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Simon has found a new hidey-hole in the apartment, which is saying something as this apt isn't that big to begin with and there aren't many places where I don't know where to look for him. Twice this week and once last week either E or I have come home and not been able to find him. We both thought that he'd sneaked behind us on our way out the door and had been living in the suburban wilds for 8 hours. At least ten minutes of panic and calling his name and tapping on his food bowls later, he would appear out of the ether all, 'what's up, bitches?'. I finally, finally found him where he'd shoved himself in the back of the closet in the bedroom, behind the lowest hanging coat. It's so dark there and he's all black the only way I could tell he was there was to reach my hand in. *shakes head* it's because we've had the windows open and he's looking for a quiet place that doesn't sound like nature.

David Gray's new album comes out Tuesday and I wasn’t that excited until I bothered to look at the information and discovered, it’s not a collaboration with Ray Lamontagne, it’s all by his lonesome, they’re just touring together. So, yay new music on, but now I’m even more bummed that I never got tickets to see him this month. The timing was terrible and I couldn’t afford the tickets and it’s not like I haven’t seen the man many times now. Its just, I love him. I love his music and I love seeing him live because he is transcendent in person. He gets better in person. So there’s that.

In other music related news, I went to the Guster website and listened to a track from their upcoming CD and I don’t hate it. Hooray! Maybe this one won’t make me want to gouge me ears out.
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first of all, i want to thank everyone for their kind words about the loss of my childhood pet. it's so strange because i have Simon and i haven't' lived in the same house as Nike for years and years, but it still hit me pretty hard. Childhood connections and such, i suppose.

secondly, i didn't vote on tuesday. i'm usually pretty militant about exercising my right to vote and making sure other people do as well, but the day got away from me. i think it was because i usually open on tuesdays, so when i'm done with work i vote when i get home. this time around, i had to close and i didn't realize what day it was until i walked out the door to go to work by which time it was too late. i'm feeling pretty guilty about it, but there's nothing to be done at this point, sadly.

i got to have the awesomely shitty conversation with my mom to let her know i wouldn't be able to come home for thanksgiving. i miss chirstmas every year because i work in retail but i've been able to go home for thanksgiving even though the flight turn around time is pretty rough. but, for various reasons this year, i won't be going home and i'm pretty sad about the whole thing.

last week i saw david gray in concert again--and i didn't even have to go to new york to do it. not much to say except he was exceptionally good and i kind of wish he could live in my basement and sing for me every day. i wish i could say it was a less creepy urge than it sounds, but, um i LOVE david gray.
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had i posted last night when i got home a little after two in the morning, that would have been all i had to say on the matter. i was tired and overwhelmed and well, yeah, i think overwhelmed really covers it.

he sounded so good. i've been to shows and seen live performances when i found out just how much tinkering has been done to make someone sound good on an album. a very, very few will sound better live--over the rhine is the perfect example. she sounds great on the albums and transcends to an entirely different level live. there's just something about the recording equipment that doesn't do her justice.

i feel the same way about david. his voice is just so clear and powerful and he sounded so fucking good. the first song he did was 'shine' which i love and but it's never made me cry before. that was just the first of no less than five times that he made me cry because it sounded so good. his songs are powerful and beautiful and 'the other side'? why don't you just stab me in the heart and save me the trouble.

he's not really touring for a new album--i mean there's a greatest hits thing out--and it meant that he was playing a lot of older stuff, things from some of his earliest albums. he played a song from 'sell sell sell' which was one of songs that started it all. a friend gave it to me on a mixed tape--yeah, you can tell how long ago that was--and i listened to it obsessively over and over and over in the car.

and the best part? it was a really stripped down show, especially compared to his last tour. the first four or five songs it was really just him and his guitar and his microphone which was awesome because did i mention? he sounded so good. and then he brought out his band, all dressed in suits and they looked like a band from the '50's but totally rocked out. there was so much energy on that stage it was infectious. he played a couple things from the last album but without all the electric over-produced crap on top of them and man, i can't think of anything to say other than it sounded awesome.

so yeah, brilliant show and it's like an amusement park ride: i just want to go again. but i know it'll be a long while before it happens again, which makes me sad but he's so completely worth the wait.

