Sep. 12th, 2010

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- Leave a comment saying "What's up?!"
- I'll ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

I've been negligent in getting these done, but my excellent questions come from [profile] a_big_apple

1. What's your favorite place to go out to eat? (I like asking food questions, it seems, I've asked everyone at least one.)

You know, it’s silly and a chain, but I love Pei Wei. I could eat their Asian Chicken Chopped Salad every night for the rest of my life and be totally happy. And the pad thai with veggies and tofu? I’m a fan of tofu to begin with, but they must make it with crack or something because it’s SO GOOD. Also, I just tried this Moroccan place in the city off of South Street and it could quickly become a favorite. Many, many things were good about the meal I had, but the couscous was the best freaking couscous I’ve ever had.

2. What fandom, or aspect of fandom, are you most embarrassed to admit to non-fandom friends?

Porn. It’s got to be the porn. I’m pretty comfortable with all the fandoms I like, and the ones I know are ridiculous, I can cop to that fact. Some of my early fandoms were not only poorly done, but actively bad. It’s okay, I’m cool with that. I loved them all for various and quality was not always at the top of the list. But it’s kind of hard to own up to the porn. "Why yes, I do in fact write about two grown men—sometimes cartoon men—having sex. How have you been?" Though, to be fair, owning up to the non-porn variety is pretty tough, too. There are hundreds of pages of Gen Star Wars fic out there that make me a little shy.

3. Do you have to have things just the way you like them to fall asleep, or can you sleep anytime, anywhere?

If I’m in my own bed, my only requirement is that I have two pillows. E and I joke about this all the time because she only has one, and it’s like I’m mean and depriving her—two are mine, only one is yours. But other than that? If we had a sleep team for the Olympics, I would gold metal that shit every four years. I can drop off any time, any where, though I’m especially good on planes, in cars, pretty much any sort of moving vehicle.

4. Do you tend to remember dreams? If so, what's the strangest one you can recall?

I think I’m about 50% on remembering my dreams. Often I’ll wake up and think, oh, that was so strange, and then an hour later it’s gone from my brain. Some of them stick with me and some of them I can only remember that I had a strange dream, but not the details. As for the strangest, I don’t know about that, but I have recurring, stress induced dreams of post-apocalyptic worlds 3-5 times a year. They are almost always the result of nuclear war and sometimes, if I’m super lucky (ha) I get to see the mushroom clouds and the burning before jumping ahead to the horror of life afterward. On a lighter note, I have random, stupid fandom dreams all the time, ones where I wake up thinking, damnit, brain, why couldn’t Ed and Al have been doing something cool instead of drinking tea? Or, ‘Why was Ianto calling Owen "Dear" and by the wrong name in the second season episode Sleeper’

5. If you could have a portal in your home that would take you instantaneously somewhere else, but you could only set it for one location and never change that location, where would the portal lead?

OMG, this is such a good question. I went initially with my parent’s house, but you know, what do you do once they move, or aren’t around anymore. I don’t want a portal to some random stranger’s house. You know what? I’m going to go with the Covered Market in Oxford. Discount the creepiness—to me, anyway—of dead animals hanging outside butcher stalls, it orients me in the city and I can go on a food rampage whenever I want. Dying for a Melting Moment? Done. Sexy Brazilian(it’s a sandwich)? It’s a ten minute walk. Best hot chocolate on the planet? Look for the vendor carts just outside. McVities Digestive, plain chocolate of course? Head over to the Co-Op. Clearly, some of my most lasting memories of Oxford center around food.

5 1/2. Have you been writing lately? Maybe more Bitter 'verse? Or even playing about in Fellowes Mews 'verse? Or something else fantastic? I was just re-reading the Bitter stuff yesterday and remembering how much I love all of it.

Honest to god, whenever anyone even casually mentions having liked something I wrote, I go "EEEEE!" in my head. That being said, I haven’t been working much on any FMA stuff as I’ve been mostly concentrating on original fic and trying to get it into shape. I’ve found I work better on this piece when I’m not dividing my attention, so fandom has been on somewhat of a back burner. That doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it, just that, right now, the boys are chilling in their cool big house and everything is fine, nothing to report :) So, yes, I am writing, but nothing fandom-wise.


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