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We’re back from Florida now and have been for a little more than a week. It was a good trip, I guess, I mean i got to see lots of my family, I got to spend time with my brother and his wife and see my nephew for the first time which was wonderful. But I’m still trying to process what I’m thinking about the whole thing. It wasn’t a bad trip by any means, but there’s stuff going on with my family and stuff with how I feel about how I fit in with my family that’s not easy. This was a hard visit and not in the way previous visits have been hard in that all I’ve wanted to do was get it over with and come back home to Philly.

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any time i make a resolution to use this journal more, i end up making one long post and then pfft, nothing for a week or more. welcome to my life, hello!

as of 4pm this afternoon, i officially started my vacation. i'll be flying home to visit with my family in the morning where i have six full days to kick around my parents house in the tiny, empty lame town of my birth. it'll be really good to see everyone, though. my mom was here to visit last september, but i haven't seen anyone else from the fam since sept two years ago. i have a nephew who's almost a year and a half that i'll be meeting for the first time. i already shipped the insane amount of picture books that i've been collecting for him since before he was born. it feels so good to get them out of the apartment.

E is coming with me and is meeting everyone other than my mother for the first time as well. if she's nervous, she's doing a really good job of hiding it. i would be nervous, they're all really excited to meet her and will likely deluge her with questions for days. mostly, though, i'm really looking forward to being lazy with her for six days in the sun.

while i'm at my parents house, i'll have limited internets as they have regressed to the 19th century and don't have internet. or cable. i don't know what the hell we're going to do for six days as my family isn't the super chatty type. i think it's going to be a lot of beaching (read: burning) and reading. the number of books i've packed for myself is ridiculous.

i still have some packing left to do and our plane leaves ass early in the morning, but all in all? i'm super excited not to be at work and am totally ready for a break.
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cut because it's spoilered up like whoa...

Eight years in the making )

it needs re-reading, from the very beginning, but my final thought?

i can't wait to see what she does next.
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I’ve been away from lj for a while this time. I’d blame work, or rl, or various other things, but I think the real reason is that I can only handle so many forms of social networking at one time and if my rl is really overbooked with people, and I’ve been checking in with omgtheshame facebook, something has to fall by the wayside. Bad me, no biscuit.

I have tons of stuff to talk about, but I’m going to restrain myself and spread it out so I’m not writing a novel of a post. I’ll start with the big stuff and the oldest stuff.

Last week was BEA, which is BookExpo America and is generally the feel good book industry event of the year. That’s not to say there aren’t other industry type events, but this is really the big one. Even though Scholastic couldn’t be bothered to show this year. I bet they were really regretting that decision after the disaster at London.

Anyway, I went up on Thursday on the early train and came back after the show was over and all in all it was a really good day. I know a lot of people sort of gauge how good the show is by how much free stuff there is and compared to when I was there three years ago I definitely came home with less it was still a really great show. There was a lot of positive energy and i learned about some really cool things that are coming out and some things that are available now that I didn't know about and it was a good day. Not the least of which was that I got to have Jamba Juice. I know we have one in Philly, but i want to be able to roll out of bed and walk to the corner and get it. Anyway.

I learned about some great new books that I’m totally excited to read, and picked up the three that I was on the hunt for. I am currently reading Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas because I love her books like burning. She’s so amazing and I’ve been waiting for ages for a new book. I also got the new Mary Roach book—this one is about various space training programs, how cool is that? And the best part?

Okay, so there is this picture book author that I love—David Melling. He wrote, among other things, this great picture book called The Kiss that Missed, that I love, love, love. I own half a dozen copies because I was afraid it would go out of print and I wanted to be able to give it to friends who have babies. He’s British and is never over here and he was at BEA on Wednesday signing his new book Hugless Dougless(it’s adorable btw). He was the only author I was really sad I was missing on Wednesday, though my boss went up that day and got a signed copy for me so I wasn’t too sad. I just wanted to be able to tell him how much I loved his book and how excited I was by the new one.

