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and it is known as Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream cupcakes.*

the wrapper is not a wrapper, it's a chocolate shell. that is filled with a thin layer of cake, then lots of ice cream and then frosting.

this is amazing in so many ways i don't know what to do with myself.

*brought to you by E's grandmother's birthday
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even though i totally love the new doctor, i love the new stories, and i'm slightly terrified about where this is all heading. there are so many echoes of things that have come before, things that are the same but through a slightly different lens that i'm worried. loving it, though.

i have devolved into the most standard cliche i think i have ever managed. i'm working on my writing in a coffee shop. the only thing that could make it moreso is if i were actually drinking coffee instead of chai. i am just not a fan of coffee. chai, on the other hand, is made of awesome and i could drink gallons of it. thankfully it's cool enough that i can still have it warm and not feel like i'm burning up from the inside. cold chai doesn't really do it for me.

this is also day one of my not-a-vacation five day vacation. i have acres of vacation time as the result of working for the same company far longer than i ever expected. every year, i never end up taking anywhere near all of it and as it doesn't roll over and i don't get paid out for it, i have to use it or it goes away. also, as work blows like a whale spout a the moment, time away is nothing but good. so, i have a five day stretch ahead of me filled with the intent to write, hang out with the girl, catch up on cleaning and maybe, possibly, get a hair cut. it's long like whoa and i kind of don't know what to do with it.

oh, and get more of this ginger ale. because just like the little old amish lady who sold it to me told me, i crave it, kind of all the time. i've planned the last two weeks around how to make a trip out to get it. i want some just now writing about it.
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i've been watching random, intermittent episodes of SW Clone Wars, right? mostly because while my love of obi-wan knows no bounds, i hate anakin like burning. but it's got good style, it's funny and it's star wars which was my one true fandom before all others, forever and ever amen. i mean, when you watch it instead of cartoons when you're pre-school age, it's a big deal.

i'd heard from a little birdie that they were going to bring in a "love interest" for obi-wan--and i mean those quotes in every irritating sense. initially, my reaction was anger, i mean, it's hard for him to have a love interest when qui-gon is around. right. but even if you go with canon (ha) there's still the whole, jedi don't love thing.

but then, there was the fact that her name is satine, which is lolarious. seriously. i hope someone named her that on purpose because it's ridiculously funny.

however, the part where she called him obi? infuriating.

do you know how many bad stories i read where obi-wan was referred to as obi? how hard i crusaded to keep that from ever happening, anywhere? and then to hear it on my tv? thanks guys, now it's part of the expanded universe canon. that's awesome.

print does not convey my anger.

thus concludes my post of irrational anger for the day.
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in the last six months or so i've gotten away from recording what i've read here, which is kind of a shame becuase i like to write these things up as soon as i finish them. it gives me a chance to put down everything i'm thinking and feeling about a book, sort of unfiltered so when i go later to sell it to someone, it's less of a case of verbal insanity. unsurprisingly, 'it's really good' is not an awesome way to sell books.

anyway, i have just finished reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce who has brought us such fabulous books as Millions and Framed. the timing on this is fabulous becuase just last week, i re-watched the movie adaptation for Millions which takes the best parts of the book and is a fantastic movie. this book is for a slightly older crowd than his last two. i would say it would sit happily in the upper range of the middle grade novel while his first two, i feel, are on the younger side.

like Millions and Framed, i love, love, love the way he writes boys. His boy main characters are filled with such optimism and wonder and charm that i can't even stand it. he's definitely developing as a writer, each book gets better--though this one was about space which is a super easy sell for me, being an original space nerd.

i have one or two tiny little quibbles about slang, because kids don't use the same slang we did when we were kids and that's an easy and common mistake among children's authors. i also have a huge amount of irritation about a scene involving ravenous, man eating wolves because, in addition to being a space nerd, i am also a wolf nerd. do you know what wolves don't do? they don't eat people. they don't attack people. they leave us alone. do you know there has never been a reported case of a wolf attack that hasn't been by a rabid animal? it's true. also to say that the Challenger crew died during take off and the Columbia crew died during reentry is an almost criminal simplification, but since it is a book for 9-12 year old, i can give a pass on that.

otherwise, it was all around lovely. funny, clever, well written and i'll be honest the end got me a little teary.

AND my music is on shuffle. i didn't even plan that!
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because i've been really bad about talking about them as i finish.

cut because i was chatty. )

also, i know i'm criminally late to the whole Dr Horrible thing, particularly considering we were at the panel for it at comic con, but i finally watched it and it was amazing. Joss is such a great storyteller and he's certainly a better storyteller now than he was say, ten years ago.

part of my reluctance to watch it is based on the fact that, you know, i hate musicals with very, very few exceptions. considering the buffy musical is one of my exceptions you'd think i'd have been a little more open to it, but yeah, i'm like that. also, my computer hated the format it was originally posted in, but that's all sorted now and i've watched it twice and have been listening to the soundtrack on my way to work. i can listen to My Eyes about ten times before i get there.

my obsessions, let me show you them.
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because it's 10/13 which means i wasn't thinking about columbus day or colonization or manifest destiny or small pox blankets.

