maybe that's just me cause that's my roots, yo.

anyway, i'm learning new things, we're going to be making a hat in the class and i'll know enough when i'm done to make a throw blanket, which i want to do for simon, because he's in love with the yarn. he wants to play with it, even though i'm all 'isn't that a little clich├ęd, baby?' and he wants to kneed the scarfs i've been working on so i thought i'd make him something for his very own. because clearly i've turned a bend and am now the crazy cat lady.

my practice piece when i'm not in class is a washcloth, though. i don't know what the hell i'm going to do with it when i'm done. i don't really want it, and i've already foisted off my first two projects on my parents. maybe i'll make a couple of them and send them to my brother, so he can try and figure out something to do with them.

and also, as a side note, i thought sundays were supposed to be the days filled with assholes. apparently, the assholes didn't get the message.
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real, proper weekends, where i have two days off in a row, where i don't have to do anything if i don't want. and you know what? at the moment, i don't want. off all day today, which was fab and again tomorrow.

and do you know what happens tomorrow at 9:30 am? harry potter. because i couldn't make the midnight show. mildly irritated about that, but recovering because tomorrow morning will be soon enough. i hope it's good, it's my least favorite of the books, but has some of my favorite bits in it.

also, i get to start my knitting class tomorrow that i had to postpone from last month because work was the suck. i'll be making a hat, which is cool. my second scarf is all but finished, i just need to cast off, which my instructor is going to help me with tomorrow night. then i can take archival picutres and get it off in the mail to my dad with his other, now very very late father's day/birthday presents.

in other news... )


May. 13th, 2007 10:00 pm
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it's the ugliest scarf in existence. and you know, existence is pretty big, so that's saying a lot.

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i don't know that the pictures really do it justice for its foulness, you'll just have to trust me. but the deal is that i finished it, i'm done and can move on to more interesting and hopefully less ugly things.

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in other news, when i called my mom this morning for mother's day, she passed on the news that andrew got the first phone call. he asked if he was the first to call and when mom said yes, he said, 'i win.' i'd like to be adult and all 'aren't we a little old to be competing this way?' but if i'd gotten the first call, i would have said the same thing.
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because i'm about to talk about really lame things for a little bit.

let's talk veronica mars for a moment. it's been a seven week hiatus while we all waited with bated breath as to the outcome of the next pussycat doll. i for one, was on the edge of my seat. *eyeroll* you'd think in seven weeks, the first episode back when your show is on the proverbial chopping block by your network, you might have something really fantastic planned, with great plot, amazing acting and something to really make everyone stand up and say 'don't cancel this show, it is quality programing.'

you'd think.

instead, it was an hour of painful dialog, not top notch acting and pretty much no plot. logan and a facecake? are you fucking kidding me? veronica mars isn't about boyfriend troubles and awkward parties. it's about mystery and doing what's right and sticking with your friends and family even when it costs you. the boyfriend troubles are just the background.

i knitted last night with sarah, holly and melissa, cause apparently we are all, 'fuck writing group'. which i guess is fine, it's not like we were doing that much writing anymore anyway, but i do miss it. knitting is an acceptable substitute, i suppose. there is the creative element going on even though i think i'm knitting probably the ugliest scarf known to man, though. and i'll be sending to to my mom for mother's day along with gifts that don't suck, mostly because i think she might appreciate the novelty of getting a handmade gift for mother's day now that i'm 27 and haven't done that kind of thing since i was like, ten.

in addition to my cafe renovations eating my brain, they are also preventing me from seeing michael chabon in person to have my shit signed. he was in new york on tuesday and i had to work and he'll be in dc on the 23 right in the middle of my training. he's hitting a couple other cities around the country, but nothing any closer. is it wrong that i'm seriously considering checking out flights just to get a signature? because i really do love him.


Apr. 17th, 2007 10:36 am
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this weekend, in addition to working, i also did weekend type things. you know, if you're a nerd and consider making plans with four other people to hang out and knit normal. i think i'm in love with knitting. it's relaxing and interesting and well, um there's counting and repetitive motion and symmetry. welcome to my mild obsessive compulsive hour.

it also means i have something to do while i watch tv, melissa just gave us the first disc of the new dr. who to start on which is apparently like crack it's so good. i know i watched it as a kid, but all i remember is the telephone booth being so much bigger on the inside and thinking that was the coolest thing ever.

taxes are done, and you know, nothing like waiting till the last day to do them. i'd like to get up in arms about them, and the fact that i owe money, but i can't. i like things like roads and national defense(even if i don't think it's being handled properly) and school aid and social programs and the only way we get those things is to pay for them. and the only reason i owe is because of a choice i made to keep more money in my checks each pay week instead of getting back a huge chunk at the end of the year. so really, i can't get upset about taxes because that's how you run a country.

also, my internet is acting up again, which makes me want to stab it in the eye. if it had an eye.

oh! and the newest chapter for fma? # 70? is awesome. there really is nothing else to say other than the manga is a hell of a lot scarier than the show ever was and i kind of love it. they're all in so deep, i have no idea how they're going to get out at all.


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