Anyway, on Thursday at the very end of the day everyone was packing up their stuff and we were wandering the floor seeing if there was anything we missed and we walked by David Melling’s booth. They still had their stuff up, so we thought we might be able to see a copy of Hugless Douglass, if nothing else, and who should be sitting there? David Melling! So I got to meet him, tell him how much I loved The Kiss That Missed and he signed a copy for my nephew that I’ll finally be seeing this month for the first time and it was awesome!
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even though i totally love the new doctor, i love the new stories, and i'm slightly terrified about where this is all heading. there are so many echoes of things that have come before, things that are the same but through a slightly different lens that i'm worried. loving it, though.

i have devolved into the most standard cliche i think i have ever managed. i'm working on my writing in a coffee shop. the only thing that could make it moreso is if i were actually drinking coffee instead of chai. i am just not a fan of coffee. chai, on the other hand, is made of awesome and i could drink gallons of it. thankfully it's cool enough that i can still have it warm and not feel like i'm burning up from the inside. cold chai doesn't really do it for me.

this is also day one of my not-a-vacation five day vacation. i have acres of vacation time as the result of working for the same company far longer than i ever expected. every year, i never end up taking anywhere near all of it and as it doesn't roll over and i don't get paid out for it, i have to use it or it goes away. also, as work blows like a whale spout a the moment, time away is nothing but good. so, i have a five day stretch ahead of me filled with the intent to write, hang out with the girl, catch up on cleaning and maybe, possibly, get a hair cut. it's long like whoa and i kind of don't know what to do with it.

oh, and get more of this ginger ale. because just like the little old amish lady who sold it to me told me, i crave it, kind of all the time. i've planned the last two weeks around how to make a trip out to get it. i want some just now writing about it.

i ask you

Apr. 18th, 2010 11:54 pm
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what is the virtue of the number lock key?

seriously. take a look at your number pad. with the number lock on, you can use the numbers. with the number lock off, not a single one of those functions/symbols is unrepresented on another section of your keyboard.

so, i ask you: what is the virtue of the number lock key other than to accidentally get unlocked and for me to not notice until i've already typed a long series of numbers.

in other news, pennsylvania has finally defeated me, i think, in my long and smug battle over allergies. the pollen count is so high this year that i finally has a first hand understanding of why everyone else hates spring. if this is what it's like for people with real allergies all year long i'm so, so sorry. this is the stupidest aspect of human evolution i think i've ever seen.
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This morning I’m going to talk about random things and books that I’ve read while I sort of suss out some other stuff that I’m working on in my brain.

I finally have the (new) version of word on my computer, now that there is a newer version coming out this year. Future, check out how hip I am to you. It’s hard for me not to hate it because it’s new and not my familiar word. Like right now, how I can’t figure out how to keep it from putting a double space between each paragraph. What’s up with that, yo?

It is actually warm enough here that I can walk around the apt complex in the mornings without worrying about dying of hypothermia or sliding on ice, or falling into piles of snow in a Hoth-like manner. I've missed listening to the Savage Love podcas--it is never not funny.

This week, I managed to finish a couple books. I read the first memoir that Josh Kilmer-Purcell wrote and I’m so glad that I read The Bucolic Plague before I read I’m Not Myself These Days. It’s not that it’s a bad book, it’s not. It’s charmingly written and funny, but the life he was living left me feeling distressed and I don’t know. Worried, maybe? Anyway, I like knowing that things turned out better, that the excessive alcohol and crack stopped and he ended up farming with goats instead.

No less worrying was This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer which is the third book to follow Life as We Knew It and the dead and the gone all of which are about what happens when an asteroid hits the moon harder than anyone expected, moving it closer to the earth and the ensuing chaos. If I were less lazy, I would link back to previous posts about these books, assuming I have them here and I didn't read them in the random and intermittent times when I didn't talk about books I'd read.

The first book was hard to read but ultimately very good. The second book was so soul destroying to read I honestly couldn’t think of a single person I could recommend it to without an offer of therapy after. The third is a good blending of the two, slightly less harrowing, and more about how groups of people cling together to survive instead of the horrible way we all fall apart. Terrible things still happen, and I still cried like a little girl at the end, but it was kind of nice to see everyone again, even though the circumstances seemed a little far fetched and it had been so long since I’d read the books, it took me a while to remember who everyone was.

All in all, not a bad run, but I’m hoping the books I have in my reading queue will knock me over. I love being surprised by books.

Oh, and I'm still loving the new Who. I find the new Doctor charming and surprisingly not!young even though he's like, twelve in RL. The stories continue to be cool and interesting and i love Amy, though I've loved all the companions, so that was never much of a worry. It's been suitably creepy and the Doctor is still sad, which makes me love him. I'm hoping for an awesome rest of the season.

I'm still totally over the Daleks, though.

a good day

Apr. 4th, 2010 11:15 am
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yesterday was kind of an awesome day.

i went with [livejournal.com profile] sainnis to see the animated movie, The Book of Kells, which was all kinds of excellent. it was beautiful and visually thrilling, the story was great and not just for my inner medieval history nerd. i loved the characters and the style and i was totally sad when it was over because there wasn't any more to see. i'll probably be going again next week with E as we both have friday off, yay! then we had yummy noodles dinner (with added dumplings) walked around the city trying to find one thing and ended up finding bubble tea which is the definition of deliciousness and then it was home for FMA dub.

