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Simon has found a new hidey-hole in the apartment, which is saying something as this apt isn't that big to begin with and there aren't many places where I don't know where to look for him. Twice this week and once last week either E or I have come home and not been able to find him. We both thought that he'd sneaked behind us on our way out the door and had been living in the suburban wilds for 8 hours. At least ten minutes of panic and calling his name and tapping on his food bowls later, he would appear out of the ether all, 'what's up, bitches?'. I finally, finally found him where he'd shoved himself in the back of the closet in the bedroom, behind the lowest hanging coat. It's so dark there and he's all black the only way I could tell he was there was to reach my hand in. *shakes head* it's because we've had the windows open and he's looking for a quiet place that doesn't sound like nature.

David Gray's new album comes out Tuesday and I wasn’t that excited until I bothered to look at the information and discovered, it’s not a collaboration with Ray Lamontagne, it’s all by his lonesome, they’re just touring together. So, yay new music on, but now I’m even more bummed that I never got tickets to see him this month. The timing was terrible and I couldn’t afford the tickets and it’s not like I haven’t seen the man many times now. Its just, I love him. I love his music and I love seeing him live because he is transcendent in person. He gets better in person. So there’s that.

In other music related news, I went to the Guster website and listened to a track from their upcoming CD and I don’t hate it. Hooray! Maybe this one won’t make me want to gouge me ears out.
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okay, well, that might be an overstatement of the facts, but it's definitely spring type weather and i can't tell you how much i love it. winter is cool for the pretty factor of the snow, but i get bored and cranky with it every quickly. days like this, when i'm not going to have to put in three layers of clothes just to get out the door make me happy. and oddly enough, summer makes me want to listen to guster in the car on the way to work with the windows down. they're such a warm weather band for me.

i've always thought it very strange how adaptable we are to weather and temperature. for example: my first eighteen years, sixty degrees was like being tossed onto the arctic tundra requiring jacket and heat. today, it's sixty two and i'm about ready to run around in shorts and a tee shirt. days like this always, always, always make me think of my intro to anthro class when we talked about adaptable and non-adaptable traits and i'm always glad that i never ended up in a higher altitude because, physiologically, my heart and lung size could never adapt. because sometimes, my mind is an odd place to be.


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