*happy sigh*

i think i can make it through the holiday season now. i start six day work weeks next week because it's retail and i'm a manager but i think this memory is going to help me through.

music post

Oct. 19th, 2007 09:16 pm
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first news: david gray is mine. well, okay, tickets are mine. i got orchestra seats, i'm going in december to see him and i'm so excited i don't know what to do with myself. i have to say as much as i'm not in love with philly, it's awesomely close to ny and dc which means between those two cities, i'm pretty much guaranteed to see whoever i want. and you know, sometimes, people even come here. i don't know why, but they do. (we're a little mean, yo--philly totally has that middle child syndrome. stuck between two more interesting cities has left us with a peculiar outlook.)

also, i just started listening to the new missy higgins. i feel like i shouldn't be the type of person to like a musician named missy, and yet, there's some really good stuff on here.
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i'm trying desperately--and by desperately, i mean going back and refreshing the page every time it tells me there are too many people who already have what i want--to get david gray tickets. he's going to be in ny in december and i want to see him so badly i can taste it. there are only four cities listed on this tour and he's so good live. it's just the pre-sale with orchestra seats, so if i miss this, it's not the end of the world, but i wants them.

in other news, the cat tent i bought simon on a whim? he totally loves it. i'm so pleased because sometimes i get him these things and he's just like, what the fuck ever, lady, where's my food? but he's having a good time with it, and it's pretty damn cute.

i think i had other stuff, but i'm so focused on tickets, i can't think of anything else. maybe i'll post again later with something more interesting.

EDIT 11:30 total suck because the pre-sale is sold out. now i have to wait for the general sale this friday. *pouts*
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so, it's my plan to try and post here every day for the month of july. i know it doesn't seem like much of a goal, but as that i have yet to even come close to posting for a full month, it's not such a bad idea. and since i was barely around for june at all, i thought i'd make up for it this month.

there's a message on the david gray website where he talks about the changes in the band he's working with for the new album, how he's gotten rid of his long time drummer. it's sad, because they've worked together for years and he's really quite talented and also kind of strange that now is the time for this decision, considering the last album came out over two years ago. the good news is that he's working on the new one and it should be out soon. i'm so pleased about that i could cry.
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so i have a good bit to recap as i haven’t made a for-real post in a couple days, and busy days they have been.

first i want to share my vast and overwhelming amusement at this. sarah and i went to see Brothers Grimm the other night, which was fabulous, by the way. Really, it makes me wish terry gilliam did more movies, because, man. it was a great fantasy movie. and also, there was a great fight between the two main characters, and there is nothing i love better in fiction than conflict, especially by people who know each other very well. But anyway, the brothers have these two lackeys helping them and they both looked kind of familiar. i figured out the one, the guy from the office and PotC pretty quickly, as he has a very distinctive face. But the other, he wasn’t on screen so much, and i kept staring at him when he showed up. And then i was thinking it couldn’t be who I thought it was, but it was! it was Silas! omg. I was completely amused the rest of the movie, just by that little thing.

i also saw flight plan last week, and my advice, wait for the video. not that it wasn’t good, it was fine, but to pay full price for it? not worth that. And can i tell you how over i am with plots of movies where the bad guys, who are supposed to seem so competent and proficient unnecessarily involve civilians in their lame ass plots to kill/steal/take over the world? if they’re so fucking competent, maybe they shouldn’t be involving others in their little plots. that’s all i’m saying.

i went for another walk this morning. we’re having the most glorious weather, i seriously wish it would last more than another three days. i swear it’s going to start snowing in like, two minutes. there are some of the most amazing houses in this area, so big and beautiful that it makes me want to knock on random doors and ask them how much they paid for their house. i am also not so keen on the people who leave their big, barking dogs tied to a post in the middle of their yards who like to rush and bark at me as i walk by. whenever i think i’m over my slight fear of dogs, i am reminded that, yeah, they’re big and growly and i’m not fond of them.

also, as that it is tuesday, it’s new music day. So i went to best buy, since i’m not working, and bought the new david gray, which is sigh, so good. though really, he could sing about anything, anything, i tell you. and also the new dar williams, which seems good, though i’ve only listened to the first three songs while i was making lunch. frankly it’s all about david today. but can i just say that by the time i got to best buy it was after 11, and they were still taking their new releases out of boxes and putting them onto carts. i had to ask the guy to get the ones i wanted and the other girl i asked looked at me like i was a crazy person. i hate that. it was after eleven and they still didn’t have their new releases out, what the hell is that about. the thing that made me crazy is that i knew i could go down the street to my store, which isn’t even solely a music store and find what i wanted with no trouble at all. it’s just ass, i tell you.

and once again i'm going to put off the book reviews, because this is already longer than i was expecting. i'll save it for later today, or maybe a day when i have less to talk about

also, new House tonight! yay!


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