I haven't been talking much about the new fma, or the dub, but i have been watching it and totally loving it. i love al's voice, i love how closely this is following the manga. i love the style of how everything looks and feels and i can't wait to see how things play out.

then, i got a call from [livejournal.com profile] halfacork who was all, 'what did you think about the new doctor?' and i was all 'i thought it was tomorrow!' and she was all, 'download it right now!' and i did.

cut for those of you who A) don't care about doctor who, B) don't care what i think about doctor who C) haven't seen it yet and don't want spoil themselves.

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because i was chatty kathy this morning, cuts!

torchwood, )

books, )

and cooking

in addition to other cooking i did that was tasty, i made what was probably the best meal i have ever made in my whole life and it was as simple as tomato soup. i found a recipie that i tinkered with while i was at work and picked up the stuff i needed because it was cold and rainy and a tomato soup and grilled cheese kind of day. i was worried initially, but it was so good that i actually remembered to write it down exactly how i did it and put it in the recipie box.

usually i have a hard time recreating things because i don't use recipes and make things up as a go along. things turn out similarly, but not usually exactly. sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes, all i wanted was what i had the first time.
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doesn't that make it sound like i have tons of books to talk about instead of just two? it's been a busy couple weeks, i think i may have mentioned that work blows at the moment. it's starting to look slightly less like poop, but only very slightly. anyway, between work draining nearly ever last ounce of my will to do anything other than sleep, and acquiring CivCity Rome(i love it like burning) to eat up the last bit of my remaining time, there hasn't been much room in my oh, so busy schedule for much else.

so, two books to talk about both adult nonfiction just for fun.

i think we all know how i feel about Lost City of Z and how it was my favorite book from last year. when i saw that David Grann had a new book out, i was totally psyched. and The Devil and Sherlock Holmes is a great book. it's not as amazingly excellent as Lost City, but it's still really good. as a collection of essays he wrote for various magazines over the past ten years, there are some that i couldn't wait to finish so i could get on to the next. the one about the down on his luck baseball player? not only do i not care about baseball--and haven't since i was a child and it would routinely preempt Punky Bruster because the stupid baseball players couldn't get their shit together and finish a game--i don't care about baseball players either. the death of the Sherlock Holmes scholar, the adult man pretending to be a kid all over Europe and the death row case were all awesome, though. even in the essays that the topic didn't thrill me, the writing is so good, i'll give him a pass.

i also finished a book by Daily Show correspondent Samatha Bee. one of the perks of working in a book store is early versions of books that aren't out yet. I know I am, but what are you? is due out in June and while it was compulsively readable, i don't know that it exactly worked as a book. it's not a memoir, i think. it's supposed to be a collection of funny, personal essays from her life, but i don't know if it works in that sense either. the writing is good, some of it is pretty funny, but it feels more like she wanted to write a memoir and couldn't make herself go deep enough for it to work. don't get me wrong, there's a lot of personal, even embarrassingly personal stuff in her, but it's all just at arms length. it's like a book of stand-up, which works for stand up, but in a book there's just this invisible wall between us that makes me feel weird.

so, in all both good, but not exactly what i wanted. i have a literal wealth of books, though, at the moment that are either by authors i love, sequels to books i love or just topics i love. i'm hoping somewhere in the mix i'll find something that blows me away.
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Turn and Turn Again
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: R for violence and language

part three )
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Title: Turn and Turn Again
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Rating: R for violence and language

part two )
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'Cause it's still Tuesday here! It's late in the evening, but this is finally all set to go and I'm so excited I could burst.

Title: Turn and Turn Again
Author Name: nyagosstar
Beta: the ever sparkly [livejournal.com profile] sainnis who listens patiently when I whine about plot and gives me a good shake when I need it and adds commas and grammatical structure so everyone else can read it.
Artist Name: [livejournal.com profile] bob_fish and Taylowolf, who both did amazing jobs. Make sure to check out not only the awesome illustrations they did for this piece, but everything else they’ve done.
Pairing/Characters: Roy/Ed
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: R for violence and language
Word count: 24,451
Summary: The Fuhrer’s plotting, Ed’s planning and Roy can’t sleep.
Notes: This is part of my Bitter Universe, though each story can be read independently and out of order—they were certainly written that way. I think that this is the last major story to tell in this particular universe, but don’t be surprised if there are still one or two small tales left to tell.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] fma_big_bang Be sure to go there and check out all the awesomeness.