i was thinking about x-files. happy birthday chris carter's wife. are they even still married?
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went to the lovely state of delaware this afternoon to visit with some friends who i have not seen in a while. it was good and i'm making more of a concerted effort to be more sociable and, you know, talk to people i know instead of not talking to them for months at a time. i'm very bad at this, see, but i think it's important and i'm working on it. baby steps, right?

one of my big plans for the day is to try out a recipe i found in a magazine for making skittles vodka. it looks simple enough and i'll let you know how successful the effort ends up. i'm going to a 'i don't work at the bookstore, anymore' party tomorrow night and thought it might be something fun to bring.

did i mention that, while i was home, there was a marathon on sci-fi of st:tng? it was sort of on in the background all day long. what can i say, i come to my nerdiness though genetics, yo. anyway, it was on and i was only sort of half paying attention as i wandered in and out of the room, but it holds up surprisingly well. the special effects still look really good, the writing is pretty solid and it was far funnier than i remember it being.

there is also a terrifying section of my brain that stores the information about what season the show is on by the style of the uniforms.
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because not all of you care about my wildly fannish obsessions... )

now all i have to do is figure out how to clone myself so i can be in several places at once.
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luckily, i'm off to work where i can distract myself for eight or so hours instead of thinking about who all day.

i'm worried and excited and i think the world is going to end in a spectacular and heartbreaking fashion.

it should be good.
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today's highlights:

change is in the air, big changes that are more than just the pictures on the walls and the fabric on the windows. i want certain things right now and i think it's about time i starting thinking about what i should be doing to get them, even if it scares the shit out of me and fills me with a weird sense of guilt.

the new torchwood magazine came in today and it is almost, almost too nerdy for me to be seen reading in public. and by public i mean the breakroom of my workplace. the only good thing about it is that i've managed to sway no less than four people into the dr who/torchood camps with my mad skillz.

i'm having a hard time with words today, i don't know if i'm full up of them and have too many to get out, or if there aren't enough to start the conversation. so, we'll try again tomorrow.
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but the weekend just got away from me, sometimes that happens, right?

anyway, first of all, my torchwood flist FAILS me because i found out that season two finally has a release date for the us. september is a long fucking way off, guys, when the uk gets their season by the end of the month. what's up with that, do you not want my money sooner, because i am insane enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money for thirteen episodes? what can i say? i'm a sucker with some disposable income.

secondly, there is going to be a 10th anniversary sports night box set also coming out in september. i can't believe it's been ten years already because honestly, that show can still crack me up AND make me cry. but the best thing is, the anniversary edition is going to have all the extras that the first box set is missing including: audio commentary, a gag reel and most importantly, deleted scenes. NEW sports night material and how awesome is that?

and finally, they've finally started announcing ouran casting information. it's due out sometime this summer and the first one we know about for sure? sonny strait aka the voice of the lovely and loved maes hughes is going to be haruhi's dad. there could not be a more perfect bit of casting. i literally cheered when i heard the news. maybe the dub won't be horrifying.

and lastly, some book news here )


Aug. 19th, 2005 12:14 pm
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have you seen this? sudoku

we got a ton of the books at work, and i was initially both irritated and scornful, but then i tried it and i'm now strangely addicted.

and don't be fooled, it's not math, i swear.
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and it's also about halfway through the year, and i like making lists and i'm vaguely obsessive, and i wanted to see where i was for the year as far as reading goes, i thought i would make a list of everything i've read, tried to read and am reading as of now.

sheer idiocy behind the cut )

so that was what i have been thinking about the last couple days

the amy-who's-hot-for-me drama continues to the point where i think i'm going to have to do what i didn't want to do, and that is step in and say that i just want to be friends and try to make sure no one gets hurt. i hate being that person, but she won't let up and keeps trying to get me to go do things with her. i got the cell phone number last night as i was leaving work and she stopped by. honestly, i prefer my life more of the drama free variety

also, go me for learning how to make things bold
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ep III spoilers again )
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umm, sleep?

so we had inventory last night, which went so much better than i thought it would. i mean, last year, i stayed until like 4 or 5 and there was still no end in sight. this year, we had the pull sheets by 3 and the counters out of the store. considering i thought the whole thing was going to crash and burn in a fiery ball of doom, not so bad.

my fav part of the night was near the end. to do the pull--over 8000 items--we need lots of boxes. so we brought them up and gave the boys tape guns and boxes. there is nothing funnier than a group of about 5 early twenties boys playing with tape guns. every single one of them taped their hand to the box at least once. pat stood there holding his, looking lost saying 'mine won't work', because the tape had backed out of the dispenser part.

it was also around 1:30 at that point, so lots of things were funnier than they should have been.

so that was good, and i don't have to be in until 5, unfortunately, tomorrow is new releases and none of our shit is done because we spent all of our time this week prepping for inventory. i'll probably go in an hour early just to get things ready.

writing group is tomorrow, i have no idea what i'm bringing with me. it's usually better to have something that isn't so long, but i don't have anything like that at the moment, i suppose i could write something today, but i don't know who i'd write about or in what situation. not that anyone really cares, writing group often is a name we give to us getting together once a month and chatting for a couple hours.

star wars geek out moment )


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