Your Fuhrer calls you to service. )
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i feel like i cannot be the only person totally disgusted by the new kfc giant chunk of fried chicken in a little pocket. i can't imagine what they were thinking, because every time i see the commercial, i have to turn the channel, it's so gross. what do you think they were going to offer that someone said 'no, nope, no one's going to want that.'?

work totally sucks right now. there's not much else to say about that.

what i really, really want to talk about, though, are the perfect little purple flowers blooming across the street right now. when i was little, growing up in florida, i didn't think much of flowers. i thought they were generally useless and girlie and i didn't want anything to do with them. when you've only got two seasons--hot and not quite so hot--the flowers are there all year. it's not a big deal.

but here, well, i've turned a corner on flowers. we've been buried under snow for nearly a month now. there are still places where you can find it on the ground and melting on the streets, dirty grey. there was a point about a week or two ago i was sure it was never going to go away. but we've had a couple warm days--and it's a sad state of affairs when 40-50 degrees is considered warm--and it's all finally starting to go away. there are still pockets and patches where it's been plowed into huge piles and on the side of buildings that don't get much sun, but i feel like there's hope.

and the most consistent sign of hope? the perfect little purple flowers that bloom with the first warm spell across the street. it's a tiny bit of color that makes me so unbelievably happy, i kind of don't know what to do with myself. i want to keep that feeling, bottle it and save if for next winter. i want to have those flowers in my apartment all year long, but i never want to go pick them. they're better wild and free and my first sign spring.
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I picked up Starclimber months and months ago because i love Kenneth Oppel and adore the Airborn series. It's that perfect mix of futuristic and not quite modern that makes me so happy.

anyway, i picked it up ages ago because it was the next in the series, but then for one reason or another, i never ended up reading it. it sat in my stack of 'to be read' because i was working and busy and whatever. it had also been so long since i'd read the last book, i was worried i wouldn't remember what had happened or what was going on or even who the characters were. I never bothered to read the description because i knew, as part of the series, i would be pretty happy with whatever he threw at me.

imagine my delight and surprise when i started reading and found it it was about space programs. the Canadian space program. which, you know, i'd forgotten they were canadian at all, but how cool and timely. it was so easy to jump right back in. Matt and Kate are such clear characters, even though i've been away from them for such a long time, it was like i'd hardly missed a beat.

the astral cable was the coolest idea i've ever read and so convincing that i thought at one point, 'would that really work?'. but of course, it's made of fake space metal, so that'd be a no.

it's very rare that i go into a book without at least a basic idea of what's coming and i have to say that the element of surprise that this afforded me made the read more thrilling, the danger more real and the end, ultimatley, more satisfying.

i don't know that this is the end of the series, as it's not a series in the classic sense of the word--each book is completely self contained. before i started reading, i thought i'd be all right if this was going to be the last installment, but now? i kind of want more. right now.
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when the person sitting next to me decides to change her layout, i have to change mine, too! congrats on the paid account [livejournal.com profile] sainnis.

i like this layout, despite the warm red tones. i don't mind looking at them, i just can't wear them. it's such a good thing i don't have to wear a uniform that includes a red shirt. in addition to the paranoia associated with the imminent demise of all red shirts(thank you, star trek)the color itself makes me anxious when i wear it.

anyway, pretty new layout with a change in default icon, because i can't get over how much i love this one. thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] halfacork

i would also like to take this time to say how amazing it is that an earthquake can change the axis of the earth as well as the length of the rotation. it's cool enough to almost make me want to have studied plate tectonics in depth. i love the idea that the AXIS can change from an earthquake. that is some pretty astounding stuff.

here's my irritated nasa related thought of the day. in an effort to save the space program, maybe we should make space missions the next reality tv series. can you imagine? [livejournal.com profile] sainnis said we should put the cast of jersey shore up there and watch them eat each other. i think there would be a ton of sex before that happened, but i bet that would get us back into space.

also! i have a posting date for the fma big bang and i'm so existed i can't stand it. we're going to have fic posted almost every day this month and i'm due up right in the middle. 'ware the ides' and whatnot. i can't wait to start reading and see what else every one has come up with. it also gives me the chance to ponder if it want to buckle down and add some porn, or if i'm happy to let it stand in a fade to black kind of way.

i'm trying

Feb. 20th, 2010 11:40 pm
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i really, really am. and it's so superficial of me, but i cannot get over the enormously long Mask-like face of the new doctor. i'm hoping that a whole season of him running around and being generally awesome will make that go away. but dude, his forehead is epic.

but, we have a confirmed date of easter for the premiere of the new season. yay, easter!

in other news, we're working our way through the first season of the Big Bang Theory and it's funnier than i expected. and much better than the first half of the pilot episode made me think it was going to be. yay nerds!

i am currently full of yummy sushi and rice crispy treats--not as strange a combination as it seems in print--and waiting patiently for the fma dub on adult swim. hearing their voices again is akin to having old friends in the room. it's so strange. the first time i heard Hughes' voice i literally teared up because it was HUGHES. i know what's coming, in theory, i've watched the series and read the manga tons of times, but i can't wait to do it all over again.
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it's finally made some kind of national news. the giant island of floating trash is on cnn.com (it's less an island and more a mass of floating trash)

you know the one that's twice the size of texas and has been out in the pacific for something like TEN YEARS? don't feel bad if you haven't heard about it. despite the horrifying nature of this and the fact that it's twice the size of texas, not that many people have heard of it.

but it's front page on cnn with shiny new disturbing finds. did i mention the area of trash accumulation is twice the size of texas? because it is.

i would like some good news this week
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i am unreasonably tired. okay, maybe not unreasonably as my day started at 5:45, but still.

the first draft to my fma big bang fic is finished, clocking in at over 23,000 words which is about 5,000 words more than i was expecting. sometimes i have a hard time wrapping things up. i like it as a whole, there are a couple areas i want to expand and maybe a scene or two that need some editing, but it's done. at this point, that feels like the most important part.

i'm still stewing over the first budget proposal for 2011 which cut all funding for the NASA Constellation project and has limited NASA's budget to 6 billion dollars over the next five years.

two things about this: 1) the Constellation project is the program which was intended to replace the shuttle program. this is important because the shuttles are old like whoa, guys, some of them are as old as i am. they were good tech when they were developed but we can do better. also, did i mention they're old? they need to be replaced to keep bad things from happening to our astronauts. 2) 6 billion dollars may sound like a big number, and it is, but 6 billion dollars for a space program spread out over five years when the expectation is that most of that will be spent in incentives to get private companies to develop new space flight technology is nothing.

look, i understand we're in a bad place financially as a country. we've got a huge debt to deal with and lots of problems, but cutting the space program is not something that should be up for discussion. what is the purpose of government if not to help us do the things we can't do on our on? i can't build roads or schools or hospitals. i can't clean my own water or make sure that every person i buy food from is doing his best not to poison me. it is not in my power to help every person without a home or enough income to feed her family. i have a government to help me with these things. i'm a happy tax payer because i get to enjoy these benefits. but you know what else i can't do on my own? i can't go into space on my own.

to take away the dream of the astronaut is criminal. worse yet is to privatize that dream. space, brought to you by mcdonalds.

this is all a little less cohernt than i'd like it to be, i'm still working through exactly what i'm thinking and what i'm feeling because for the first time in my adult, voting life i'm wrting letters to my representatives because this is no okay. i'm angry to the point of tears because it's more than just space exploration, it's more than just the potential gain in science and technology--do you like your personal computer? you wouldn't have it if not for the space program-- it's a symbol. it was a promise made to me as a child that the stars were within reach and at this moment, they have never felt further away.

this is the first step in removing some of the anger and crazy 'i should be living on the moon'-ness of my arguments because i don't want to have to add the "PS I am not a crackpot." but it's a very emotional issue and it's going to take a little while for me to get there.


i've just been informed that when i type, i type in a rhythm, sort of like waves, which is weird and now i'm oddly self conscious about how i type.
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i've been watching random, intermittent episodes of SW Clone Wars, right? mostly because while my love of obi-wan knows no bounds, i hate anakin like burning. but it's got good style, it's funny and it's star wars which was my one true fandom before all others, forever and ever amen. i mean, when you watch it instead of cartoons when you're pre-school age, it's a big deal.

i'd heard from a little birdie that they were going to bring in a "love interest" for obi-wan--and i mean those quotes in every irritating sense. initially, my reaction was anger, i mean, it's hard for him to have a love interest when qui-gon is around. right. but even if you go with canon (ha) there's still the whole, jedi don't love thing.

but then, there was the fact that her name is satine, which is lolarious. seriously. i hope someone named her that on purpose because it's ridiculously funny.

however, the part where she called him obi? infuriating.

do you know how many bad stories i read where obi-wan was referred to as obi? how hard i crusaded to keep that from ever happening, anywhere? and then to hear it on my tv? thanks guys, now it's part of the expanded universe canon. that's awesome.

print does not convey my anger.

thus concludes my post of irrational anger for the day.


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